Book Review: Honesty is my Superpower by Alicia Ortego

This book is written for all children who are struggling to make the right choice. Lying testing is an integral part of growing up. So, it is important to teach children honesty while they are still in their earliest age.
“Honesty is my superpower” teaches children that lying has consequences that can do more harm than good. It will help them understand how powerful the truth is.

My Review

I’ve read several of Alicia Ortego’s superpower books and they’re all not only cute, but they teach a lesson. In this book, when Tommy lies to his brother, he learns that it’s best to be honest. He is tempted to lie a couple times after that, but he decides to be honest, and the consequences are not nearly as horrible as he thought they would be. And he was praised for being honest!

The story is told in rhymes. The illustrations are colorful and detailed. It’s a fun book to read! At the end of the book are Honesty Scenario cards that can help children to think situations through and learn what the best thing to do would be.

Honesty is my Superpower helps to teach children the importance of being honest. Using Tommy’s older brother, Nao, as an example was a good idea since most children admire their older siblings.

About the Author

A school teacher and an avid children’s book author, Alicia Ortego, has a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years working with children. Since she was young, Alicia had nurtured a passion for telling stories, which inspired her to start writing stories for children. She writes in a simple, easily understandable language, and an entertaining style that keeps children hooked to her books while learning vital lessons about virtues.

Alicia lives in New York and in her free time, enjoys spending quality time with her family and drawing.

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