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Abdullah, Shaila – Manual for Marco

Abel, L. Sydney – Timothy Other

Adams, Marion – Go to Sleep!

Adamson, D.J. – Admit to Mayhem

Adamson, D.J. – At the Edge of No Return

Adamson, D.J. – Let her Go

Adamson, D.J. – Suppose

Akers, L.L. – Let Me Go

Alcott, Louise May – Little Women

Alexander, Nancy – Relentless

Alexander, Nancy J. – Seeing Double

Alexis, Isaac, M.D. – Life and Death Behind the Brick and Razor-Code Red Diamond

Allen, D.S. – The Headmaster’s Cave

Allen, Liana-Melissa – Donkey’s Kite

Allen, Liana-Melissa – The Three Little Horses and the Big Bully Donkey

Allen, Nancy – A Wolf in the Woods

Allen, Sally – Unlocking Worlds

Alsever, Jennifer – Ember Burning

Alsever, Jennifer – Oshun Rising

Amani, Ahmad – Big Fish

Amani, Ahmad – Math City

Amphlett, Rachel – Bridge to Burn

Amphlett, Rachel – Call to Arms

Amphlett, Rachel – Hell to Pay

Amphlett, Rachel – One to Watch

Amphlett, Rachel – Scared to Death

Amphlett, Rachel – Will to Live

Amsden, Christine – Cassie Scot Paranormal Detective

Amsden, Christine – Frozen

Amsden, Christine – Kaitlin’s Tale

Amsden, Christine – Madison’s Song

Amsden, Christine – Mind Games

Amsden, Christine – Secrets & Lies

Amsden, Christine – Stolen Dreams

Amsden, Christine – The Invisible Girl

Amsden, Christine – The Seer’s Fate

Anders, Alivia – An Ice Princess Heart

Anderson, Evangeline – Claimed

Anderson, Evangeline – Hunted

Anderson, Evangeline – Sought

Anderson, James – Lullaby Road

Annechino, D. M. – A Piece of You

Annechino, D. M. – Hypocrisy

Annechino, D.M. – More than a Soldier

Annechino, D. M. – Resuscitation

Annechino, D. M. – They Never Die Quietly

Anthony, Piers – Hair Power

Anthony, Piers – Service Goat

Anthony, Piers – Writer’s Retweet

Archer, Liam – Anne Boleyn’s Ghost

Anzaldua, Theresa – We Had a Job To Do

Arnold, Carolyn – Black Orchid Girls (Detective Amanda Steele #4)

Arnold, Carolyn – Blue Baby (Brandon Fisher FBI Thriller)

Arnold, Carolyn – City of Gold (Matthew Connor Adventure)

Arnold, Carolyn – Exercise is Murder (A McKinley Mystery)

Arnold, Carolyn – Girl on the Run (Detective Madison Knight Mystery)

Arnold, Carolyn – Halloween is Murder (A McKinley Mystery)

Arnold, Carolyn – Midlife Psychic

Arnold, Carolyn –Money is Murder (A McKinley Mystery)

Arnold, Carolyn – On the Count of Three (Brandon Fisher FBI Thriller)

Arnold, Carolyn – One More Kill (Brandon Fisher FBI Thriller)

Arnold, Carolyn – Past Deeds (Brandon Fisher FBI Series)

Arnold, Carolyn – Power Struggle (Detective Madison Knight Mystery)

Arnold, Carolyn – Remnants (Brandon Fisher FBI Thriller)

Arnold, Carolyn – Shades of Justice (Detective Madison Knight Mystery)

Arnold, Carolyn – Shopping is Murder (A McKinley Mystery)

Arnold, Carolyn – Stolen Daughters (Detective Amanda Steele #2)

Arnold, Carolyn – The Day Job is Murder (A McKinley Mystery)

Arnold, Carolyn – The Legend of Gasparilla and his Treasure (Matthew Connor Adventure)

Arnold, Carolyn – The Little Grave (Detective Amanda Steele #1)

Arnold, Carolyn – The Secret of the Lost Pharaoh (Matthew Connor Adventure)

Arnold, Carolyn – The Silent Witness (Detective Amanda Steele #3)

Arnold, Carolyn – Vacation is Murder (A McKinley Mystery)

Arnold, Carolyn – What We Bury (Detective Madison Knight Mystery)

Arnold, Kathryne – The Fear of Things to Come

Arnold, Kathryne – The Resurrection of Hannah

Arntson, Jennifer – Scavenger Girl: Season of Atchem

Arntson, Jennifer – Scavenger Girl: Season of Hytalia

Arntson, Jennifer – Scavenger Girl: Season of Talium

Arntson, Jennifer – Scavenger Girl: Season of Toridia

Arntson, Jennifer – Scavenger Girl: Season of Zoetica

Arntson, Jennifer – Secrets of Blood

Ashe, Ellie – Chasing the Dollar

Ashe, Ellie – Dropping the Dime

Ashe, Ellie – Lucky Penny

Ashworth, Lizzie – Hers to Choose

Atinsky, Noam – The Flower Fairy Superhero

Atreya, Rasana – The Temple is Not My Father

Atwood, Deb – 31 Ghost Novels to Read Before You Die

Aurora, Belle – Love Thy Neighbour

Ayala, Rachel – Her Christmas Chance

Ayres, Richard – Friends Disunited


Bagert, Brod – Captain Perseverance: How I Became a Superhero

Bainbridge, Ruth – Savage Summer

Baker, Eliot – The Last Ancient

Baker, Misty – Quentin’s Problem

Baker, Mitchel – A Journey Within

Baratono, Ron – The Writings of Ron Baratono

Barker, J.D. – A Caller’s Game

Barker, J.D. – Forsaken

Barker, J.D. – She has a Broken Thing Where Her Heart Should Be

Barker, J.D. – The Fifth to Die (4MK #2)

Barker, J.D. – The Fourth Monkey (4MK #1)

Barker, J.D. – The Sixth Wicked Child (4MK #3)

Barnes, G.J. – Scampy Doodle and the Reindeer

Barrett, Andres – Archangel

Barrett, Chuck – Disruption

Bartlett, P. S. – Fireflies

Bartlett, P. S. – Hope from the Ocean

Bassett, Aspen – A Penny Lost

Bastian, Kimberlee Ann – The Breedling & the City in the Garden

Bawden, A. L. – The Enchantress of Lynniah

Bates, Sarah – Twenty-one Steps of Courage

Bayes, Marjorie – The Princess and the Dragon

Beattie, Ulla – The Siren

Beber, Michelle – Angels, Angels Everywhere

Beckstrand, Karl – The Bridge of the Golden Wood

Belcastro, Lisa – Shenandoah Dreams

Bellefeuille, Susanne – Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured

Benay, Georges – Nomad on the Run

Benay, Georges –Nomad’s Premonition

Benest, Glenn & Dale Pitman – INK

Bennett, Catherine – Devon’s Choice

Bennett, Nikki – From the Magical Mind of Mindy Munson

Bergles, Matt – Larry Saves the Prairie

Berkley, Benjamin H. – In Defense of Guilt

Berndt, David – Overcoming Anxiety

Besson, Sam  – A Rare Nativity

Billings, Ian – Billy Plonka and the Grot Laboratory

Billings, Ian – Ian Billings’ Lost Property

Birkbeck, S.D. – Sir Ockham’s Journey

Birlidis, V. C. – Muse Unexpected

Birri, Alec – A Medical Miracle?

Birri, Alec – The Curing Begins

Birri, Alec – The Final Correction

Bissell, Jonathan – Dream in Color, Think in Black & White

Black, Richard L. – Maximus

Blackburn, J.A. – Dragon Defender

Blom, Jen K. – New Pony Day!

