Book Review & Giveaway: Twin Tales: Alike and Different by Brielle and Nadia Dupervil

Book Title:  Twin Tales: Alike and Different by Brielle and Nadia Dupervil
Category: Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7), 28 pages
Genre:  Children
Publisher:  RiaJay Publishing
Release date:  October 2021

Content Rating:  G – Suitable for all readers.

Imagine having someone that is just like you in the world. Or what if there were not just like you, but everyone thought they were? Twin sisters Alexia and Denise might look alike on the outside, but they are very different on the inside. Join the sisters as they reveal what makes them unique. An enduring story of siblings who share a strong bond that parents will appreciate, and children will love.

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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from iRead Book Tours. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Alexia and Denise are twins and they look a lot alike but looks can be deceiving. They do like a lot of the same things, but they also like a lot of different things. For example, they don’t have the same favorite color and Alexia is more of a risk taker than Denise.

I like this book because it’s important for children (and adults) to know that even though twins are a lot alike, they are two distinct individuals. Several years ago, I worked with twin girls and when I first met them, I couldn’t tell them apart. As I got to know them, I realized that they were very different in their looks, their personalities, and their preferences. To this day, many years later, if I happen to see one of them, I can tell them apart easily.

Along with the story of the twins’ likes and differences, the illustrations are bright and colorful and will keep the attention of children. The picture of Brielle and Nadia will also be a favorite of children. I know my grandchildren love to see pictures of other “real” kids.

About the Authors

Brielle has a bold and bubbly personality and never meets a stranger. You can call her the life of the party because there is never a dull moment when she is around. Brielle is a curious conversationalist who will talk to anyone who will listen.

Nadia is a soft spoken, articulate, gentle spirit. Initially she is reserved, but once comfortable she will win you over with her contagious laughter and the silly jokes she keeps in her back pocket for the right time. Nadia is caring and always does what she can to help others feel better. She is very in tune with her emotions and very direct when expressing them.

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