Social Media by Josh Glasson

Cynical Wordsmith

I think I’m going to delete my social media.

I’ve never seen a tweet that changed my life.
I think the most I’ve ever gotten out of one,
Was a cursory conversation about someone’s death
Or an angry rant
Or the lastest memes.
Granted, I can see it’s use
For those who need to relay information quickly,
And I’ve looked up the status
Of downed websites
As Twitter-relevant google results,
But again that’s getting absorbed
Into an impatient, twitterpated world
That used to live in celebrity magazines.

I view TikTok as a means of entertainment,
Not of interaction
And may keep it around as such.
Much like Youtube,
Content is thrown at users
Interspersed with ads, of course,
And here, again, we find some utility
As an enjoyment engine
Or a feeling of belonging to a community
If you crave that sort of thing.

Instagram has pretty pictures.
I don’t…

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