Blooding, S.M. – Blood Moon Magick

Blooding, S.M. – Whiskey Witches

Bloom, Bernice – Diary of an Adorable Fat Girl

Blue, Sebastien – Liquid Diamond

Boekweg, Sheena; Crouse,  Melanie; Sabrina West – Alchemy

Bogan, Paulette – Bossy Flossy

Bogle, Katherine – Haven

Bogle, Katherine – Savages

Bohacz, Kevin – Immortality

Bond, Alma H. – Barbra Streisand: On the Couch

Borden, Louise – The Little Ships

Botelho, Richard – Reason for Existence

Bourque, Alysson Foti – Alycat and the Monday Blues

Bourque, Alysson Foti – Alycat and the Tournament Tuesday

Boyce, S.M. – Heritage

Boyce, S.M. – Illusion

Boyce, S.M. – Lichgates

Boyce, S.M. – Origins

Boyce, S.M. – Savage Souls

Boyce, S.M. – The Misanthrope: Stone’s Story

Boyce, S.M. – Treason

Bradshaw, Cheryl – Gone Daddy Gone

Branham, Shanae – DiSemblance

Branson, Ellen – The Big Keto Desserts

Bray, Roger – Blood Ribbon

Brennan, Diane and Alexandra Ross – Back Pocket Coach

Brewster, Tich – Devada

Brewster, Tich – Divulgence

Bridgman, Jeremy – Darcy the Drummer Takes Drum Lessons

Bridgman, Nicholas – The Passion of Jazz and Other Short Stories

Brockmann, Suzanne & Melanie – Wild Sky

Brookes, Elle & Lesley Meryn – The Fabergé Entanglement

Brooks, Russell – Unsavory Delicacies

Brothers, Marilee – Baby Gone Bye

Brown, Deborah – Ambushed in Paradise (Florida Keys Mystery Series #12)

Brown, Deborah – Blownup in Paradise (Florida Keys Mystery Series #14)

Brown, Deborah – Christmas in Paradise (Florida Keys Mystery Series #13)

Brown, Deborah – Crazy in Paradise (Florida Keys Mystery Series #1)

Brown, Deborah – Executed in Paradise (Florida Keys Mystery Series #9)

Brown, Deborah – Greed in Paradise (Florida Keys Mystery Series #5)

Brown, Deborah – Hurricane in Paradise (Florida Keys Mystery Series #10)

Brown, Deborah – Kidnapped in Paradise (Florida Keys Mystery Series #7)

Brown, Deborah – Lottery in Paradise (Florida Keys Mystery Series #11)

Brown, Deborah – Murder in Malibu

Brown, Deborah – Overdose in Paradise (Florida Keys Mystery Series #16)

Brown, Deborah – Revenge in Paradise (Florida Keys Mystery Series #6)

Brown, Natasha X. – Outsider

Brown, Natasha S. – Tides

Buchanan, Neil John – Wind Walker

Budayr, Valarie – Dragons are Real

Bueno, Fabio – Wicked Sense

Burgess, Liz – The Secret Life of Moles (and their friends)

Burnsworth, David – Southern Heat


Cadiz, Annabell – Lucifer

Cahoon, Lynn – Murder on Wheels

Caiola, Louise – the making of nebraska brown

Calvani, Mayra – Mama Graciela’s Secret

Campanella, Alla & Ken Massey – The Skeleton Code

Campbell, Denele Pitts – I Met a Goat on the Road

Campbell, G.D. – War of Desire

Campbell, Ian and Tim Constable – The Adventures of Billy Bog Brush: The Fire Brigade

Campbell, Ian and Tim Constable – The Lost Boy

Cannon, Zoe – The Torturer’s Daughter

Cano, Kim – On the Inside

Caplan, Anthony – Savior

Caplan, Anthony – The Saints of David

Caplan, Anthony – The Victor’s Heritage

Carlisle, Susan – The Nurse He Shouldn’t Notice

Carmichael, L. E. – Fox Talk

Carpinello, Cheryl – Guinevere at the Dawn of Legend

Carr, Lauren – A Fine Year for Murder

Carr, Lauren – Cancelled Vows

Carr, Lauren – Candidate for Murder

Carr, Lauren – ICE

Carr, Lauren – Kill and Run

Carr, Lauren – Killer in the Band

Carr, Lauren – Old Loves Die Hard

Carr, Lauren – Shades of Murder

Carr, Lauren – Spring Thaw

Carr, Lauren – The Murders at Astaire Castle

Carr, Lauren – Three Days to Forever

Carr, Lauren – Twofer Murder

Carr, Lauren – Winter Frost

Carter, Mary – Meet me in Barcelona

Carver, D.W. – The Memory Plot

Casey, Barbara – Assata Shakur

Casey, Barbara – Kathryn Kelly

Casey, Barbara – The Cadence of Gypsies

Casey, Barbara – The Clock Flower

Casey, Barbara – The House of Kane

Casey, Barbara – The Wish Rider

Cash, Michael Phillip – The After House

Cassitas, Cassia – Riding

Chand, Emlyn – Mike and the Dog-gone Labradoodle

Chand, Emlyn – Sammy Steals the Show

Chaney, JoAnn – As Long as we Both Shall Live

Chapman, Marina – the girl with no name

Charles, Mitchell – The Kingdom of Oceana

Chuka, David – Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas

Civil, Debbie – Talented

Clark, J.L. – Lilith Links

Clark, R.M. – Dizzy Miss Lizzie

Clarke, Marcus – For the Term of His Natural Life

Clarkson, L.J. – Heaven and Hound: Rise of the Alpha

Clemens, Sarah J. – The Empty Room

Coburn, Jennifer – We’ll Always Have Paris

Cohn, Lisa & Michael – Bash and Lucy Fetch Jealousy

Cohn, Lisa & Michael – Bash and Lucy Fetch Team Vera and the Dream Beasts

Coletti, Aubrey – Altered

Coletti, Aubrey – Evolved

Coletti, Aubrey – Shattered

Colvin, Delia J. – The Mists of Time

Comeaux, Jennifer – Fighting for the Edge

Conneely, N.E. – A Witch’s Concern

Conneely, N.E. – A Witch’s Path

Conneely, N.E. – A Witch’s Trial

Conneely, N.E. – Witch for Hire

Conroy, Christopher – Anzard

Conte, K.T. – Awoke

Cook, Donna – Gift of the Phoenix

Cook, Vera Jane – Dancing Backward in Paradise

Cook, Vera Jane – Pleasant Day

Copely, Kaley – Ruse

Coppola, Anne Turner – Fly Away Free

Core, J. David – Confessions of the Cuckold

Cosmo, A.J. – The Monster That Ate My Socks

Costello, Patty – Catalina and the King’s Wall

Count, Susan – Mary’s Song

Courtney, Brina – Runaway

Coury, Ron – Tenacity

Covella, Linda – Cryptogram Chaos

Craig, Joel – Welcome to Nursing HELLo

Creeden, Pauline – Sanctuary

Cresswell, Kim – Deadly Shadow

Crosby, Linda Lou – Adventures with Ragweed

Crow, Jo – A Mother’s Lie

Cunningham, Andrew – Deadly Shore


Dablemont, Larry – The Front Bench Regulars

Dall, Jessica – The Copper Witch

Dallmann, Matt – Tribal Affairs

Davidson, William Michael – Storm Taken

Davies, Elizabeth – Another Kind of Magic

de Antoñana, Gonzalo Martinez & Mosquera, María José – David Travels to the Past

de Largie, Vanessa – Don’t Hit Me!

de Leon, Miguel Lopez – Galadria: Peter Huddleston & The Knight of the Leaf

DeHart, JD – A Five-Year Journey

Dehghanpisheh, Corine – #BabyLove: My Social Live

DeLucia, Shevaun – Eternal Mixture

Demmer, Calvin – The Sea was a Fair Master

Demmer, Calvin – The Town that Feared Dusk

Demuth, Josie – A Thousand Salt Kisses

Demuth, Josie – A Thousand Salt Kisses Later

Deveaux, Christy – Wicka

DiBenedetto, J.J. – Dream Child (Dreams #3)

DiBenedetto, J.J. – Dream Doctor (Dreams #2)

DiBenedetto, J.J. – Dream Family (Dreams #4)

DiBenedetto, J.J. – Dream Student (Dreams #1)

DiBenedetto, J.J. – Fever Dream (Dreams #9)

DiBenedetto, J.J. – Waking Dream (Dreams #5)

Dickson, Allison M. – Strings

Diedrichs, Richard – Cherry Blossom

Diehl, Daniel – Deluge

Diehl, Daniel – Out of Time

Diehl, Daniel – Revelations

Diehl, Daniel – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

DiLucchio, Jane – Vacations Can be Murder

Dioro, MaryAnn – Who is Jesus?

