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A futuristic sci-fi novel which takes you on an emotional train journey

The Dexan Queen of Speed is a story of a six-year-old, motherless boy. In his quest to find a mother, he comes across a train in which he travels every day and starts to find that the train is displaying motherly qualities.

The Dexan Queen responds to the emotional challenges posed, fitting well into all the maternal roles, and demonstrates the instincts which were part of her design.

But there is also evil in the world. Will the Dexan Queen prevail to serve the civilisations, as she did before?

About the Author

Dr Fy is the pen name of the author who is a medical doctor by profession. He works as a senior medical consultant in the field of internal medicine for the National Health Service in the UK. 

From his experiences of day-to-day human emotions, life-and-death situations, human suffering and the interaction of instincts with the outside world, he decided to internalise all that in this novel.

Dr Fy lives in north Wales, and is attached to many Universities as a visiting faculty member.

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Review of the book:

“I get very excited when I find a new author I haven’t read before, and this has definitely got 5 stars from me. I do like a good sci-fi novel on a rainy stormy day.

This story is based many years in the more advanced future, which has set a brilliant background and great imagination from the author. You can tell from reading the pages that a lot of thought, research and imagination has gone into this book, everything is brilliantly described to help the reader’s imagination grow along with each turn of the page.

I personally like the closeness of Go2 and Tilfo friendship even and with the communication difficulty, Tilfo knows his friend is going through some tough emotions. There is a deep sense of longing, confusion and raw loneliness from Go2.

The Robocratic is very interesting and knowledgeable, and is a complete main character that leads the whole book.

A quote from the author that I had not heard before but has stuck with me since reading the words is, ‘the Earth can provide for everyone’s need but cannot provide for everyone’s greed’.”

The Dexan Queen of Speed by Dr Fy is available in paperback from Amazon UK at:

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A computer hacker and a Wall Street stock broker join forces to rip off all the world’s banks. They manage to steal between 1500 – 1600 trillion dollars (at that exalted level, the figures keep dancing around) effectively bankrupting the planet.

Then, the aliens who are really running our world, abduct them to make demands and offer them a deal.

Excerpt from the book:

“Hamad and Jonas were untied and each given a shovel. Two, especially evil looking men, one proudly waving a black handgun, loitered belligerently nearby.

“Dig!” they were commanded.

Unsure of what they were digging for, they began to massage the sand with the shovels.

“Dig faster!” they were commanded.

“If you don’t hurry up, you’ll be lying in the ground next to them.”

They dug with renewed vigour and had soon both excavated a hole, roughly a metre deep in the sand.

“Make them longer!”

By now they were dripping with sweat as they continued to shovel sand.

“That’s enough! Stop digging!” they were commanded.

They stood back and watched in horror as two of the bodies were dumped into the holes they’d dug.

“Now, cover them!”

They complied. Jonas tried not to look at the body he was burying but couldn’t help noticing deep gashes where the internal organs had been removed. Unable to control himself he vomited into the shallow grave.

This caused his captors to laugh heartily.

After they’d both dug and filled a second grave they were reattached to the disinterested camel and led back the way they’d come.


While he’d been digging the second grave, Hamad had unearthed an unusually shaped stone. Unnoticed by his bored captors, he’d managed to manoeuvre it within reach and sequestered it into a fold within his sweat drenched pants.

The stone had a sharp edge and as they were led back through the desert, he used it to cut through the rope securing them to the ambling dromedary ahead. Their cursing, blaspheming captors were distracted arguing with each other and didn’t waste their attention on their young prisoners.

As soon as the rope was severed, the two boys quietly disappeared behind an enormous sand dune.”

About the Author

Ian Purdie was born at Te Kopuru, New Zealand in 1957. He graduated from Otago University in 1978 and spent the next 40 years travelling the world, playing music. He rose to national prominence in Australia in 1995 with an anti-nuclear song called ‘French Letter’. He is currently teaching English in HCMC, Vietnam.

Other books by Ian Purdie include:

The Imnothero Principle  (ISBN: 978-0648293323)

Splatterpuss  (ASIN: B07CZ1VKGQ)

The Book of Nasty (ISBN: 978-0648293361)

Pyramid Asia (ISBN: 978-0992548728)

Dragon This (ISBN: 978-1326641207)

iCrime Uber by Ian Purdie is available in paperback from Amazon UK at:

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DI Turnbull is involved in a gripping new murder mystery

Amid the gristly serial killings of a deranged psychopath, a father stands accused of filicide – the murder of his own daughter… His alleged crime is strikingly similar to the ones causing terror in the Bradford community by the predator known as The Ripper.

The lead investigator of the Bradford Murder Squad, DI Turnbull, is back – his task to distinguish fact from fiction and untangle evidence that points in alarming directions. Did this man murder his own daughter? And if he did, is he indeed Ripper2?

