New Release: A Room Without Windows by Rosie Brown

When a wife loses her husband, that can be too much to bear: but when a mother then loses her only son, that is just one loss too far.

Mary Tegg doesn’t know which way to turn, and her young daughter is suffering because her mother is finding it impossible to sort their lives out. Mary desperately needs someone to blame for the death of her son, and it has to be someone other than herself. Steve Jackson seems to be the obvious suspect, and so the watching begins. But Steve Jackson has a guilty secret, and he’d rather die than tell the truth about what really happened that night. Mary’s hate-filled, angry eyes are beginning to get the better of him, and his behaviour is disrupting his family. His father tells him that it’s better to ignore her and not let it get to him so much, but he’s afraid of what she might know.

When she finally knocks on the Jacksons’ door and accuses Steve of murdering her son, all hell is let loose in the Jackson house. But then Malcolm Tegg unexpectedly arrives back in town, and what he learns by accident makes him determined to get to the truth. As life becomes too complicated for Steve Jackson, will he finally reveal the truth about that night, or will he continue his painful struggle to look for an easier way out of his agony? A way that would be a more certain release from something from which he is desperate to break free.

About the Author:

Rosie Brown has always enjoyed writing – both stories and poetry. At Grammar School, she was encouraged by her English teacher, who would read her stories, written for homework, to the rest of the class.  Rosie’s greatest achievement at that time was when her last piece of homework was printed in the school magazine. After leaving school, she would make up poems during her long walk to work. From her mid-30s, she has continued to write a lot of poetry, and a book on spirituality. Some of her poems have been published in anthologies. Eventually, in her 60s, she started to write this novel, and hopes to publish more of her work in future.

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