Book Review: Buried Secrets by J.E. Grace

Pigeon Bay is a safe, peaceful town. That is until a woman goes missing.

Samantha and Jonathan Winters arrive for a real estate convention and photoshoot. Will Jonathan’s pictures reveal more than he realizes?

Nina Dupree, a private investigator, and friend of the Chief of Police will lend a hand to help solve the case. Is this victim’s evidence tied to another unsolved event her father was examining?

What secrets are the members of the Belmonte family hiding? Another mansion full of buried mysteries is waiting, but will they remain so?

My Review

The Belmonte family is wealthy, and they worship money. They don’t know what true love is. And they have their secrets…so many secrets. Nina Dupree thinks she knows one of those secrets when she starts looking for a missing woman. Can she find the truth? How many secrets can she uncover?

This is a quick read, and I wish it was a full-length novel. There is so much packed into 136 pages, and so many characters involved, that I would have liked to get to know some of those characters better. It has mystery, twists, and even a little romance.

I noticed that the author has some full-length novels that look interesting which I want to try because I do like her writing.

About the Author

J.E. Grace was born in California and has a background in Retail Management.

She now resides in the Midwest and retired from a career in real estate in 2012 to pursue her writing. Her interests include poetry, painting in traditional oils/pastels, digital art, and photography. Her work can be viewed on Society 6, Fine Art America and Zazzle. She runs Bizwings Blog where she showcases other Christian and/or clean and wholesome writers.

Her writing has spiritual overtones due to deep roots in her faith. She writes in the Christian inspirational and mystery/suspense genres. She has two published titles in her Pacific Cove Legacy Series and released two titles in her Houses of Mystery Series. She is working on Book 3. She is also in the research and planning stages for Book 3 & 4 in her new historical fiction with a hint of mystery and romance, titled the Watchmaker Series.

In the inspirational romance genre, she has published, “A Walk with Heavenly Spirits.”

Interview with the Author

Interview with Author – J.E. Grace