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The Italian

When the truth behind his mother abandoning him is revealed, it changes Lewis’s perception of the past altogether

About the Book:                         

Lewis Sinclaire’s earliest memory is that wherein his mother kisses him on the forehead and wishes him a happy birthday on the very day that she abandoned him. He never saw her again, but the memory is a happy one, nonetheless. But is a memory a true facsimile of what actually happened?

During the lockdown of spring 2020, Lewis, a restauranteur by trade, is forced to isolate with his dying father in the family home that he has despised all of his life. He is determined to use the time wisely, and over a game of chess and fuelled by a strong Irish Whiskey, he discovers that a memory is not the truth. He discovers precisely what went on between his mother and his father at the family villa in Le Marche, Italy, in nineteen-eighty-four, and why his mother had to abandon him. Then, at his father’s ‘lockdown’ funeral, a stranger appears, who changes his mind completely….

About the Author:

Gary W. Hixon is an author based in North Yorkshire, England. He writes novels of a humorous and philosophical nature. The author bases his novels on his own experiences and lived in Windsor for ten years thus that town in Berkshire forms the backdrop to this, his latest novel. Gary Hixon is fascinated by the human experience, particularly why people choose to live their lives in a certain way.

Excerpt from the book:

“Then a pause so long that all eternity could have been poured into it.

“Have you heard from your mother?” he asked, almost longingly, almost too ashamed of himself for having asked.

And that was the moment I understood the purpose of the phone call. I ended our conversation by throwing my mobile across the wine cellar until it smashed against the wall above a cask of ale called Perpetual Motion, ironically. And when I sunk to my knees and the world around me collapsed inwards – because I realised that my mother actually did exist and that she must still be alive. More than that because I realised that it must have been thirty years since my mother left me on that chair in the garden at Sant’Elpidio because I had been three years old. And that phone call had been on the occasion of my thirty-third birthday.

“Are you alright, Lewis?” she asked me, finding me on my knees.

My words were incoherent when I spoke, garbled noises between gasps of shock. “How dare he?” I answered. “How dare he speak of that woman to me?”


“The Italian” by Gary W. Hixon is available in paperback from Amazon at:

This novel can also be downloaded in e-book format from:

Press/Media Contact Details:

Darin Jewell (Gary Hixon’s literary agent)
Tel. 0208 292 5163


A Very Naughty Little Girl Goes Camping

This is a charming tale that will delight children of all ages

About the Book: 

An exciting, funny and at times, sad story about the adventures of ‘A Very Naughty Little Girl’. No matter how hard she tries, Sarah cannot behave herself, much to the exasperation of her best friend, Jennifer, who attempts to help her change her ways.

About the Author:

Abigail Strauss ran her own antique shop and a dolls house business for twenty years. She then had a second career as a reporter and feature writer for her local newspaper.  Abigail Strauss’ second children’s book was written during her isolation in the lockdown due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic of 2020/22.  Although Abigail was unable to see her close family for many weeks, she included them all as the characters in her book, which helped her feel closer to them.  It also eased the loneliness, which was inevitable at that difficult time.

Excerpt from Book:

“A place had been reserved for them so that their tents were next to each other.

Everyone lent a hand in unloading the cars and erecting the tents.  Eventually, they all flopped down on the grass and breathed a sigh of relief – the tents were in position and everything in its place.

“Can we go and explore now?” asked Nick, as all the children jumped to their feet.

“Have a glass of orange juice before you go, you must all be thirsty after your hard work,” said Vicky.

As the children scampered off, closely followed by Rusty, the mums and dads relaxed for a while and then set up the stove to boil the kettle for cups of tea.

Vicky said, “Let’s make this a holiday to remember!”

“A Very Naughty Little Girl Goes Camping” by Abigail Strauss is available in hardback from Amazon at:

This book is also available in paperback format from Amazon at:

You can also download the e-book version from:

Press/Media Contact Details:

Grosvenor House Publishing
Tel. 0208 339 6060

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