Book Review: How the Dinosaurs Accept the Dragon by Amanda Evans

Being different is never easy. But could a special secret save the day?

When Mama T-rex discovers a strange, red, glowing egg, she decides it will make the perfect birthday present for Rex’s 6th birthday.

But when Secret the dragon emerges from its shell he has a hard time fitting in to his new surroundings. He just feels…different.

Rex and the other dinosaurs love martial arts, movies and Bronto Basketball; but Secret dreams of fire and princess rescues!

Embarrassed and confused, Secret goes in search of his real identity and discovers that the world isn’t always a kind place. To make matters worse, he’s about to start Paleo Preschool without a single friend!

Will Secret be able to embrace his differences and find his purpose in a dino-dominant district?

A heart-warming tale of self-acceptance and individuality, told with loveable animal characters and beautiful illustrations that will appeal to young readers.


My Review

How the Dinosaurs Accept the Dragon is a cute book about a family of dinosaurs who unknowingly adopt a dragon, and they name him Secret. He knows he’s different, and he wants to find out who he really is. He and Rex go on a quest but are unable to figure out who he is.

Finally, when there’s a blizzard, Secret is able to start a fire to warm up everyone in the preschool. After that, he’s not only accepted by the dinosaurs in the preschool, but his teacher reads about dragons and his classmates give him and MVD, the Most Valuable Dragon award.

This is an adorable book with bright and colorful illustrations. Both the pictures and the story will keep the attention of youngsters.

About the Author

Amanda grew up loving books of all kinds and she is so happy to spend life writing books that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Amanda finds that life is a series of wanderings and likes sharing her thoughts with the world.

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