Book Review: The Unsinkable Gus Davis by Laurie Trumble Davis

Gus Davis is a French bulldog who thinks he can do anything—even swim. Bean is Gus’s human best friend who thinks bulldogs aren’t designed for the water.

Who is right?

It turns out, they both are!

All it takes is a persistent bulldog and a creative human friend to prove that, with a little practice and adaptation, anything is possible. The Unsinkable Gus Davis is a playful story about figuring things out, staying safe around water, and laughing along the way! 

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from Smith Publicity. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

What a cute book! Gus is a French bulldog who thinks he can swim but every time he jumps in, he sinks. Luckily, his owner Bean is always there to save him. No matter how many times he sinks and how many times Bean tells him not to jump in, the result is the same every time. So, Bean gets creative, and she and Gus are able spend all afternoon in the water. At the end, Gus thinks, See? I knew it! I can do anything! What a great way to face life.

The illustrations by Paulette Bogan are a big part of this book. They’re vibrant and children will enjoy them as much as the story! My grandson loves this book!

About the Author

Laurie Trumble Davis is a book lover who lives in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, with her family. They spend their summers on Cape Cod at Schoolhouse Pond, where Gus, her French bulldog, believed he was the best swimmer on the pond. And he was… especially when wearing his life jacket! Although this is her debut picture book, Laurie is no stranger to the world of books and book selling. She has worked for Barnes & Noble coordinating author appearances in New England. She has also done publicity and promotions in news media.