Book Review: Brutus Finds a Friend by Tif E. Boots

Brutus is a puppy in need of help. He can’t find his new ball.
Scrump is a bunny that was told to stay away from puppies.
Will Scrump help Brutus? Will Brutus find his ball? What adventure awaits?
Will a friendship be found? Open the book to discover what is waiting for Brutus and Scrump.


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Children will love this book about a puppy and a bunny becoming friends. When Brutus loses his ball, Scrump helps him look for it once he realizes that he doesn’t have to be scared of Brutus.

The illustrations are cute and look like they were drawn by a child, although they’re better than anything I could do.

This is a great book that children will enjoy, but it really needs to be proofread. I don’t mention the need for editing or proofreading in my reviews unless it’s distracting to me.

About the Author

Tif E. Boots is a new author who wrote her first children’s book as a birthday present for her daughter. Many years later it has been shared with her sister, cousins, classmates and now you.

Tif was raised in Marana, Arizona and was working concession stands at county fairs in Arizona and Michigan with her family until she graduated from Marana High School in 2000. She became a mother and correctional officer in 2004. She then moved to Nevada, Missouri with her family where she was blessed with her second daughter and fell into a career of nurse’s assistant for Hospice.

Tif and her family relocated to Mulberry, Florida in 2017. In her free time Tif can usually be found on the water or at amusement parks spending time with family and friends and simply enjoying the life that God has blessed her with.