Book Review: What if Animals Were Balloons? by Elizabeth Fequiere

What if Animals Were Balloons? is a fully illustrated children’s book that follows four animal friends and their unexpected journey beyond the skies after suddenly being turned into balloons.

We wanted to make this book even more engaging so we included coloring pages at the end of the book.

Elizabeth Fequiere is the best-selling author of The Problem with the Male Gaze. She has authored over 20 books and self-published them through her company, Liz Fe Lifestyle. Before she started writing, Elizabeth received two bachelor’s degrees from the University of North Florida in English and Political Science. After that, she discovered her passion for philanthropy and got her Master’s in Public Administration from Texas A&M International University. She has previously published two other children’s books, Breakfast for Bouncy and The Moon, the Stars, and the Comets, now available on Amazon.

Seattle based illustrator and designer, Azusa McWilliams, has had a passion for art since she was very young. Her favorite hobby has always been drawing and painting but she’s spent the past several years honing in her digital illustration skills. Azusa graduated from the University of North Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. She works professionally as a designer where she is able to incorporate many of her illustrative works, but she continues to do digital illustration as a hobby. Some of her children’s illustrations have been used in mailers sent to children across the globe.

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

What if Animals Were Balloons? starts with animals in a zoo suddenly turning into balloons which I thought was a cute fantasy for children to read. However, when they went into space, it seemed like the author was trying to teach about the planets. There was too much fantasy interlaced with reality though for anything to be teachable.

The illustrations are beautiful with bright colors and are the high point of the book.

The ending of the book didn’t make much sense, and it’s not a happy ending. It’s more like a cliffhanger. There are several pages to color at the end, which is a plus. Unfortunately, even with the illustrations and coloring pages, I won’t be reading this to my grandsons.

About the Author

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