Book Review: Patience is my Superpower by Alicia Ortego

“Are we there yet?”, “How much longer?”.

You’ve probably heard it countless times. Kids are impatient, but it’s our job to teach them that waiting is worth it.
Waiting is not easy, especially for children.

Little Dan is an eight-year-old boy who likes to do many things besides waiting. When he finds out that he has to wait a whole week until he visits his grandparents, Dan becomes upset and very impatient. But through interacting with his grandparents, little Dan will learn that he can do and learn many things while he waits.
He will realize that waiting can produce delicious morsels like grandma’s pie or even new life like a chicken hatching from an egg.

“Patience is my superpower” is a children’s book about patience containing beautiful illustrations and charming rhymes.

It will help your little ones:
  • to turn the waiting into a time full of fun and productive activities,
  • to deal with their impulses and to control their reactions,
  • to understand that after waiting, some amazing things can happen,
  • to understand that waiting is an integral part of everyday life.

You’ll be amazed how many things you can learn while you wait.

Teach your children the importance of patience.

This fun picture book can be the first step towards your goal. Your kids will enjoy reading this story as they identify with little Dan and his daily struggles. This book is suitable for all ages and anyone who works with children.


My Review

I’ve read several of Alicia Ortego’s superpower books and they’re all not only cute, but they teach a lesson. 

Dan doesn’t like waiting especially when he finds out he has to wait a week to see his grandparents! His granny explains that it’s important to be patient. She uses good examples such as having Dan take a bite of a fruit that isn’t ripe yet. She tells him we need to wait until it’s ripe.

Patience is my Superpower is a fun book to read, it has great illustrations, and it’s told in rhymes. Not only does it explain the importance of being patient, but it gives parents a lot of ideas of things for children to do while they’re waiting.

About the Author

A school teacher and an avid children’s book author, Alicia Ortego, has a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years working with children. Since she was young, Alicia had nurtured a passion for telling stories, which inspired her to start writing stories for children. She writes in a simple, easily understandable language, and an entertaining style that keeps children hooked to her books while learning vital lessons about virtues.

Alicia lives in New York and in her free time, enjoys spending quality time with her family and drawing.

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