DiSanto, Kathy – Amanda’s Eyes

Divine, Chris – Mr. Finley’s Amazing Umbrella

Douglas, Elyse – Daring Summer

Douglas, Elyse – The Christmas Eve Daughter

Douglas, Elyse – The Christmas Eve Promise

Douglas, Elyse – The Christmas Eve Secret

Douglas, Elyse – The Lost Mata Hari Ring

Douglas, Elyse – Time with Norma Jean

Dowson, Mandy – Doctor-in-law

Doyle, Ken – Bombay Behl

Doyle, Ken – Saturday Date

Drabble, Matt – Abra-Cadaver

Driver, D.G. – Passing Notes

Dullen, Darla J. – Monsters Love Worms

Duncan, Carly – Behind You

Dunn, Ken – The Greatest Prospector in the World

Dunn, William P. IV – Sandy’s Gift: Walking with the Light

Duxbury, Tony Leslie – The Adventures of Jojo Smith


Earle, T. Lucas – Monkey Talk

Earle, T. Lucas – The 13th Prophet

Eden, Deidra – Flood and Fire

Eden, Deirdra – Hidden Fire

Eden, Deirdra – Knight of Light

Eden, Deirdra – To Capture the Wind

Edwards, Anne K. – Changing Places

Edwards, Anne K. – Dominick and the Dragon

Elkins, Russell – Sparks the Matchmaker

Ellard, Jae – The Five Truths about Work-Life Balance

Ellard, Jae – Success with Stress

Emerson, David E. – Keeping you on the Mother Road – A Route 66 Travel Guide 2013

Enders, Joan – Evidence is Lacking. Yet I Still Hope.

Enright, John – New Jerusalem News

Erlick, Lance – Emergent

Erlick, Lance – Reborn

Erlick, Lance – Regina Shen: Defiance (Regina Shen #3)

Erlick, Lance – Regina Shen: Endurance (Regina Shen #4)

Erlick, Lance – Regina Shen: Resilience (Regina Shen #1)

Erlick, Lance – Regina Shen: Vigilance (Regina Shen #2)

Erlick, Lance – Unbound

Erlick, Lance – Xenogeneic First Contact

Evans, Kate – Don’t Call me Princess!

Even, Irene – A Life of the Twentieth Century

Eversley, A.J. – Carbon

Eversley, A.J. –Savior

Eversley, A.J. – Watcher

Exo Books – Schmuck the Buck


Fahey, Mark J.G. – Halley’s Casino

Fahey, Mark J.G. – Marine

Fairchild, Lia – Circle in the Sand

Fegan, B.C.R. – Henry and the Hidden Treasure

Fegan, B.C.R. – The Grumpface

Felix, Gillian – Bad Uncle (Family Portrait Series Book 5)

Felix, Gillian – Bastard’s Brew (Family Portrait Series Book 3)

Felix, Gillian – The Banovic Siblings (Family Portrait Series Book 2)

Felix, Gillian – Changes (Family Portrait Series Book 1)

Felix, Gillian – Perfect Escape (Family Portrait Series Book 4)

Festa, Shana – Asylum (Time of Death #2)

Festa, Shana – Induction (Time of Death #1)

Fewings, Vanessa – Bohemian

Fewings, Vanessa – Mortal Veil

Ficklestein, Theodore – I Killed the Man Who Wrote this Book

Ficklestein, Theodore – This Book Needs a Title Volume 2

Finn, K.C. – The Book of Shade (Shadeborn Series #1)

Finn, K.C. – The Bloodshade Encounters & The Songspinner  (Shadeborn Series # 2)

Finn, Paula – Writers Talk Shop

Finn, Ramona – The Culling

Finney, George – No More Magic Wands

Finsnes, Gry – Vanished in Berlin

Fite, Ginny – No End of Bad

Fite, Ginny – No Good Deed Left Undone

Fleming, Kevin – The Storyteller’s Book

Flynn, P.J. – The Mysteries of the Magical Horse

Fogle, Emily – Chasing Flames

Forbes, Jamie Lisa – The Widow Smalls & Other Stories

Ford, Pamela – Fresh Brewed

Ford, Pamela – Over Easy

Foster, Melissa – Where Petals Fall

Francis, Lloyd G. – From Rum to Roots

Frome, Shelly – Miranda and the D-Day Caper

Frome, Shelly – Moon Games

Frome, Shelly – The Secluded Village Murders

Fullbright, Lee – The Angry Woman Suite

Furstenberg, Patricia – As Good as Gold

Fyfe, Tanya – Secrets Abound in Missing Lake

Fyfe, Tanya – The Runaways of Missing Lake


Gabel, Sofia Diana – Two Brothers: Heritage

Gabel, Sofia Diana – Two Brothers: Origin

Gabel, Sofia Diana – Two Brothers: Species

Gabelman, Teresa – Adam

Gabelman, Teresa – Duncan

Gabelman, Teresa – Sid

Gable, Sofia Diana – Two Brothers: Origin

Gagnier, Josh – The Demon Within

Gaiman, Neil – The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Galanti, Donna – A Human Element

Gallagher, P.K. – Cerberus

Gamble, Emelle – December Wedding

Gamble, Emelle – Molly Harper

Garcia, R.J. – Nocturnal Meetings of the Misplaced

Gardner, Erika – The Dragon in the Garden

Garner, Deborah – A Flair for Chardonnay

Garner, Deborah – A Flair for Drama

Garner, Deborah – Crazy Fox Ranch

Garner, Deborah – Gingerbread at Moonglow

Garner, Deborah – Hutchins Creek Cache

Gatlin, J.C. – Prey of Desire

Gaughan, Evie – The Cross of Santiago

George, Christina – Climax (The Publicist Book 3)

George, Christina – Shelf Life (The Publicist Book 2)

George, Christina – The Publicist (The Publicist Book 1)

Gerard, Kevin – Dragons of the Dark Rift

Gerard, Kevin – Spirits of the Sun

Gerassimenko, Nadia – Moonchild Dreams

Gerritsen, Tess – I Know a Secret

Gerritsen, Tess – The Shape of Night

Gess, Michael – Guardian of the Talisman

Ghannam, Katharine Priore – Yoga for Kids and Their Grown-ups

Gillam, June – House of Eire

Gillespie, Robert – The Adventures of Popcorn and Jelly Bean

Gilmore, RM – Becoming

Gilmore, RM – Bound

Gilmore, RM – Endless Night

Gilmore, RM – Existence

Gilmore, RM – Forsaken

Gilmore, RM – Sacrifice

Gilmore, RM – The Scene

Gilmore, RM – White Walls

Girl with the Tree Tattoo – Ballroom Budgeting: How I Afford to Dance (Dance Diaries #2)

Girl with the Tree Tattoo – Learning Ballroom Dance: What I Wish I Had Known (Dance Diaries #1)

Giordano, Joe – Birds of Passage

Giordano, Joe – Drone Strike

Godwin, E.J. – Rite of Exile

Goel, Sima – Fleeing the Hijab

Goldenberg, Eileen – Pinkie McCloud and How She Saved Ballooze

Goltz, Helen – Ophelia Adrift

Goody, Heidi & Iain Grant – A Spell in the Country

Gordon, Michael – Monsters Can’t Sleep

Gordon, Michael – The Angry Dragon

Gordon, Michael – Today I Am Mad

Graff, M.K. – Death Unscripted

Graff, Marnie – The Blue Virgin

Graff, Marnie – The Green Remains

Graff, Marnie – The Scarlet Wench

Graham, Joshua – Latent Image

Graham, Katherine – The Poofiest Pong

Grasso, Julie Ann – Frankie Dupont and the Lemon Festival Fiasco

Grasso, Julie Ann – Frankie Dupont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor

