Write Me a Letter

Cynical Wordsmith

I don’t hear that well.
Not in the sense that
I’m hard of hearing,
Which is true,
To a degree,
But more in the sense
That I hear people say
What they don’t mean
Or mean what they don’t say
And it’s hard
To hear
When it’s buried
In a vocal cacophony.

I don’t hear well
Because people
Don’t make the correct sounds,
The right noises,
For me to understand
What they mean.

Say it to me
And again
And it still sounds the same.
And I don’t mean to appear
Closed off, but
You still sound the same
As the first time you yelled at me
And I don’t understand
How to unhear
What rage sounds like
In your voice.

Just write me a letter,
So I don’t have to second guess
Your body language
Or feel put on the spot
Or struggle to find words

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