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Where butterflies wear wings of eternity, a mad chase lost in a wild gaze and with her you run behind her butterfly in lanes frilled by pink bougainvilleas and tall eucalyptus recreating and revisiting your childhood, crooning lost lullabies. The poetess has very delicately expressed her sensibilities, caressing life and fondling nature. All the topics handpicked by her will give you a different perspective, a spiritual retreat where you can relive your lost life and will compel you to at least prick one more time those social issues, the neural pathways to which we have totally disconnected. Dive with her in her poetic excursion!!

Excerpt from the book:

Love Lost

Tears of love
Tears of separation
Come from the purest of land!
With none to see
And none to feel
I shed them on a barren land

My little ocean of rain
Thou hold!
You failed to convey your pain
Wilderness in the drop
An abandoned child
They wanted to leave the slave’s land
With nothing to hide
They broke the silent guard
And flew like a river wild
None could survive those waters wild
It banged every hurdle that came its way
Like a child’s wail for his mother’s embrace
To cross the toughest terrane
To finally arrive on a lost barren land

I sow my seed of love
Drain it with my puddle of pain
It smiled back at me
Now blooming into a handsome tree
Sheltering love lost
A beautiful maiden with her handsome beau
Arrived at my lonely land
Cuddled into their arms
I can’t hold my tears abound!
Drops of heavenly crystals pour out
From an empty heart
Bewildered they gazed into each other’s eyes
To ask a question undefined
‘Do the trees ever cry’? Asked her handsome beau
I just realized every fleeceable unripe leaf
Had Crystal’s on their edge
The beautiful maiden replied
You worldly man can never realize
The woes of a lost love!
How deceitful is a big man tears?
Fallacious deceitful disguised
In worldly woes!!

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