I’ve heard of libraries on wheels, of course, but this is the first time I’ve heard of biblioburros! They’re included in a post about funky bookmobiles around the globe.

Luis Sorano, a teacher in Colombia, fought illiteracy in the rural towns by transporting books to the children that lived there by donkey! This bookmobile has the goal of sharing the love of books even though its not technically on wheels. Sorano started Biblioburro with concern that the students he taught had limited access to reading materials at home.

The kids of these rural communities of Colombia started to miss out on school and do poorly because of the limited book access that prevented them from doing their homework. Even to get to school the kids have to travel long distances. To help with this issue, Soriano decided to bring books to them instead.

Soriano has helped give over 4,000 kids access to literature with the help of his donkeys named Beto and Alfa. His bookmobile program that holds 120 books not only helps children but their parents too to create more literate homes in the process.