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Living by my Rules

“Living By My Rules” provides an real insight into the struggles of living with an incurable, degenerative disease such as Parkinson’s disease. Simon’s stories of his early life will transport you back to a far simpler time, the 1970s. Amusing tales which will stir fond memories in all but the youngest readers… flares, scooters, mods and of course a nostalgic look back at his beloved football, an especially QPR. This book will make you laugh and it will make you cry but, what shines through is Simon’s ability to laugh in the face of adversity and his dogged determination to kick Parkinson’s into touch.

About the Author:

As the classic symptoms of Parkinson’s disease began to take control of Simon’s life, he became a shadow of his former self. After months of fighting a losing battle to keep the disease in check, Simon found the strength to talk to his family, even managing to book an appointment with a neurologist. Sadly, at a time when he needed an experienced health care professional to help him fight his corner, what he got was a cold, uncaring man who clearly had no time for his situation. However, his initial assessment proved to be 100% accurate; at just 36 years of age, Simon was told he had Parkinson’s disease. The desire to produce a written account of his life for his immediate family and friends led to “A Life Worth Living.” Ingram looks back at his life, often with humour and pathos, and decides that the way to keep going is to appreciate the life he has led. The only way to fight is to appreciate what battles he has already fought and won. After all, what else makes a life worth living? Ingram’s first-hand account of his life from his early childhood to teen years to his first signs of the debilitating disease give an insider’s look at not just a “disease” but a man.

Excerpt from the book:

“I do honestly believe that one day a cure will be found for Parkinson’s. Until then, I’m preparing myself for a bumpy ride as my symptoms continue to deteriorate. Following my most recent experiences though, I’ve redefined my own battle plan. I now have a better understanding of how much Parkinson’s attacks you at your most vulnerable points

Armed with this information, I feel that I have regained the initiative and once again I am truly ‘Living By My Rules’.

 Parkinson’s has been a burden that I’ve had to contend with for the last eleven years. The need to battle against the degenerative nature of the illness, in what it feels like every waking hour since, has driven me to become a very single-minded person. When it comes to dealing with the condition, my plan is based upon a few key factors:


“Living By My Rules” by Simon Ingram is available in paperback format from Amazon at:

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The Post

It is England, 1916.

The Great War shows no sign of ending. Despite the gloom, the Southdown battalions, full of friends and family, march to war on a wave of patriotic fervour.

With three sons overseas, Agnes Davison searches for the strength to bring her community together. She echoes the sentiments of wives and mothers everywhere trying desperately to help the men they love. In a world blighted by prejudice and social order the birth of the Women’s Institute brings fresh hope; and in Agnes, a champion for the cause awaits.

But on the eve of the battle of the Somme, even her courage will face the ultimate test, as the Southdown Battalions are ordered forward in a diversionary attack. Here in just a few desperate hours, the lives and loves of hundreds of families, will come together in one gallant charge. A charge that will be struck from the record books forever…

James Sowerby’s eagerly awaited sequel to The Whistle, is a gripping tale of ordinary people caught up in the maelstrom of global conflict. With a wonderful eye for detail, Sowerby’s powerful storytelling will challenge your emotions throughout, and leave you desperate for more.

About the Author:

James grew up in Yorkshire and believes his earliest foray into the world of fiction was listening to his father’s long and very entertaining bedtime stories.  A love of the arts was nurtured in his school days and continued through university and beyond. But above all else James has had a lifelong love of history through the ages, which his crowded bookshelves and hundreds of holiday diversions pay witness to.

Historical research work on the two world wars, combined with further battlefield trips to the region, triggered a desire to tell the stories of the ordinary men and women involved at home and on the front lines. Since then, numerous writing courses have followed, as James has worked alongside some of the leading authors in the world to learn the art of combining fact and fiction. This is the second book in the Davison Family Saga, set during World War One, which encapsulates all his interests.

James brings compassion and humour into everything he creates, and a very experienced eye for detail.  He has in turn begun tutoring the next generation of aspiring writers, which he finds immensely rewarding. But put simply, he just loves to tell stories.

James is also currently republishing his first book entitled “The Whistle” (ISBN: 978-1-80031-209-8) in hardback, paperback and e-book formats, which will be available through all good retailers including, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble.

“The Post” by James Owen Sowerby is currently available in hardback from Amazon at:

This novel is also available to download in paperback format at:

It can also be downloaded in e-book format from:

Press/Media Contact Details:

New Generation Publishing
Tel. 01234 711 956

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