Book and Audio Story Review: Billy Joins the Circus by Anna Christina

Title: Billy Joins the Circus
Author: Music Audio Stories
Genre: Children’s Stories

Publication Date: June 6, 2022

Story Synopsis

Billy Joins the Circus is a wonderfully uplifting story about a monkey who wants to join the circus. Through Billy, little ones are inspired to believe in themselves and follow their dreams! One day, Billy the monkey meets the Ringmaster and Polly, the circus flying dolly. They are not sure if Billy has the talent for their circus and they ask him what he can do! Billy cheerfully sings a song that impresses them.

Encourage your child to read, write, listen, sing and dance by combining this fun colourful picture book with the unique music audiobook and interactive activity booklet that go with this picture book.


  • The Billy Joins the Circus Music Audiobook CD – 5:16 with original music, catchy sing-along song and sound effects throughout the narrative
  • The MP3 download – so you can play the story on any device
  • The Illustrated Activity Booklet – with an interactive question tree page, circus game and a fun colouring in picture to enjoy

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Together, you and your child will love to:

Read and learn about Billy the monkey in the picture book
Write the answers on the interactive question tree page in the activity booklet
Colour in Billy’s picture and join our creative world (see how inside the activity booklet)
Listen to the music audiobook as you follow the words in the picture book
Sing and Dance along with Billy the monkey.




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My Review

I listened and reviewed this story several years ago as an audio story only. The author has since added an actual book to go along with the audio story. I enjoyed it back then, but now it’s even better!

This is a story about Billy the monkey who wants to join the circus. Before he joins, they ask him (with a catchy song) if he can do different things such as touching his toes and clapping his hands. I have a 3-year-old grandson who was visiting today. We listened to this a couple of times. The first couple of times he just read along as usual. We took a break, and a little while later he clapped his hands, and I knew he wanted to read the book again. This time we had fun doing all of the movements!

I’m sure we’ll be reading it again tomorrow. It’s nice to be able to listen as Anna Christina reads the book. Her voice is great, and we can put the book down so that we both can do the movements.

About the Author

Anna Christina is the award-winning author, narrator, musician, storyteller and owner of Music Audio Stories. She has entertained and taught thousands of children at nurseries, schools, libraries and workshops with her Music Audio Stories during her musical Storytime, Storytime with Anna Christina. She regularly volunteers at libraries and is a brilliant advocate for the power of stories and music.

The success of her Storytime led her to launch a new product line called ‘Storytime with Anna Christina’. This product line is a delightful new innovative collection of music audiobooks, picture books and interactive activity booklets, that teach, uplift and inspire little ones.

Anna Christina is qualified in Sound Engineering, Music and Sound Technology and Music Production and has been a professional touring and recording artist, musician, songwriter, composer and singer for many years. Her natural flair for strong-themed storytelling, both in writing and in music, is prominent in her unique brand of music audiobooks.

Music Audio Stories are entertaining music audiobooks with brilliant soundtracks, catchy sing-along songs and fun stories in an animal kingdom. The 5-star-rated music audiobooks not only encourage children to be part of the story through drawing, song and dance, but they also inspire them to act out the scenes and be part of the magical journey.

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