Book Review: Elvin and Brayden, Friends Forever by Sandra Morrison

Would you like to teach your child the importance of family values and true friendship?

Look no further! This adorable friendship book for kids is the right choice for you!

Bonds between friends and family members require many social skills, such as accepting diversity, trusting others, feeling confident, helping, and sharing.

This lovely children’s book about pets shows your child the secret of true friendship and the importance of family.

Kids will enjoy the adventures of two quite different mice: one lost and the other homeless. The mice realize they both need the same thing – a true friend and a family.

This book offers many positives:

  • teaches children to make friends, help others in need, share, accept differences, and understand the importance of family
  • tells the adventures of two mice searching for a home
  • contains fun illustrations and rhymes
  • suits toddlers and preschool kids, as well as elementary children

Since there are so many children’s friendship books on the market, choosing the right one for your youngster is a challenge. The strong connection between friendship and family values is what makes this adventure book about animals unique.

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Elvin is a lucky pet mouse owned by a boy named Connor who loves him dearly. When Elvin accidentally ends up outside, he meets Brayden, a skeptical mouse who doesn’t trust anyone. Elvin ends up learning how important friends are, and he and Connor show Brayden friendship and love. He learns to trust again and has a new family!

This cute story about friendship is told in rhymes and the illustrations are bright and colorful. Children will learn the importance of friendship and helping others. There is also a note from the author at the end of the book about the importance of friends and family and a maze for children.

About the Author

Sandra Morrison lives in Chicago, IL, USA. She is a kindergarten teacher and a mom of two, Zach and Chester. Surrounded by children at work and home, Sandra always tries to find new ways to amuse and educate them.

A lover of fairy tales, Sandra has found them helpful on many occasions – to teach the children moral lessons, to entertain them, or to calm them before going to bed. As time went by, Sandra noticed that her sons knew all the stories by heart. This called for some new tales!

Using her imagination and natural gift for storytelling, Sandra created an adventure of two mice. Her sons, kindergarten students, and school parents loved the tale! So Sandra decided to share her story with even more children, all around the world.