Book Review: My Way to Keep Anger Away by Elizabeth Cole

Do you feel hopeless when you see your child with red cheeks and steam coming out of their ears? Do you need to help your child control big emotions? Look no more! This adorable children’s picture book will help you for sure!

Anger can affect kids of all ages — toddlers, preschoolers, and even older ones — and they behave unlike they usually do. You can’t prevent your child from getting angry, but you can teach them to deal with it in a healthy way.

This anger book for kids will take your child on an underwater adventure to a magical dreamland. Boys and girls will surely enjoy the story where sea animals share anger management tips.

This social emotional book for kids:

  • teaches children to deal with anger in a healthy way
  • offers children calming techniques and activities for anger management
  • contains beautiful illustrations and rhymes
  • suits perfectly for preschool kids ages 3-5, as well as older kids ages 6-10
  • includes extra calming technique and coloring page as a bonus.   

There are many emotion books for kids available. You might wonder what makes this one special. Hundreds of families have already read this adventurous kids’ book and are grateful for the useful tips it provides.

So, even if you have read some of the best children’s books about anger management, you should try this one too!

This anger book is a product of extensive experience working with children. It has been proven through practice that there are ways to calm down every explosive child. The only trick is to find the way that best suits your child!

Take your child on this magical adventure and discover various anger management techniques!


My Review

I have read a couple of Elizabeth Cole’s books so I knew that My way to keep anger away would live up to its name and teach children how to deal with feelings of anger.

When Melissa’s brother breaks one of her toys, it’s the last straw, and her usual sweet demeanor suddenly changes. She’s so mad that she goes to bed. That night she dreams of being in the ocean and the different animals teach her ways to deal with her anger using techniques such as counting to ten, taking deep breaths, etc.

The story is told in rhymes and the illustrations are cute and colorful. It encourages children to use their imaginations as well as giving them anger management techniques that work.

About the Author

Being a mother of two kids Elizabeth Cole very well understands that childhood is a great period of life filled with a tremendous amount of different and often changing emotions. Since the time Elizabeth received her master’s degree in psychology from University of New Orleans in 2008, she fully devoted herself to the research of kids, understanding their needs as well as their true emotions. Her five years period of working as the school teacher very much improved Elizabeth’s knowledge and motivated her even stronger. Finally, all of her experience inspired Elizabeth to write a series of children’s books.