Book Review: Daddy Donkey and his Little Son by Vedika Agrawal and Kunal Das

A heart-warming tale of unconditional love to celebrate the special bond between a father and son

While playing in the jungle one day, the donkey Louie noticed a lonely lion cub crying in pain. Despite the warnings of his fellow donkeys, kind Louie extended his loving arms to the cub. The cute cub, Zozo, started seeing a father figure in Louie. This bond changed their lives and invited its fair share of trouble. The story revolves around the innocent relationship and emotions of Daddy Louie and Son Zozo and teaches the following –

  • The power of relationships and bonds in a family.
  • Love is not limited to biological relations only.
  • Being kind and spreading love without expecting sweet returns.
  • A good deed will always have a good return.

The fun story, with colorful pictures, will engage kids and encourage the habit of self-reading. This book is a loving gift for kids aged 3-8 on Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions for children and parents to celebrate the love between them.


My Review

Louie helps a lion cub when they can’t find his parents, and he loves him as his own son. When the cub’s mother finally shows up, Louie knows that he’ll never see his “son” again. But when Louie is old, his son saves him, and Louie’s final wish to see his son once more is granted!

What a cute story! It teaches children about the unconditional love between a father and son. It’s a good gift to give to a father and son on Father’s Day but is also a good book for year-round.

About the Authors

Dr. Vedika Agrawal is an engineering doctorate from IIT Delhi, India with an inclination towards children’s literature. With a good understanding of kids’ way of learning, she has written several children storybooks with an aim to imbibe reading habits and values in children through the magic of books. She is also a quick learner and a sharp critic. She has a unique ability to give the raw stories, the shape of a masterpiece. Other than writing, she likes playing sports.

Dr. Kunal Das is a pediatric oncologist and stem cell transplant physician by profession. His art of telling children stories inspired the compilation of stories in Doon Tales. He is a patient listener and an avid writer. He penned down many stories for children and enjoys writing novels in Hindi as well. He can explain any topic in interesting narratives and has the art of engaging children in that subject. Apart from writing skills, he is a good painter, a good orator, and an excellent professional in his field. He lives in Dehradun, a beautiful green city at the foothills of the Himalayas.