Graves, Jennifer & Clawson, Emily – A Light in Dark Places

Gray, Nancy – Big Bad Wolf

Gray, Robert – Eve Hallows and the Book of Shivers

Grayson, Josh – SIA

Greatrex, L.J. – Informed Decision

Greatrex, L.J. – Without a Doubt

Greaves, David – Mr. Snuffles’ Birthday

Green, Agnes – My Sister is a Monster

Green, Agnes – The Pajama Zoo Parade

Greenwald, Carlyn – Effectuation

Greenwood, Val D. – The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy 4th edition

Grimmett, Neil – The Hoard

Grimmett, Neil – The Threshing Circle

Grippo, Donald R. – To Sleep…Perchance to Die

Grivante – Curse of the Zombie Omelet

Grivante – Zombie School Lockdown

Grunert, Jeanne – An Ancient Gift and Other Stories

Guare, Kathryn – Deceptive Cadence

Guignard, Lars – Zoe & Zak & the Ghost Leopard

Guignard, Lars – Zoe & Zak & the Tiger Temple

Guignard, Lars – Zoe & Zak & the Yogi’s Curse

Guillen, John – Divided Within

Gulesserian, Joseph – Newspaper Boys Always Deliver

Gunhus, Jeff – Jack Templar and the Last Battle

Gunhus, Jeff – Jack Templar and the Lord of the Demons

Gunhus, Jeff – Jack Templar and the Lord of the Vampires

Gunhus, Jeff – Jack Templar and the Lord of the Werewolves

Gunhus, Jeff – Jack Templar and the Monster Hunter Academy

Gunhus, Jeff – Jack Templar Monster Hunter

Gunhus, Jeff – Killer Pursuit

Gunhus, Jeff – Killer Within

Gunhus, Jeff – Night Terror


Ha, Khanh – Mrs. Rossi’s Dream

Hampton, Tony – Fix Your Diet, Fix Your Diabetes

Hanmer, Gahan – The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality

Hannah, Sophie – The Warning

Hannon, Irene – Deceived

Haremza, John – Right or Almost Right

Harper, Paulette – Princess Nevaeh

Harper, Paulette – Secret Places Revealed

Harris, Susan – Another Way to Bleed

Harrison, Jeb Stewart – American Corporate

Hartner, Mike – I, James

Hatcher, Robin Lee – The Heart’s Pursuit

Haven, Talia – Krim Du Shaw

Haven, Talia – Mama Cried

Hawke, Lee S. – Dissolution

Hayes, Alice – The Thread that Binds

Hayes, Trudie L. – Convergence

Hazelgrove, William – Real Santa

Hazelgrove, William – The Pitcher

Heiner, Tamara Hart – Tornado Warning

Heldt, John A. – The Mine

Helms, Cindy – Outside, Inside

Helms, Cindy – Who’s New?

Helms, E. Michael – Deadly Catch

Helms, E. Michael – Of Blood & Brothers

Hemerl, Kristen – Inspector Dewey

Henry, Angela – Knight’s Fall

Herbert, Pat – Hidden

Herbert, Pat – Once You Kiss a Stranger

Herbert, Pat – So Long at the Fair

Herbert, Pat – The Bockhampton Road Murders

Herbert, Pat – The Dark Side of the Mirror

Herbert, Pat – The Long Shadow

Herbert, Pat – The Man Who was Death

Herbert, Pat – The Mop and Bucket Murders

Pat Herbert – The Possession of November Jones

Herrick, Ann – Also Known as Lard Butt

Heyer, Joy – Duck, Duck, Moose

Heywood, Carey – Sawyer Says

Hickey, Greg – Parabellum

Hickey, Greg – The Friar’s Lantern

Hicks, Shanelle – The Toothless Tooth Fairy

Highley, Kendra C. – The Matt Archer Series

Hightower, Babs – Public Relations for Authors

Hipp, Helen C. – A Different Kind of Safari

Hipp, Helen C. – Rosie & Friends: One-of-a-Kindness

Hipp, Helen C. – Rosie & Friends: Positively Different

Hirshland, Keith – Murphy Murphy and the Case of Serious Crisis

Hirshland, Keith – The Flower Girl Murder

Holden, Stan – Giving Candy to Strangers

Holden-White, James – The Forgotten Princess

Holliday, Scott – Stonefly

Holub, Joan & Patricelli, Leslie – Brush Your Hair, Medusa!

Holub, Joan & Patricelli, Leslie – Make a Wish, Midas!

Holub, Joan & Williams, Suzanne – Cinderella Stays Late

Holub, Joan & Williams, Suzanne – Red Riding Hood Gets Lost

Hoover, Colleen – Hopeless

Hope, Leela – Derek the Dragon

Hope, Leela – Derek the Dragon & the Missing Socks

Hope, Leela – Derek the Dragon & Princess Dayna

Hopson, Kevin – Broken Family

Horton, NLB – The Brothers’ Keepers

Horton, NLB – When Camels Fly

Hosack, Mark – The Good Spy Dies Twice

Hourlution, Adam T. – 3 Hour Dad: Reading is Believing

Housley, Emily Elizabeth – The Bunny Buffet

Howard, Laura – The Danaan Trilogy Boxed Set

Hubbard, Rebecca – The Gift

Hughes, Ajenique – Sovereignty

Hughes, Dean – Home and Away

Humphris, Rod – Dead Ground

Hunt, Ashley – Awarded to the Alien

Hutter, Tanya & Lina Daniel – Anna & Evan meet Charles Darwin


Iova, Ica – She Never Got to Say Goodbye


Jackson, Sheila L. – Where Was God?

Jacobey, Samantha – Recombined

Jacobey, Samantha – Rendered

Jacobey, Samantha – Retained

Jane, Shannon – How to Attract Amazing, Happy Relationships

Jaramillo, Paul – Little Mocos

Jayne, Amanda – A Rainbow in her Pocket

Jayne, Amanda – Close Encounters of the Traveling Kind

Jaynes, Jennifer – Don’t Say a Word

Jeffers, S.A. – Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest

Jenn, Denise L. – Annalise’s Up and Down Day

Jenniviere, Lady – Never Ending Bad Day

Johansen, Lisa Tillinger – Stop the Diet, I Want to Get Off!

Johansen, R.C. – Skeleton Friend

John, David – The Adventures of Mitee Mite

John, MM – The Death of Ink

Johnson, Dwight – The Ethical Coach Leader

Johnson, Jill McCabe – Diary of the One Swelling Sea

Johnson, Noizchild – Distorted Lullaby

Jones, Marie D. – EKHO

Jones, Nick – Sarah’s Shadow

Jones, Silk – The Interview: Law Firm Erotica Book 1


Kade, Stacey – The Rules

Kaplan-Mayer, Gabrielle – The Little Gate-Crasher

Kaufman, Lory S. – The Bronze & the Brimstone

Kaufman, Lory S. – The Lens & the Looker

Kaur, Nidhi – A Journey to Yonder

Kay, Angela – Blood Runs Cold

Kay, Angela – I Can Hunt

Kay, Angela – I Can Kill

Kay, Angela – The Murder of Manny Grimes

Kay, Angela – The Naked Eye

Kay, Angela – The Secret Life & Death of Josie

Kay, Angela – Uncovering Justice

Kaye, Glynna – High Country Holiday

Kayne, Tela – LaLa Feels Blah-La

Keels, Nadine C. – The Movement of Crowns

Kelley, L.A. – Rimrider

Kelly, Angie – The Versaille Vendetta

Kerr, J.A. – The Braille Club

Ketch, Kelsey – Daughter of Isis

Keville, Matthew – The Truth of Rock & Roll

Keyes, Stephanie – The Star Catcher

Kibbee, K. – Theodore and the Enchanted Bookstore

Kihn, Greg – Rubber Soul

Kildemm P. aka Haji Outlaw – Hey Doorman VIII

Kilpack, Josi – Fortune Cookie

Kilpack, Josi – Wedding Cake 

Kincheloe, Jennifer – The Secret Life of Anna Blanc

Kindler, C. – The Adventures of Biker Frog and Lady White Bear Books 1,2, and 3

King, Peyton – The Hokey Pokey Pirates

Kirk, Shannon – The Extraordinary Journey of Vivienne Marshall

Kirtley, Missy – The Royals: Eddie

Klavan, Andrew – Nightmare City

Knowles, S. M. – Awakening Dream

Knowles, S.M. – Runaway

Knowles, S. M. – Unusual Awakening

Kommuru, Subhash – Mother’s Love Can Conquer Any Fear!

