Book Review: I Have a Friend by Aleks Harrison

Show your child what it means to be a good friend with this charming story about true friendship.

This is the story of how Max and Martha meet. Max gets upset when his kite gets stuck in a tree. But Martha comes to the rescue, and they spend the rest of the day playing with her kite together. A wonderful beginning to a new friendship! The next day, however, Max sees Martha being bullied by kids on a school bus because of a birthmark on her cheek. Good thing Max knows how important it is to stand up for his friends!

This inspiring story about importance of sharing, courage and friendship will help your child:

  • make new friends and value friendships
  • share their toys
  • look on the inside, not judge by appearances
  • be able to speak up and help their friends in difficult situations

This book will help you discuss important lessons of what it means to be a good friend and bring the best qualities in your child!

Book Details:

  • board book about friendship for children ages 3-6
  • cute illustrations with a beautiful rhyming story
  • not too long, catches the child’s attention
  • printable version includes coloring books
  • perfect for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten

So if you want to embrace the fun of friendship and inspire your child with a love of reading, then this cute story is for you! Kids will love diving into Max’s adventure and discovering the amazing benefits of kindness and friendship.

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Max and his dad make a kite and take it to the park, but it quickly gets stuck in a tree. Max starts crying but Martha, a girl from school, lets him fly her kite and they end up playing together all day.

When they’re on the school bus, bullies start making fun of Martha because she has a big birthmark on her face. Max stands up for her. Both sets of parents are proud of Max, and he’s happy to have a new friend.

I Have a Friend is another sweet Max story that teaches children about not judging others by their appearance. It also shows what good friends Martha and Max are in their new friendship. The story is presented in rhymes, and the illustrations are vibrant. The rhyming and illustrations will keep the attention of children, so they can read and enjoy the story while learning important life lessons.

About the Author

Aleks Harrison is a father of two children and the author of a series of children’s books about emotions and self-regulation methods. Alex writes books that help parents and teachers raise attentive, socially, and emotionally aware children.

The author collaborates with the best illustrators who help create exciting, fun, and inspiring books for children of all ages and their parents.

To contact the author, write to the following e-mail address: