New Release: Expect the Unexpected by Ann-Marie Gilbert


Two in every five mothers suffer with postnatal depression

Postnatal depression has almost tripled in the coronavirus pandemic, with two in every five new and expectant mothers reporting symptoms.

Author Ann-Marie Gilbert is all too familiar with these issues. Her new book, ‘Expect the Unexpected’, accounts the life-threatening, traumatic birth of her now-two-year-old daughter, and how she conquered struggles with postnatal depression, low self-esteem, and bonding with her newborn.

“Motherhood is a beautiful but challenging journey, and coronavirus has made it all the more difficult,” says Ann-Marie. “I want to help people open up, reconnect, and find inner strength by not only embracing the many joys, but also the hardships of learning to become a parent, at a time when they are perhaps missing the usual support networks.

“These are incredibly tough and potentially lonely times, and it’s okay to admit you’re struggling. I’ve been there. I’ve overcome the problems affecting so many mothers and fathers, and hope that by documenting and reflecting on my experiences, I can help others do the same.”

High anxiety symptoms in new and expectant mums have risen from 29 to 72 percent during the pandemic, while six in ten parents have had significant concerns about their mental health. However, less than one third felt confident they could find the support they needed.

Ann-Marie completed writing “Expect the Unexpected” in the first coronavirus lockdown, and describes the book as an “honest, heartfelt story about the impact of traumatic births on new parents”.

Gwyneth Eanor, Chair of the Birth Trauma Association highly recommends the book and describes it as “essential reading for any parent who has experienced a traumatic birth”

She says: “At its heart “Expect the Unexpected” is about a survivor, about going through the unexpected and coming out the other side, about hope, growth and re-finding happiness. “She expresses that the book “offers a refreshing reminder that not all journeys into parenthood are smooth sailing”

Gwyneth also expressed the value for healthcare professionals working with women in this space “Healthcare professionals who work with women who have been through a traumatic birth will gain so much from her experiences and insights.”

Due for release on 14th of March 2021, ‘Expect the Unexpected’ is available to order in hardback and paperback from £9.99 on Amazon. Get your copy here:


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She says: “This book is my way of telling them: you are never alone, and that things can, and will, get better.”

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