Book Review: Polar Bear & Mandarin Duck discover the secrets to becoming a superhero! by Sol Wyn

  1. Can the mandarin duck save the polar bear cub’s dream?
  2. What happens if you feed the polar bear with vegetables from the farm?
  3. What must you eat to feel good, look good and be a happy child?

This book for kids ages 3 to 7 will answer these questions, as well as others:

What are healthy foods?
This book introduces your child to the unique benefits of vegetables. the author creatively teaches healthy eating in the form of a darling children’s adventure tale about a bear and a duck.

What practices develop a child’s mind?
This engaging book contains games, riddles, and hidden characters, where your child learns to analyze, count, and memorize. By participating in the quests and tasks, kids develop attentiveness and memory.

How do friends help each other?
Touring a vegetable farm with a bear and duck, your child will witness true friendship. This book offers game ideas for children to complete independently or with relatives and friends.

How can people express love beyond words?
This tale of animals on a vegetable farm will teach your child how to express love in a fun and simple ways. The fairy tale story is filled with soulfulness and love.

How can children love the reading process?
This playful children’s book about a bear and a duck keeps children’s interest through an adventurous fairy tale and quests, making reading fun.

How can children build confidence?
The story of a polar bear named Fluffy teaches positive thinking and self-confidence, key elements for children’s healthy psyche.

How can we add more beauty to our personal children’s library?
Whimsical, professional illustrations on lush spreads delight the whole family.

How can we encourage creativity?
This interactive story develops reading and thinking skills. Your child will enjoy counting, drawing, completing quests, working through a maze, and seeking out hidden “Easter eggs”.

This unforgettable book about confidence, friendship, gratitude, and healthy eating habits teaches your child to love vegetables.

Enjoy the journey to the world of polar bear and mandarin duck – superheroes and super friends – during their adventures on the vegetable farm.


My Review

Fluffy, a polar bear, wants to be a superhero, and when he visits his grandfather’s farm, he learns from a mandarin duck that in order to be a superhero, he needs to eat his vegetables. He then shows Fluffy all of the different vegetables and explains what they’re needed for.

Polar Bear & Mandarin Duck discover the secrets to becoming a superhero! is a sweet story about two animals who become friends while learning about all of the vegetables that can be found on a farm. Not only does this book have some good information and colorful illustrations, it is a fun story and is interactive.

I recommend Polar Bear & Mandarin Duck discover the secrets to becoming a superhero! especially as a book for an adult to read to a child.

About the Author

Sol Wyn writes books filled with love and the joy of life. Holding a PhD in Philosophy, Sol is a practicing spiritual and psychological mentor. Through his positive outlook and personal kindness, he serves as a positive inspiration to many who meet him. His primary aim is to present a book that contains practical knowledge as well as a whimsical inspiration to children encouraging them to increase love and joy in the world.

Comments from the author:

All people radiant as the sun. However, along the way, people often collect many clouds upon themselves. In a child, the rays of light shine most brightly. Since we all began as children, we each retain these rays within us. And sometimes to radiant as the sun, we just need to disperse the clouds of our thoughts.

Most of our thoughts are formed from our memory. A child has a clear memory from birth, and it is vital to read practical, positive information often. This practice helps maintain a good psyche, both for children and adults.

Smile more often at others and yourself. Thanks for your interest in this book. Health, love, and peace to you and your loved ones.