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Hailey Pittman suffers a violent and premature death. Her husband, Owen, discovers that Hailey was having an affair. Detective Sergeant Holly Jones thinks she knows what happened to Hailey. The Detective disagrees with those that say the circumstances of the death of Hailey were mysterious. Detective Sergeant Holly Jones, though, remains curious and wants to know much more about Owen. Secrets are uncovered but not only about Hailey. The mother of Owen and his brother have their own stories to tell.

After Owen throws the funeral ashes of Hailey over a stone circle in the Lake District, odd and disturbing events soon occur inside his home. An unexpected ally helps Owen face what or who is now inside his home and creating chaos. Before Owen can prevail and return to the stone circle for revelation, he or someone will have to decide just how much he needs to know about the past, his family and himself.

About the Author:

Jack Swift lives in Liverpool.  He teaches English Literature and English Language.  This is his third zombie novel.  His previous novels Undead Underneath and Cool Blood Walk are both published by Red Rattle Books.

Excerpt from the book:

“The head of his wife rested on her chest.  Some of her shoulder-length hair obscured her face.  Under her chin her neck looked crumpled.  Her mouth was open.  The side of her head rested against the rim of the bath.  Owen looked around.  Elsewhere in the bath there was blood but not much.  On the wall, mirror and inside the sink, which were to the right of the bath and close to the bathroom door, there was more blood.  Owen knelt down at the side of Hailey. 

His brother Rhys stood in the doorway of the bathroom and leaned against the doorframe.  Will stood behind Rhys and outside the bathroom.  The chin of Will rested on the shoulder of Rhys.  Will bit his lip and peeked in at what was happening.  In the doorway the faces of Rhys and Will touched.

‘You’d better call the ambulance,’ said Owen.

‘I’ll do that,’ said Will.

‘Call the police as well.’

‘The police?’

‘This looks like a crime scene.  I think she’s dead.’”

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