Book Review: ¡Mi Comunidad! My Community! by 123 Andrés

An endearing new dual-language book, ¡Mi comunidad! • My Community! celebrates community helpers, with two companion songs (Spanish and English) to read and sing together. ¡Mi comunidad! • My Community! is a joyful walk around the community to get to know people who help us stay safe, learn and thrive. With vibrant illustrations by Puerto Rican artist Mónica Paola Rodriguez, the book includes a glossary of community helper roles to jump start conversations at home and school about the many ways people help and serve others. The brand new songs, “My Community” and “Mi Comunidad,” are available exclusively via the QR code included in the back of the book.

¡Mi comunidad! es un libro emotivo y lleno de vida en español y en inglés, que celebra a los ayudantes de la comunidad. El libro viene acompañado por dos canciones nuevas – una en cada idioma – para leer y cantar en familia. Con ¡Mi Comunidad! nos paseamos por nuestra comunidad y conocemos a algunas de las personas que nos ayudan a estar a salvo, a aprender y a seguir adelante.


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from Smith Publicity. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

This children’s book about community is written in both Spanish and English. Whichever language you know, and whichever one you don’t know, it’s a great resource to start learning. I learned a little Spanish in school years ago, but I plan on reading this book several times to my grandkids so that we can start to learn a little Spanish together.

The illustrations are eye catching and colorful and will keep children’s attention. There is more information at the end of the book including a link to music. Even better, everything at the end of the book is also in both languages. I can’t wait to share this book with my grandkids tomorrow!

About the Authors

Andrés and Christina are the Latin Grammy-winning music duo 123 Andrés. Their catchy songs and lively concerts get the whole family dancing and learning, in Spanish and English.