New Release: The Water Boy and the Tomb by Elizabeth Heath

New rhyming children’s picture book entitled “The Water Boy and the Tomb” about the exciting discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb is published in the centenary year of its discovery

About the Book:

This is a beautifully illustrated story, in rhyme, of Howard’s search for the boy king’s lost Egyptian tomb. After many years of digging with his team of men in the stifling heat, it is a young boy who finally makes an historic discovery…


About the Author:

Elizabeth Heath grew up in London with her sister and parents, who had immigrated from Ireland in the late-50s. She had many opportunities as a child to visit the wonderful museums of London. Her father would take her and her sister for visits to these amazing buildings at weekends and she was always captivated by the many historical artefacts made available to her. Subsequently, she developed a real love of history.

She became a teacher nearly twenty years ago and it was during this time that she was introduced to the story of Howard Carter’s water boy as part of a teaching plan on Ancient Egypt. The anecdote of the water boy’s role in the discovery of Tutankhamen proved to be very successful with her class of Year 3 children, providing inspiration for lots of historical inference as well as many opportunities for creative writing. Sadly, the story of the water boy was not diarised by Carter, but Elizabeth believes the brief accounts that we do have lends itself to a more child-focused version of how a typical, bright and curious young Egyptian boy could have played his part in this historic event. The book is suitable for all primary-aged children, with younger children benefiting from having it read to them, while they will respond to the rhyming pattern with trickier words being explained to them.

Elizabeth really hopes that you enjoy the story, particularly in this the centenary year of Howard’s amazing discovery.

“The Water Boy and the Tomb” by Elizabeth Heath is currently available in hardback from Waterstones for £12.99 at:

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