Kopas, Stevie – All Good Things

Kopas, Stevie – Haven

Kopas, Stevie – Never Say Die

Kopas, Stevie – The Breadwinner

Kozeniewski, Stephen – Braineater Jones

Kramon, Justin – The Preservationist

Krasner, Barbara – Liesl’s Ocean Rescue

Kravitz, Dr. Len – HIIT Your Limit

Krishna, McArthur & Spalding, Bethany – Girls Who Choose God

Krueger, Rathan – Lie

Krugertietz, Peggy – Yell and Shout and Cry and Pout

Kumanchik, Cynthia – Identity

Kurt, Erin & Laara Exsnar – The Yummy Adventures of Celia and Cedric


Lace, Lisa – Water World Warrior

Ladd, Jason B. – One of the Few

Laferney, Jeff – Bulletproof

Laferney, Jeff – Jumper

Laferney, Jeff – Lost and Found

Lansberg, Connie – The Perfect Tear

Larcombe, Danica-Lea – Snickety Dickety Doo

Larner, Stuart – The Car

Larsen, Annette K. – Just Ella

Larsen, Annette K.  – Missing Lily

Laughren, Jim – 50 Ways to Love Wine More

Lauren, Holly – Expertus

Lauren, Holly – Tempus

Lauren, Holly – Veritas

Lawrence, J.T. – How We Found You

Lawrence, J.T. – Sigma Surrogate

Lawrence, J.T. – What Have We Done

Lawrence, J.T. – Why You Were Taken

Lawson, J.W. – Mummy’s Little Angel

Le Fevre, Wade Joseph – At the Wolf’s Door

Le Fevre, Wade Joseph – Covenant

Le Fevre, Wade Joseph – Snipe Hunt

Le Fevre, Wade Joseph – Terrorizing Jude

Leavitt, Caroline – Is This Tomorrow

LeBel, Steve – The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Lost Girl

LeBel, Steve – The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Putty

LeBel, Steve – The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Time Lords

LeBel, Steve – The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Wizards

Ledbetter, Chris – The High Court

Ledbetter, Chris – The Sky Throne

Leder, Rich – Emboozlement

Leder, Rich – Swollen Identity

Leder, Rich – Workman’s Complication

LeeAnne, Lynda – Adam, Enough Said

Leibowitz, William R. – The Austin Paradox

Leibowitz, William R. – Miracle Man

Leshem-Pelly, Miri – Scribble & Author

LeVasseur, Brent – Aoléon The Martian Girl

LeVasseur, Brent – Aoléon The Martian Girl Part 2: The Luminess of Mars

LeVasseur, Brent – Aoléon The Martian Girl Part 3: The Hollow Moon

LeVasseur, Brent – Aoléon The Martian Girl Part 4: Illegal Aliens

LeVasseur, Brent – Aoléon The Martian Girl Part 5: The Great Pyramid of Cydonia

Lewis, L.T. – S.H.I.N.E. and Win

Licate, Camille – Small Shoes

Lindhagen, Emma – Going Home

Lindman, Lisa E. – The Fox Forest Band

Linn, Eugene – Red Dot

Linnea, Sharon & Sherer, B.K. – Chasing Eden

Linnea, Sharon & Sherer, B.K. – Plagues of Eden

Littaney, Nirit – Bad Boy Bradley

Littaney, Nirit – Candy’s Chocolate Kingdom

Littaney, Nirit – Dave the Brave

Loney, Bryant A. – Sea Breeze Academy

Loney, Bryant A. – To Hear the Ocean Sigh

Longray, Olivia – Jeff Bezos: 199 Best Quotes from the Great Entrepreneur

Longray, Olivia – Little Monsters, It’s Time to go to Bed!

Loomis, K. Kris – 100 Tiny Tales

Loomis, K. Kris –  Three Modern Shorts: The Bedroom Stories

Loomis, K. Kris –  Three Modern Shorts: The Bus Stories

Loomis, K. Kris – Three Modern Shorts: The Cafe Stories

Loomis, K. Kris –  Three Modern Shorts: The Funeral Home Stories

Loomis, K. Kris –  Three Modern Shorts:  The Park Stories

Loomis, K. Kris – Two Mothers

Loraine, Elizabeth – Collier – Phantom Lives Book One

Lord, Tabitha – Horizon

Lord, Tabitha – Infinity

Luke, D.L. – Adirondacks Artemis

Lukidis, Lydia – Gerbs in the House: The Dilly Dally Bedtime

Lynn, Lisa – The Metabolism Solution

Lyons, Maggie – Dewi and the Seeds of Doom


MacDonald, Betty – Anybody Can do Anything

MacDonald, Betty – Onions in the Stew

MacDonald, Betty – The Egg and I

MacDonald, Betty – The Plague and I

MacKenzie, Lily Iona – Fling

MacKenzie, Lily Iona – Freefall

MacKenzie, W.R. – The Adventures of Forkman: What’s that Noise?

MacKinney, Hawk – Curse of the Ancients

Mackinney, Hawk – Dead Gold

MacKinney, Hawk – Hidden Chamber of Death

MacKinney, Hawk – Westobou Gold

Maddux, R.D. – Boy on the Beach

Mae, Jackie – If…Lost or Found

Mae, Miss – Catch Me if You Can

Maggert, Terry – Halfway Dead

Maggert, Terry – Halfway Hunted

Malandrinos, Cheryl – Amos Faces His Bully

Malone, Dawn – Bingo Summer

Mancini, Lee Ann – God’s Easter Miracles

Mancini, Ruth – Swimming Upstream

Mann, Christie – Lil’ Sass and The Adventure of Anger

Manning, Diane Daniels – Almost Perfect

Manning, Dr. Phillip Lars – Dinomummy

Margolis, Joshua – Marvin the Sad…(ish) Robot

Marie, Tessa – Prove Me Wrong

Marino, Massimo – Daimones

Marino, Massimo – Once Humans

Mariotti, Celine Rose – Olivia MacAllister, Who are You?

Marshall, David & Carl – The Book of Myself

Martens, Dawn & Minton, Emily – Whiskey Lullaby

Martialay, Judy – HOLA! Let’s Learn Spanish

Martin, Gail Gaymer – Rescued by the Firefighter

Martin, Kate – The Joyful Business Planner

Martin, Leonide – The Prophetic Mayan Queen: K’inuuw Mat of Palenque

Marton, Dana – Girl in the Water

Marx, D.D. – Beyond Believing

Marx, D.D. – Beyond Forever

Marx, D.D. – Beyond Love

Marx, D.D – The Dan Diaries

Mathers, Alex – Joining the Dots

Matthews, Kendra Vallone & Jim Vallone – The Boy and the Bottle

Matula, Michael David – Second Chance

Matula, Michael David – Try Not to Burn

Maurin, Thomas – Broken Trust

Maus, Tegon – Bob

Maw, Laura – Ollie the Orca

May, Alexandra – The Battle for Arcanon Major

McBoop – Whiny Whiny Rhino

McCartney, Mallory – Black Dawn

McConkie, Carol – Fat Girl Fairy Boy

McDaniel, Lynda – A Life for a Life

McDine, Donna M. – A Sandy Grave

McDine, Donna M. – Dee and Deb Off They Go – Kindergarten First Day Jitters

McDine, Donna M. – Powder Monkey

McDowell, Adele Ryan – Making Peace with Suicide

McDowell, E. M. – Dark Luminance

McIlroy, Terry – Super Nutrition

McIntosh, John & Elizabeth – Mastering Negative Impulse Thoughts

McKeown, Theresa A. – How to Eat Your ABC’s

McKeown, Theresa A. – The ABC’s of Living Green

McKnight, D. S. – Of Dreams and Shadow

McLean, Julianne & Lynch, Mark – Cocktails & Mock-tales

McLean, Rachel – A House Divided

McLean, Rachel – Divide and Rule

McLean, Rachel – Divided We Stand

McLean, Rachel – One of Us

McLean, Rachel – Sea of Lies

McLean, Rachel – Thicker Than Water

McPherson, Christopher Geoffrey – Murder at Eastern Columbia

Meeks, Christopher – A Death in Vegas

Mehoff, D. – Grimm Woods

Mehrban, Shaida – In My Mind

Melanson, Claudette – Rising Tide: Dark Innocence

Melia, Sally Ann – Exile

Melia, Sally Ann – Hunter

Melia, Sally Ann – Kidnap

Meryn, Lesley & Elle Brookes – The Fabergé Entanglement

Messel, Greg – Fog City Strangler

Messel, Greg – Shadows in the Fog

Mesterom – Oki & Harlo: Fairytale Friends

Meyer, John; Sperber, Emily; Alexander, Heather; Meyer, Stephanie H. – Bullying Under Attack

Micchelli, Lauren – I love My Pet Elephant

Michael, T.T. – Fire War trilogy

Michaels, Cat – Sweet T and the North Wind

Michaels, Daphne – The Gifted

Michaels, Aria – Ballistic

Michaels, Aria – Killshot

Michaels, Cat – Sweet T and the North Wind

Michaels, Cat – Sweet T and the Turtle Team

Michaels, Greg – The Secrets of the Casanova

Milburn, Niki – Those Who Seek God

Miller II, J.K. – The Narrow Three

Miller, Maureen – Beyond

Miller, Sarka-Jonae – Between Boyfriends

Miller, Sarka-Jonae – Between the Sheets

Mindful Writers Retreat Authors – Into the Woods

Mitchell, Lisa Whitney – Fearless Joe Dearborne

Moat, Diane – The Supernatural Pet Sitter: The Curse

Montaperto, Joe – Lovely Chaos

Montgomery, L.M. – Anne of Avonlea

Montgomery, L.M. – Anne of Green Gables

Montgomery, L.M. – Anne of the Island

Moon, Ariella – Spell Fire

Moon, Ariella – Spell for Sophia

Moore – Bitten

Moore, Leigh Talbert – Behind the Stars

Moraja, Melissa Perry – Isabella Babysits Baxter

Morrison, Anna C. – Squirrel Superhighway: It’s Good to be a Dog

Moses, Robert – Ruby at the Gate

Moulton, M. C. – Arcanum

Mulberry, Andy – Skycastle, the Demon and Me

Muldoon, Melissa – Dreaming Sophia

Munro, L. Davis – Emmy Nation, Undercover Sufragette

Munsey, Michael Warren – An Average Joe’s Pursuit for Financial Freedom

Murphy, C.L. – Lobo Goes to the Galapagos

Murphy, C.L. – Lobo’s Howliday

Murphy, C.L. – Selfies in the Wild

Muse, Angela – Ten Thankful Turkeys

Music Audio Stories – Weird & Wonderful


Nadeau, Louise Courey – Magelica’s Voyage

Nadeau, Louise Courey – Magelica’s Voyage to the Land of the Fairies

Nadeau, Louise Courey – The Rescue

Nader, Elisa – Escape from Eden

Nakar, Nyako – The Dream of the Tortoise

Nanji, Zaheen – Attract Your Ideal Weight

Neal, Buffi – Wonderfully Dysfunctional

Neftzger, Amy – The War of Words

Neumann, Teresa – A Year in the Company of Freaks

Nicholl, John – Bully Boy Blue

Noble, Justin – Betty Bladder Makes a Big Decision

Noble, Justin – Nurse Vaccine

Nolen, Laura Liddell – The Ark


O’Brien, Barry; Mirza-Javed; Melendez, Kaj – Ace London

O’Brien, Megan – Axel

O’Neill, Kate & Ruben, Connie – The Stages of Grace

O’Russell, Megan – The Girl Without Magic

Oberholzer, Barry – The Black Market Concierge

Ogura, Glenn – Startup

Olive, Avery – Won’t Let Go

Oppenlander, Annette – Surviving the Fatherland

Oram, Stephen – Eating Robots and Other Stories

Oron, Hagit R. – Bear with Bear

Oron, Hagit R. & Or – Bravo and Elphie

Oron, Hagit R. – Elphie and Dad Go on an Epic Adventure

Oron, Hagit R. & Or – Elphie Goes Trick or Treating

Oron, Hagit R. & Or – Bravo and Elphie

Oron, Hagit R. & Or – Elphie Goes Trick or Treating

Ostler, Savannah – Happily Ever After High School

Othitis, Anna – Africa’s Big “Five” Wildlife Animals

Othitis, Anna – The Seven Natural Wonders of the World

Othitis, Anna – The Seven Wonders of the World


Pack, C.A. – Third Chronicles of Illumination

Padowicz, Julian – Mrs. Parsley Makes a Delivery and Other Stories

Page, Gwyneth Jane – The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse in Canada

Page, Gwyneth Jane – The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse in Queensland

Palm, O. Hakan – Surviving Hitler

Panda, Jake G. – The Case of the Cursed Dodo

Pandian, Gigi – Michaelangelo’s Ghost

Paretsky, Sarah – WILDCAT: V.I. Warshawski’s First Case

Parker, Robert – A Wanted Man

Parkinson, S.J. – Twinkle

Patterson, James and J.D. Barker – The Coast-to-Coast Murders

Peace, Cass – The King’s Envoy

Pearce, John – Last Stop Paris

Pearce, Q.L. – Spine Chillers

Pease, D. Robert – Dream Warriors

Pedersen, David J. – Clod Makes a Friend

Pelaccia, Francesca – The Witch’s Salvation

Pepper, Sarah J. – Forgotten & Twisted Games

Pepper, Sarah J. – Snow White Lies

Pepper, Sarah J. – The Death of the Mad Hatter

Perich, John – Too Late to Run

Perkin, Tia – Two!

Perren, Jeffrey – Clonmac’s Bridge

Persinger, Ted – The Juke

Peters, Jeff J. – Cathadeus

Peterson, Holly – The Idea of Him

Petrosini, Dan – The Final Enemy

Piacente, Steve – Bootlicker

Pieters, Richard – Dark Light

Pike, J. Zachary – The Cabal of Thotash

Pitts, Tiffany – Double Blind

Pooker, J.D. – The Ifs

Pooker, J.D. – The Ifs Return

Pousti, Michael Cyrus – America is an Idea and the American Dream is for Everyone

Prasad, Sunayna – The Frights of Fiji

Prasad, Sunayna – The Life and Lessons of a Young Author

Prete, Perry – The Mind’s Eye

Price, Kendall and Laura Vosiks – 221 B.C.

Prince, Jessica – Nightmares from Within

Pritsos, Michael – Short-lived

Pulioff, Kristin – Princess Madeline and the Dragon

Pyron, Bobbie – Lucky Strike


Quinn, Susan Kay – The Singularity Series


Ramos, Bethany – Lions Can’t Eat Spaghetti

Rashed, Ahmed Lotfy – What Would a Muslim Say?

Rathbun, Nanci – Truth Kills

Ratliffe, Troy Aaron – Do I Bother You at Night?

Ravasio, Patricia – Girl from Spaceship Earth

Ray, Paisley – Deep Fried & Pickled

Reddy, Gita – Bala-Gala the Brave and Dangerous

Reddy, Gita – Cinderella’s Escape

Reddy, Gita – Never Ever

Reddy, Gita – Rangeela Tales

Reddy, Gita – Super-Duper Monty

Reddy, Gita – The Alphabet Game

Reddy, Gita – The Ant Thief

Reddy, Gita – The Magician’s Turban

Reddy, Gita – The Missing Girl

Reddy, Gita – Which is p and Which is q?

Reed, Michelle E. – Life A.D.

Reed, Michelle E. – M.I.A.: Missing in Atman

Rhimes, Shonda – Year of Yes

Richards, Natalie D. – One Was Lost

Richards, Sandra L. – Rice & Rocks

Richardson, Cherlisa Starks – Summer Rain

Richman, N.D. – Brothers, Bullies, and Bad Guys

Richman, N.D. – Sinners, Survivors, and Saints

Ricks, M. Ann – The Shift

Ridley, R.M. – The Ties That Bind

Right, Ani – A Traveller’s Guide to finding the Best Accommodation

Right, Emma – Keeper of Reign

Riva, Peter – Murder on Safari

Riva, Peter – The Path

Rizzo, Theresa – Silent Sentry

Rizzo, Theresa – The Lives Between Us

Roberts, Ruth – To Love and Protect

Robinson, Diane Mae – Sir Princess Petra

Robinson, Diane Mae – Sir Princess Petra’s Mission

Robinson, Diane Mae – Sir Princess Petra’s Talent

Robinson, Diane Mae – The Dragon Grammar Book

Robinson, Diane Mae – The Forest Painter

Robinson, James, Jr. – The Long Goodbye

Roble, M. L. – The Magician’s Doll

Roble, M. L. – The Worlds Traveler

Rodriguez, Gary – Escape Through the Wilderness

Roman, Carole P. – If You Were Me and Lived in...

Rommel, Keith – The Sinful Man

Rooke, Susan – The Space Within

Root, Howard – Among the Mohegans

Rosado-Machain, Julian – Guardians Inc.: The Cypher

Rose, Hayley – Fifo “50” States

Rose, Hayley – The Do’s and Don’ts

Rose, Lila – Black Out

Rose, Lila – Climbing Out

Rose, Lila – Holding Out

Rose, Lila – No Way Out

Roth, Veronica – Divergent

Rouff, Brian – The House Always Wins

Rourke, Stacey – Ascension (Gryphon #4)

Rourke, Stacey – Conduit (Gryphon #1)

Rourke, Stacey – Embrace (Gryphon #2)

Rourke, Stacey – Sacrifice (Gryphon #3)

Roy, Monique – Across Great Divides

Ruben, Connie & O’Neill, Kate – The Stages of Grace

Rue – An Average Curse

Rue – It’s Not My Favorite (The Lake Effect Series #1)

Rue – Key to the Journey

Rue – My Favorite Second Chance (The Lake Effect Series #2)

Rue – Taken by the Shadow

Rue – The Courage of Kahu

Rue – The Shadow Calls

Ruiz, Ronald L. – Jesusita

Ruiz, Ronald L. – Life Long

Ruzzier, Sergio – Bear and Bee

Ryan, Julie – Jenna’s Journey

Ryan, Kaylee – Levitate

Ryan, Mila – Famous Cars & Trucks Coloring Book

Ryan, Kaylee – Tempting Tatum

Ryan, Shari J. – Fissure Free

Ryan, Shari J. – Red Nights

Ryan, Shari J. – schasm

Ryan, Shari J. – TAG

Ryan, Shari J. – When Fully Fused


Saftich, Michelle – Port of No Return

Sagliana, Devan – The Rising Dead

Sagliana, Devan – Zombie Attack! Army of the Dead

Saign, Geoffrey – Gorgon (Whipeye Chronicles #2)

Saign, Geoffrey – WhipEye (Whipeye Chronicles #1)

Saint James, Michael – Bridges of Paris

Salisbury, Amanda – Moon Mail & Star Kisses

Sanchez, Ricardo – Bigfoot Blues

Sarracini, Chris – Where Wishes Grow

Sawyer-Aitch, Anne – Nalah Goes to Mad Mouse City

Schatt, Stan – A Bullet for the Ghost Whisperer

Schenk-de Michele, Hope & Paul Marquez with Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff – The Devil’s Daughter

Schneider, Doris – Nana and the “C”

Schoellkopf, Nancy – Ghost Owl

Schoellkopf, Nancy – Red-Tailed Hawk

Schoellkopf, Nancy – Yellow-Billed Magpie

Schoenberger, Debra – India

Schoenberger, Debra – To Be a Child

Schoenberger, Debra – Walk with Me

Schorr, Meredith – Blogger Girl

Schreiber, Serena – Finn’s Rocket

Scott, Michael Allan – Grey Daze

Scotti, Jenny – The Bridesmaid

Segura, Alex – Dangerous Ends

Serrah, Brantwijn – Lotus Petals

Shardlow, Giselle & Gedzyk, Emily – Hello Bali

Shardlow, Giselle – Rachelle’s Day in the Garden

Shearin, Leigh – John Bloom and the Victory Garden

Shelby, Quig – 100 Points

Shepard – Not for Profit

Sheridan, Aoife Marie – City of Secrets

Sheridan, Aoife Marie – Eden Forest

Sheridan, Aoife Marie – Hunters

Sherwood, J.J. – Kings or Pawns

Shoup, Jane – Untamed

Sidwell, Adam Glendon – Fetch

Siegel, Alex – Seams in Reality

Sienkiewicz, Linda K. – In the Context of Love

Silvertale, Trixie – All Swell That Ends Spell

Silvertale, Trixie – Bars & Boxcars

Silvertale, Trixie – Bells & Bombshells

Silvertale, Trixie – Blades & Bridesmaids

Silvertale, Trixie – Carols & Yule Perils

Silvertale, Trixie – Castaways & Longer Days

Silvertale, Trixie – Charms & Firearms

Silvertale, Trixie – Dames & Deadly Games

Silvertale, Trixie – Dangers & Empty Mangers

Silvertale, Trixie – Fries & Alibis

Silvertale, Trixie – Ghosts & Bad Toasts

Silvertale, Trixie – Hearts & Dark Arts

Silvertale, Trixie – Heists & Poltergeists

Silvertale, Trixie – Hopes & Slippery Slopes

Silvertale, Trixie – Lies & Pumpkin Pies

Silvertale, Trixie – Ropes & Last Hopes

Silvertale, Trixie – Schemes & Bad Dreams

Silvertale, Trixie – Scones & Tombstones

Silvertale, Trixie – Sparks & Landmarks

Silvertale, Trixie – Swords & Fallen Lords

Silvertale, Trixie – Tattoos & Clues

Silvertale, Trixie – Tracks & Flashbacks

Silvertale, Trixie – Vandals & Yule Scandals

Silvertale, Trixie – Wakes & High Stakes

Silvertale, Trixie – Wings & Broken Things

Silvis, Donahue B. – Puzzle of Death

Simon, E.J. – Death Logs In

Simon, E.J. – Death Logs Out

Simon, E.J. – Death Never Sleeps

Sims, Robyn & Joanne Larcom – Ben’s School Daze

Sirota, Corrie – Someone Died…Now What?

