Book Review: Ant Trails & Butterfly Dreams: A Story About Happiness by Selwa Berbawy Hamati

Title: Ant Trails and Butterfly Dreams
Subtitle: A Story About Happiness
Category: Children’s Literature
Author: Selwa Berbawy Hamati
Illustrator: Michelle Gamble
Pages: 38
Binding: Softcover and Hardcover editions
Digital eBook: Available Kindle, Nook, iBook

About the Book

Arney the Ant feels sad and wants to be happy like his three buddies, Manny Monarch,
Terry Swallowtail, and Breezy Bee. His friends explain how he can use a super magical
trick to easily switch from sad to happy. Soon, Arney uses the magic trick and he, too,
becomes happy – and the garden is full of glee. In this gorgeously colorful world, the four
friends teach readers how to “choose” to be happy.

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

This children’s story is a great way to teach children to worry less and to take control of their emotions. Two caterpillars and a bee help Arney the ant to realize that he can control how he’s feeling no matter what is going on around him.

When the caterpillars tell Arney that they’re leaving for a while but that they’ll be back as beautiful butterflies, he misses them but reminds himself that they’ll be back. They do come back, and Arney realizes that they’ve taught him a wonderful lesson about happiness being a choice.

Not only is this a good story but the illustrations are gorgeous with vibrant colors. Even the pages are bright colors rather than plain white!

About the Author

Selwa is the author of the new book Real Resilience –
Once Upon a Pandemic, Once Upon A Recessio
n, and
co-author of 7 Keys to Freedom, and 10 Powerful
. It is her passion to help as many people as
possible to achieve their goals and dreams in order to
live a life full of abundance, happiness, and selffulfillment. She is committed to spreading happiness to
children around the world. Ant Trails and Butterfly
Dreams — A Story About Happiness
is her first
children’s book. Upcoming projects include an
additional booklet and companion workbook, which
are based on Real Resilience and other projects that will support her passion to help

Author Website:

About the Illustrator

Michelle Gamble is an award-winning author,
publisher, screenwriter, and fine artist. She
began painting and studying art in high school
and college. Today, she specializes in
watercolors. She illustrated Ant Trails and
Butterfly Dreams with the intention to create a
colorful world that both children and adults
alike could appreciate. For more information, please visit her website for 3L Publishing at