Cynical Wordsmith

Often in a subtle
Or unexpected way.

The light flashed behind me,
And made your tears shine brighter.
They gently traced your cheeks,
As my fingers once did.
Standing here, like this,
Was never my intention.

We had stood in the ocean once,
On mountain peaks and roof tops,
On trolley cars and dance floors.
We had stood by an altar.
With the warmest embraces,
Through the darkest places,
We had stood; and
We stayed

But there had never been,
Nor ever again would be,
A storm on our horizon
Quite like this.
They said not to worry,
They said we were safe.

They lied.

I take you in my arms,
And hold you close to my heart.
An abrupt realization unsettles me.
This is the end of our time

The atomic blast
Washes over us,
And we face
This deleterious beast,

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