New Release: Return to Eden: The Wonderfilled Years by Elegy

About the Book:

‘Return to Eden’ speaks of a pilgrimage.

A journey from the horrors and pain, inhumanity and fear of the now to what once was, that place from whence we were exiled to wander through a million wildernesses seeking redemption, seeking forgiveness, seeking love, and unable to endure any longer, where we wish to return.

To go home.

This is the pilgrimage of Suzanne and Jackie.

Excerpt from the book:

“Instantly she recalled that nightmare Christmas eve of just a few short months ago when alone in the abyss, that dark and desperate place that so many lost souls find themselves she had called out again and again for God to return Jackie to her until her pleading turned to anger and to her great shame, she mocked Him in his greatness, abused His name and finally she denied Him. In her anguish and her blindness, she had ripped the crucifix from her neck and thrown it out of her bedroom window into the garden. And there it had lain undiscovered. But her God had too strong a hold of her, the further away she believed Him to be the closer at hand He was. And even in those empty godless years when she hardly ever lived and never loved, she still believed. She still believed because she knew, as all who have lost their way know, without belief there is nothing.

Tenderly, she reached out and as she had done a thousand times before, clasped the crucifix between the palms of her hands and began to pray, “Thank you, thank you, please forgive me.’

And there at that moment on that little patch of sacred earth she and her God were reunited.

She had been delivered of her God, now if she was ever to be free of her past and the pain of that past, she must be reunited with Jackie.

She knew what she had to do.

Returning to her cottage she sat at the kitchen table opened the drawer and withdrew writing paper, envelope, and fountain pen.

She began: My Dear Mr Simpson.”

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