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A young epileptic pirate Guardian is born with visionary powers and possesses the stone of truth

About the Book:

In Colony Island, in the west of the western isles, where colonists and pirates live side by side, Josh Flagsmith is the young pirate Guardian, a role reserved for epileptics born with visionary powers. He only learns the importance of his role when a colonist, called Reginald Machin, wins the election with the aid of the colonist flat earth church, and starts throwing pirates in gaol. When his parents are arrested, Josh discovers that his life is in danger. He must learn how to use the power of his stone of truth, not just to control his epilepsy, but as a tool enabling him to read his enemy’s intentions. With the help of his stone, and the support of his friends, including Machin’s stepdaughter, Lavinia, he has to escape to the island of Amaryllis and seek help from the pirate council. If he gets to Amaryllis, and the council comes to his aid, can he rescue his parents and save his island from a mad dictator bent on genocide?

Excerpt from the book:

“The cavern swarmed with rebel soldiers, talking in hushed tones, checking their equipment or standing around staring into their memories and waiting for their next orders. Josh heard groans from the emergency ward somewhere in a tunnel to his left. The deputy sat at the long trestle table, his scarred face sagging with worry and lack of sleep.

“Have you heard anything on your radio?” the general asked. “How many this time?”

“Is no many, my general;” he replied, “a diversion. More is coming very nextly.”

“Good. Then we’re safe here for the moment.”

A breathless orderly raced into the cavern, skidding to a halt when he saw the general. “They are approaching in numbers, sir,” he panted.

“How far away?” asked the general.

“Maybe a mile. They’ve got more helicopters.”

The general nodded. “That’s all we needed to know. We’d better abandon our defence of the wall soon and lure the enemy into the tunnels. That gives us more points to defend but we should be able to hold them off for a while.”

Amid the noise of pirates shouting to one another and soldiers racing in and out of the crowded cavern, it took Josh some time to notice that the firing had stopped. The realisation spread round the chamber and strident voices sank to a questioning whisper. Eyes turned towards the trestle table where the general stood talking with his deputy. Josh noticed gloom in the eyes of some pirates who thought the silence meant surrender.

Bertie wiped dust and sweat from his round face as he emerged from the tunnel. A cheer went up as Sandy’s dad followed him into the room. Because of his size and the fact that he was a colonist fighting on the pirate side, the men in that room regarded him as a hero.

“What’s happening now?” Josh asked Bertie.

Bertie looked vaguely pleased with himself. “We gave a good account of ourselves,” he said, “but they’re regrouping.” He glanced at the general. “I hope there’s a plan B,” he added, “because we can’t hold them off for much longer.”

“The House at the Edge of the World” by Donald Brown is available in paperback from Amazon UK.

The gripping fantasy pirate adventure tale is also available from Amazon USA.

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