Spotlight: Life, One Big Existential Crisis by Kerry Louise Stalker

This book explores the great ontological question, namely, what is the meaning of life?  We’re educated to believe the scientific impossibility that everything came from nothing, and our brains, the most complex structure in the universe, evolved from pond scum.  It’s credible to believe that incredibly sophisticated DNA codes randomly organised themselves?  Or maybe not.  Maybe life is far more complicated than we imagine.  Like, our physical world is couched in a far larger spiritual world.  Hence, modern physics is now confirming the wisdom of the cabala, ancient Jewish mysticism, that we live in a multidimensional universe.

We live in an age where we no longer trust ‘the news’, our governments, our education, and even our doctors?  We live in an age of conspiracy.  Like, 9/11 was an ‘inside job’, and the Iraq wars were sold to us on lies and a mountain of propaganda.  President Richard Nixon famously said, ‘The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on television’.  Like, the moon landings?  We believe men landed on the moon in 1969 in a tin can?  Really?  We’re also living in an age of despair.  It seems we’ve never been so miserable, lost and apathetic, as reflected by depressing mental health statistics.  Suicide rates are obscene. 

So, this book is a journey.  It takes us from questioning ‘what’s the point?’, (if there is no point), to a trip down the mesmerising rabbit hole and out the other side to a new ‘red-pilled’ lens.  The book is in two parts.  Thus, in Part One, we consider psychological, sociological, philosophical, and spiritual theories to account for our existence.  As it transpires, there’s ample evidence of ghosts, poltergeists, aliens/UFOs, and ‘shadow people’, who visit people at night and even molest them, to elucidate that we live in a supernatural world.  Part One sets the stage for Part Two. 

And then in Part Two, it gets infinitely more interesting, as we consider what’s really going on.  Like, the very real conspiracy that there is a dastardly cabal that dictates the direction of society via secret societies.  Secret societies evolved from mystery schools, which harboured the esoteric arts that enable access to the spirit world.  The end goal for these infernal fraternities is the infamous one world order, which the Bible has forewarned us about in the Book of Revelation.  And we’re on the brink of this ‘great plan’ being fulfilled.  It’s happening now!

I wrote this book to wake up the sleepers to the truth about our insane reality (which includes those who consider themselves ‘woke’).  So, I invite you to join me down the rabbit hole.  Why not.  It’s infinitely more interesting than the surface.  But at your peril, since depending on what you know, life may never be the same again.

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