Book Review: Caleb’s Crop by Evelyn Rainey

Giles thinks his big brother Caleb can do anything. He knows how to say just the right things to make their mother smile. He knows how to milk cows and build chicken coops. Most importantly, Caleb knows how to read, and taught Giles how to read, too.  Now Giles and Caleb have immigrated with their mother to a farming planet where no one else knows how to read!  


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

This science fiction book for children is imaginative and teaches the importance of reading. Caleb and Giles move a fourth time to a new planet with their mom. The people in town soon learn that the boys can read, and they want their children to learn to read as well. Apparently, so much is automated and voice activated, that reading isn’t as essential as it once was.

I liked the story, and the illustrations by Susan Krupp are gorgeous with vibrant colors. And it’s my favorite kind of story: one that is cute but also teaches a lesson. This is definitely a book that would be great for any child’s library.

When Caleb’s family arrived
After the success of the school

About the Author

Evelyn Rainey has always loved to tell stories and help others understand. As such, she is a published author and educator. But she is also the caregiver of her mother, an herb and vegetable gardener, cat wrangler, and crochet artist. She is in the process of obtaining her Masters in Biblical Studies. 

After 38 years in education, Evelyn retired, having earned degrees and certificates in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Gifted Education, Integrated Middle School Curriculum, English for Speakers of Other Languages, and Journalism. She also taught all grade levels from Kindergarten through Adult and at many different facilities, including jails and teen pregnancy centers.   

Evelyn has had several books published including science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, new age urban fantasy, and children’s books.  She currently has a list of a dozen new projects she plans to have published over the next few years. She has facilitated writer groups and been guest speaker and guest author at writer conferences and conventions throughout the southeast US.   

Her love of teaching has expanded into videos for book trailers, crochet lessons, meditations, and Bible studies. Her love of writing has expanded into managing ShelteringTree.Earth, LLC Publishing.  

She loves corresponding with readers and authors and is available for conferences and other book events in person or through online meetings.