Skilton, Sarah – Bruised

Slater, David Michael – Bigfoot

Smith, Cherita – Deadly Beauties

Smith, Jermain – Brooklyn Astronaut

Smith, K.N. – The Urban Boys

Smith, Ora – A Christmas Story of Light

Smith, Stormy – Bound by Duty (Bound 1)

Smith, Stormy – Bound by Prophecy (Bound 3)

Smith, Stormy – Bound by Spells (Bound 2)

Smith, Stormy – Bound Together

Smith, Stormy – Who She Was

Smith, Tiffany Nicole – Burkley and the Beasts: The Sea Serpent

Smyth, Devin K. – The Contaminants

Sneed, Theresa – Elias of Elderberry

Sofer, Dan – An Unexpected Afterlife

Sorensen, Helena – Shiloh

Sowards, Ben – Asleep on the Hay

Starr, Pamela T. – Truths not Spoken

Steam, Karl – How Santa Changed

Steam, Karl – The US Piggy Bank

Stephen, Lee – Dawn of Destiny

Stephen, Lee – Outlaw Trigger

Stern, Teresa – Grocery Store Alphabet Game

Stevens, Grace – 10 Things to do Today to be Happy

Stevens, Karen Lee – Animals Have Feelings, Too!

Stevenson, Richard – Rock, Scissors, Paper: The Clifford Olson Murders

Stewart, Nancy – Mystery at Manatee Key

Stewart, Whitney – A Catfish Tale

Stewart, Whitney – Meditation is an Open Sky

Stockman, Jolene – Jawbreaker

Stone, D.K. – The Dark Divide

Stone, Danika – Edge of Wild

Stone, F. – Forbidden: Better Wear Your Flak Jacket

Stone, Max E. – Hollow Fissure

Storm, Aiden – Lycanthor the Werewolf

Story, Colleen M. – Loreena’s Gift

Stratakis, Christopher – Appointment with Yesterday

Strand, Joyce T. – Dangerous Changes

Strand, Joyce T. – Dangerous Delays

Strand, Joyce T. Dangerous Questions

Strand, Joyce T. – Fair Disclosure

Strand, Joyce T. – Hilltop Sunset

Strand, Joyce T. – Landscape for Murder

Strand, Joyce T. – Overcast Sunset

Strand, Kai – The Lumpy Duckling

Strauss, Lee – Murder on the SS Rosa

Sullivan, Michael Jon & Larkin, Shelley – The SockKids Say NO to Bullying

Sullivan, Nick – Deep Shadow

Summers, Cara – No Holds Barred

Summers, Cara – No Risk Refused

Sun, Jennifer – Two Tales of the Moon

Swan, Maria Grazia – Desert Moon


Tallis, F. R. – The Sleep Room

Tara, R. – Feel Me Break

Taylor, Boyd – Hero

Taylor, Boyd – Necessities

Taylor, Boyd – The Antelope Play

Taylor, Boyd – The Monkey House

Temple, Lisa C. – Illuminating Gracie

Tenny, Dixie – How to Find your Dream Dog

Therme, Erik – I Know You

Therme, Erik – If She Dies

Therme, Erik – If She Lives

Therme, Erik – Keep Her Close

Therme, Erik – Mortom

Therme, Erik – Resthaven

Therme, Erik – Roam

Tholin, Christer – Secrets?

Thomas, Raine – For Everly

Thomason, Megan – arbitrate

Thompson, Bailey J. – Gerbs in the House: Jaida’s Here

Tidwell, Sherri Elizabeth – The Daffodils Still Grow

Tintera, Amy – Reboot

Todd, E.L. – Flight of Life

Todd, William – Murder in Keswick

Tolstoi-Miller – Networking Karma

Trigiani, Adriana – Kiss Carlo

Troehler, Deb – When Violet was Blue

Truly, B. – Sonar the Cyclone

Trump, Conrad – Parisa

Tselikas, Winnie Mak – The London Hat Missing Mission

Tu, I.M. – The Outcast Star

Tudos, Jessica – Kika the Upside Down Girl

Turner, A. K. – Hair of the Corn Dog

Tysk, G.L. – The Sea-God at Sunrise


Ungar, Richard – Time Trapped


Valjan, Gabriel – Corporate Citizen

Valjan, Gabriel – Roma, Underground

Valjan, Gabriel – The Good Man

Valjan, Gabriel – Threading the Needle

Valjan, Gabriel  – Turning to Stone

Valjan, Gabriel – Wasp’s Nest

Van Der Have – Ghosts of Old Virginny

Velasco, Dominic – Goodnight, Monster Jim

Venkatarman, Barbara – A Trip to the Hardware Store & Other Calamities

Venkataraman, Barbara – Death by Didgeridoo

Venkataraman, Barbara – Engaged in Danger

Venkataraman, Barbara – I’m Not Talking About You, Of Course

Venkataraman, Barbara – If You’d Just Listened to Me in the First Place…

Venkataraman – Peril in the Park

Venkataraman, Barbara – Tea Time with Mrs. Grammar Person

Venkataraman, Barbara – The Case of the Killer Divorce

Victoria, Julianne – The March of the Toymakers

Vilga, Edward – Downward Dog

Vine, Adam – Lurk

Volker, Christine Evelyn – Venetian Blood


Waldron, Chuck – The CleanSweep Conspiracy

Waldron, Chuck – The CleanSweep Counterstrike

Walinchus, Lucia – How to Raise a Smartass

Walker, Nancy – Looking for Splasher

Walker, Sara – Catching a Sorcerer

Walters, Damien Angelica – Cry Your Way Home

Walters, Rod A. – Golden Gremlin

Ward, Peter – Note to Self

Ward, Stephanie M. – Wally the Warm-Weather Penguin

Warren, Barbara – Everlasting Lies

Watt, Richard – Going Back

Way, Jenny – Dancing Fairies

Weber, Tracy – Killer Retreat

Weber, Tracy – Murder Strikes a Pose

Weidenbenner, M. – Cache a Predator

Weidenbenner, Michelle – Eclair Goes to Stella’s

Wells, Mike – Lilith (Wild Child Book 2)

Wells, Mike – Lust (Lust, Money, & Murder #1)

Wells, Mike – Money (Lust, Money, & Murder #2)

Wells, Mike – Murder (Lust, Money, & Murder #3)

Wells, Mike – Passion, Power, & Sin Books 1-5

Wells, Mike – Secrets of the Elusive Lover Books 1 & 2

Wells, Mike – The Patriarch (Wild Child Book 3)

Wells, Mike – The Drive By Wife

Wells, Mike – Wild Child (Wild Child Book 1)

Wells, Mike & Rand, Robert – With Mother’s Approval

Whitehurst, Davin – I Have Faith

Whitman, Christy – Quantum Success

Whitman, Christy – The Desire Factor

Whitney, Christi J. – Grey

Whittet, Aurora – Bloodmark

Whittet, Aurora – Bloodmoon

Whittet, Aurora – Bloodrealms

Whittet, Aurora – Mama’s Knight

Wilkins, Kelli A. – You Can Write – Really!

Williams, Desiree – Heart of the Guardian

Williams, Desiree – Heart Song

Williams, Desiree – Shifter’s Heart

Williams, Tara – Angel Friends

Wilson, Connie Corcoran – Khaki = Killer

Wilson, Connie Corcoran – The Color of Evil series

Wilson, Constance Corcoran – The Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer

Wilson, Jennifer C. – The Last Plantagenet?

Winch, J. Natalie – Ditching the Drive-thru

Winter, Robin – Watch the Shadows

Winters, Cat – In the Shadow of Blackbirds

Wintner, Robert – Reef Libre

Witter, Stephanie – Patch Up

Woodard, Ben – Bubbles: Big Stink in Frog Pond

Woodard, Ben – Whispers of Trees

Woodrum, Elizabeth – Maisy and the Money Marauder (The Maisy Files, Book #2)

Woolston, Blythe – Black Helicopters

Wright, Jac – The Reckless Engineer

Wu, Yvonne – Blogging for Smarties


Young, Kimberly S. – Building Mountains from Dust

York, A.J. – A Fairy Extraordinary Christmas

York, A.J. – Delilah Dusticle

York, A.J. – Delilah Dusticle and the Cursed Tempest

York, A.J. – Delilah Dusticle’s Transylvania Adventure

York, A.J. – Eliza Bluebell


Zales, Dima – The Sorcery Code

Zanbaka, Elias – Environmentally Friendly

Zediker, Rose Ross – The Widow’s Suitor

Zern, Linda L. – Mooncalf

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