Book Review: Have no Fear, a Friend is Near by Felicia Richards

Don’t be afraid of the under-bed monster – you can make friends with him!

Is your child afraid of monsters under the bed? Then the adorable Zeek will come to kid aid!

The fluffy hero will become a friend for every child! Your kid will understand that there is nothing to be afraid of, because fear lives only in our head. In fact, all the worst that we fancy is just a good imagination that needs to be developed in the creative field.

This book of feelings reveals one of the sides of children’s emotions. Thanks to the colorful illustrations, the kids will see that all our fears are greatly exaggerated in our imaginations.

To understand this, the child needs to decide to look fear in the eye – then everything will stand into place. The kid will understand that there is nothing to be afraid of.


My Review

Have no Fear, a Friend is Near is an adorable book about a boy who knows there is a monster under his bed and he’s scared of it. Zeek, the monster under his bed, is scared of the boy on the bed! They both learn that there’s nothing to be afraid of except the unknown.

This story is well written and beautifully illustrated. It’s one young children will love and it has a good message as well!

About the Author

Felicia Richards is a children’s author who has loved to write since her youth. However, Felicia was motivated to write her own book because she couldn’t find a suitable book for her child. Everything she read, she wanted to change and bring to the ideal. Then it was decided to make her own book and put into it everything that she wanted to tell her child about through a children’s story. The book impressed not only her own son Michael but also the children of Felicia’s friends. Therefore, Richards decided to do it professionally and began publishing her own books to a wide audience.