New Release: Mercy Hospital

Auto accidents. Mysterious fires. Cultists. Mythological figures. Poisoned lands. Is danger spreading from sinister Dubbs House? These bloody events come alive under the watchful eye of Doctor Kathryn Cross, a former victim of the town, now turned survivor. Her skepticism is the only thing keeping her sane as she unravels a potential conspiracy seeded within the town. Follow the doctor, the townspeople of Silver Hollow, and all who pass through it as they journey into the depths of the town and its evil infestation. Can they unravel its secrets before the manifestation spreads?

Previously published under Anne Hogue-Boucher, ASIN: 1653728450

About the Author:

Lucienne LeBeau is the author of the Silver Hollow trilogy as well as short stories and weird fiction. Her background in mental health counselling has allowed her to experience life from both sides of the couch. She specializes in cosmic horror and bent realities.  Her other books include “The Walking Doctor”, “Dubbs House”, “Now Entering Silver Hollow”, and “Exit 1042”.

Book Reviews:

Rattling reader

5.0 out of 5 stars  Addictive chills and fabulous surprises

Verified Purchase

“MERCY HOSPITAL is a fine horror novel that I read in one sitting although it did mean going to bed late and in a nervous state. I needed to know what happened next. The tale is told through different narrators and with alternative narrative techniques. There are also time shifts that complement the originality. But what makes MERCY HOSPITAL succeed is a solid story rooted in a singular vision. MERCY HOSPITAL has an omnipotent mythic threat, real characters, tantalising mystery and connected events that hold it all together. The details that suggest an authenticity are an added bonus. For once the medics are more important investigators than the cops. MERCY HOSPITAL is a great read.”

Mark Bushey

5.0 out of 5 stars  Read this book. Read it. Read it now!

Verified Purchase

“Another great read by [Lucienne LeBeau]! This sequel to You Are Now Entering Silver Hollow is told from a physician’s point of view in the nearby town whose Emergency Department is regularly visited by victims of strange “accidents” involving massive blood loss. The doctor struggles to remain rationally detached, but finds it difficult when she views the circumstances through her own experiences in Silver Hollow.
A truly great read with good pacing; you will not be disappointed.”


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