Book Review: Grandpa’s Tales 3: Vampires in the Backyard and A Fish Tale by Cheryl Carpinello

Title: Grandpa’s Tales Book 3
Author: Cheryl Carpinello
Publisher: Silver Quill Publishing
Genre: Children’s Picture Books (Ages 4 – 8)
Release Date: 2021
Soft cover 64 pages

Grandma and Grandpa’s Tales books 1-3 encourage early readers with fun stories incorporating difference aspects of nature. Book 3, Vampires in the Backyard and A Fish Tale, introduces readers to an extended metaphor and lets them decide if the fish story is real.

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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Two cute stories to read! I was a little concerned about the first one because it kept saying, “Beware – danger lurks in the backyard” and then it said, “Beware of Vampires!” I was thinking this is too scary for little kids. But as the story continued, it became obvious that the vampires were mosquitoes and I think it will tickle children. I’ll definitely read this to my grandson this weekend. He’ll get a kick out of it!

The second story is about George going fishing by himself. Like most fishing stories, when he relates to his dad later what happened, and how his fishing pole was broken, he didn’t believe him! But poor George was telling the truth! Part of this story was told in pictures which is fun.

Both of these stories are fun to read, and I’m looking forward to reading them with my grandson.

About the Author

Cheryl Carpinello taught high school English for 25 years. During that time, she worked with numerous students who didn’t like to read for a variety of reasons. However, she discovered that even the most reluctant readers became engaged in the classroom and in reading when she introduced units on King Arthur and the works of ancient world writers. Upon retiring, she set out to write fast-paced, action-filled stories in these setting to encourage young readers to read more. Her success with readers aged 8-16 led her to reach out to the youngest of readers and those readers just starting out. Revising stories she had written for her own children, she created Grandma/Grandpa’s Tales for ages 4-7.  Her four grandchildren’s conversations created the stories in Book 3 of this series. 

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