Spotlight: Happy Puppy Adventures by Wendy Baron

Tips, stories and warnings from a licensed home dog boarder


Dogs really are our best friend.  They are the most popular pet in the UK, with a quarter of households enjoying a canine presence.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn our love of dogs into a full-time job?  But just as taking on a dog is a major commitment, setting up a dog walking/home boarding business can be fraught with pitfalls.

In this book, Wendy Baron, who runs a fully-licensed and insured animal welfare business, helps you decide whether this is the profession for you.

Wendy, who has run a walking/boarding/doggy day care business for three years, guides you step-by-step through the stages of setting up on your own, providing practical advice on legalities and procedures, and warnings about what could go wrong.  The book is packed with real-life anecdotes along the way: for instance, who knew dogs love a pool party?

Make no mistake, dog boarding is a demanding profession – but by working hard you could find yourself in the job you’ve always dreamed about.  If you’re in two minds about giving it a go, why not let Wendy help you decide?

About the Author:

Wendy Baron is a fully-qualified, licensed and insured dog walker, home dog boarder, sitter and doggy day care professional.  Initially, her only qualifications for setting up her business was her love of dogs.  Having previously worked in Emergency Planning and Mapping, she wondered if it was possible to escape the office politics and ‘live the dream’ by working from home doing something she loved.  Wendy found this entirely possible and now wants to help you too, if this is something you are considering yourself.  She is fast approaching 50 and lives with her husband in Lincolnshire with their English Springer Spaniel Buster, and slightly murderous cat, Kitty.

Excerpt from the book:

“Be aware of the people that tell you their dog is perfect, has no issues, is fully trained and that their dog has perfect recall, will sleep through the night and are an absolute dream to look after. It may be true, you can see for yourself. But be aware, some of the hardest dogs I’ve looked after have been the “dream” dogs. The most fun are the dogs that have some issues. I love it when a client sends a 2-page document on all their dog’s requirements because their pup is “so high maintenance”. These dogs are the real dream dogs and the dream clients. They’ll tell you that their dog has incontinence and ask if that’s a problem. They’ll tell you they’re a nightmare on the lead. They’ll tell you they’re reactive to the postman and will only drink from a certain bowl. I’ve always said we can deal with anything as long as the owner is honest and lets us know. Most of the time a dog having a few issues is usually perfectly normal and not an issue at all! It’s always good to be prepared.”


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