Book Review: Yes, Again by Sallie H. Weissinger

Yes, Again:(Mis)adventures of a Wishful Thinker by Sallie H. Weissinger

Publisher:  She Writes Press, (October 26, 2021)
Category: Memoir, Grief, Loss, Romance, Dating
ISBN: 978-1647423155
Available in Print and ebook, 224 pages

In this laughter-through-tears memoir, Sallie H. Weissinger, a late-in-life widow, recounts the highs and lows of navigating the tricky online dating world of the 2000s. Interwoven throughout her adventures in search of a new relationship are stories from her childhood as a military brat, her southern heritage, her various marriages, and the volunteer work in Central and South America that helped her keep moving forward through it all.

Weissinger keeps her sense of humor as she meets men who lie, men who try to extort money, and men with unsavory pasts. When she experiences even more loss, her search for a partner becomes less important, but—with the help of friends and dogs—she perseveres and, ultimately, develops her own approach to meeting “HIM.” Blending the deeply serious and the lighthearted, Yes Again shows us that good things happen when we open up our minds and hearts.

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Guest Review by Sal

‘Yes, Again: (Mis)adventures Of A Wishful Thinker,’ by Sallie H. Weissinger contains the inner thoughts of a woman on the lookout for love.

At the age of 57, Sallie was widowed when her husband unfortunately died of esophageal cancer. Despite missing her husband dearly, Sallie eventually realized that she was lonely and wanted to find someone else to spend her life with.

So, she decided to try online dating, and I think those of us who have tried it before know what an adventure that can be. Trying sites like brought Sallie an assortment of emotionally constipated middle-aged men.

Finally getting frustrated with the men that she was meeting, Sallie decided to develop a system. She called it PASTRAMI, which was an acronym for the things that she was looking for in a man (physically fit, adventurous, spiritual, etc.) And, Sallie decided to raise the stakes even higher by bringing her friends into the deal, offering them five thousand dollars to the charity of their choice if they could find her a man that she stayed with for one year. What followed was a hilarious and entertaining jaunt through the world of dating in your 50’s and 60’s in the mid-2000’s.

Between the descriptions of these sometimes ridiculous men and the witty prose, ‘Yes, Again,’ is sure to tickle your funny bone at points. Sallie’s openness and full-hearted optimism make for an inspiring read that, despite her pitfalls, might just get you wondering if you should put yourself back out there, too.

This memoir is a one-of-a-kind adventure filled with laughter and surprising depth and one that I would recommend to anyone who has ever tried online dating in any form. I know that I couldn’t put this book down and I would gladly read more from this author in the future!

About the Author

Sallie H. Weissinger is a native of New Orleans and was raised as a military brat away from the South (Germany, New Mexico, Ohio, Japan, and Michigan). Every summer, she and her family returned to visit her mother’s relatives in New Orleans and her father’s family in a small Alabama town. She has lived most of her life in the Bay Area and also in New Orleans. These days, “home” includes not only New Orleans and Berkeley, but also Portland, Oregon, where she lives most of the time with her husband, Bart McMullan, a retired internal medicine doctor and health care executive, and their three dogs.

A retired executive herself, she now teaches Spanish and does medical interpreting for non-profit organizations in Central America and the Dominican Republic. Weissinger is a passionate member of the Berkeley Rotary Club and has served on the boards of Berkeley Rotary, the Aurora Theatre in Berkeley, and the East Bay (formerly Oakland) SPCA.



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Advance Praise Yes, Again by Sallie H. Weissinger

“A funny, touching, and ultimately uplifting story of a woman searching for love and purpose.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Weissinger celebrates her 75th birthday in Yes, Again by taking the reader on a tour of her big heart and where that heart has taken her. This glorious story of a life lived in love is the perfect read because it’s hilarious, honest and full of hope. We are all lovers, or we wish we were and Sallie shows us how: never give up, occasionally give in and don’t stop believing. Brava!”-Adriana Trigiani, Bestselling author of
Tony’s Wife 

“If you like to read memoirs, you won’t be disappointed in Sallie H. Weissinger’s Yes, Again. I really loved it….it was a pleasure to read a book written by a woman who didn’t let age get in the way of seeking love and living life fully.  While she may not have realized it when writing, Sallie provided a life lesson for those of us of a certain age: There’s no reason not to take charge of our lives and make things happen. Whether it’s looking for love, reaching personal and professional goals, or living on purpose every day, women can disrupt aging and rise to life’s challenges.”—Camille

“After reading Sallie’s soulful book, I have to say this gifted writer got the love she wanted the old-fashioned way . . . she earned it!”-Lacy J. Dalton, singer and songwriter

“Linearity works for many things; however, in Sallie H. Weissinger’s potent book (and even more potent life) she shows us how tapping into grace can be a tangible way of entering into mystery, meaning, and direction. By recounting times of staggering loss, loneliness, self-doubt, perseverance, and openness to the ineffable, Sallie demonstrates how the journey of life can be a glorious pathway for those with a bit of daring!”-Bill Say, MA, life coach, Process Work Diplomate, and instructor at CIIS, JFK University, and the Wright Institute


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