Taut, stark and outright mysterious, James Stewart’s newest novel will keep his readers guessing well beyond the last page…

About the Author

In an almost unprecedented career move, a Senior Yorkshire Judge has turned himself into a prolific novelist. James Stewart, the well-known former Recorder of Bradford, has this month published his fourth novel in just a year. James, who as a QC worked out of the top Leeds Chambers at Park Court, was involved in many high profile criminal cases all over the UK and in the South Pacific. Then, as a judge, he presided over some of the notorious murder cases that came before the Bradford and Leeds Courts. The experience of these cases lies behind all his novels. The first, The Honour Killing, came out in late 2017 (under the pseudonym J S Hamilton), to be followed by Missing, about a vanished au pair girl, and then Slaughter, followed by Ripper2 (all written under the name James Stewart).

Excerpt from the book:

“What do you think?” Turnbull asked Jasper.

“Well, sir, Ted Kitchen had the opportunity in the house to kill Barbara. His wife had gone to work and his son had gone to school. There is blood in the cellar to corroborate the place of the killing. He, on the face of it, is the only one with an opportunity. She was never seen making her way to school by our two witnesses, one on Park Drive, one on Emm Lane. Kitchen’s route to Silsden took him past the river at Ben Rhydding. I doubt he dumped the body in daylight. He would have waited until his return from work in the dark. That explains his late arrival at home. The blood spot in the boot shows he took the body in the book of his car. He came home mid-morning to wash his clothes. There is no trace in the washing machine of blood, but he could have run it several times to ensure that. He therefore had the opportunity and the means with the hammer, which has been washed. Who washes a hammer? He had the motive. He’s having an affair which his daughter, the victim, intended to have out with him, according to her friend at school and her boyfriend. Although, it adds up to a reasonably strong case,” said Jasper.

“Now,” said Turnbull, “we have to consider the other two murders. Could he be responsible for them also? It’s a big coincidence; three schoolgirls of the same age killed in an almost identical manner with the same number of blows with possibly the same hammer in the Bradford area. What should be our next step?”

Ripper2 by James Stewart is available in paperback from Amazon UK at:

This thriller novel is also available to download in e-book format from:

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Five years on, having just emerged from forced confinement, former Chair of the Deltic Observers and Steady Enthusiasts (DOSE), “Diesel Dan” Settles, must now confront his apparent lack of direction and absence of plan for the rest of his life. There was no going back to what was; the breakers’ yards had seen to that.

Join him as he struggles to regain his own sense of dignity and purpose. Will another opportunity to pursue his interest appear, or will he simply have to contend with the reality of life without it?

Excerpt from the book:

“Timothy was late coming in that morning. He had patiently tracked the TDA individually, then collectively, that week, and the evening of the last meeting had followed Shorrts to the hut and waited patiently till they had all departed that following morning. Slinking into the vacant lot, pushing open the flimsy door, and locating a box of matches inside, he tossed the pegged stools outside and set the place on fire, the two-sizes-too-small plastic jacket, the fish and chip papers among the first to burn. “That’s getting them, hey,” he said gleefully as the TDA official hut was consumed in a red, orange and yellow glow. He spared the coal box which had been placed to the left of the structure. Laughing as he left the scene, he remarked out loud to no one in particular, “One shouldn’t leave matchboxes lying about,” followed by, “mind the gap.” A minute later, and the galvanised zinc and wall ‘roof’ fell in, completing the hut’s miserable end.

The fire was never reported by the indifferent denizens who lived nearby. The pegged stools vanished the same morning of the conflagration. A curiously chubby odd man with a black wagon was subsequently seen with his latest treasures, moving slowly down a congested street, seemingly oblivious to the constant vitriol, blare of horns and epithets that were directed at him and his conveyance. Several days later, the coal stove – sole survivor otherwise, and still intact – disappeared to an unknown venue, where it serves its purpose well – to this very day.”

That Which Was Lost by Jeff Vawter is available in hardback from Amazon UK at:

This book is also available in paperback from Amazon UK at:

This novel is also available to download in e-book format from:

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New Releases

An eclectic and entertaining collection of short stories

Find out how a red rose reveals the secret in a grandmother’s past.

Does a reunion bring back happy memories, or disappointment?

Read about a day that starts well and ends in disaster, or a date that turns into a nightmare.

Why feeling lucky does not always turn out well, and being a new ghost is a confusing situation.

If you enjoy writing and receiving letters, the friendships developed can have surprising results.

When is a criminal an asset to society? Or when does honesty imply a falsehood?

Nature can be a pleasure to the eye, an intricate part or life, or a danger for the enthusiast.

Life is not always what it seems, and people not always how they appear.

All this – and much more in this varied collection of short stories.

About the Author

Jackie lives on the Isle of Wight, the birthplace of her maternal ancestors for over four centuries.

Having been a pensioner for nearly 20 years, she is a late-comer to commercial writing. Still, she had always loved putting imagination into words, and won several school prizes from the age of eight. Jackie also had a short article published in The Lady a few years ago, and was runner-up in a competition for a short story which was published in Warwick Castle’s collection of ghost stories.

Visions is her second book. Her first was self-published for family and friends. Entitled Jottings, it was a collection of fiction, fantasy, nostalgia and anecdotes written during her life as schoolgirl, teenager, wife, mother and pensioner.

Short stories has always been her genre. The inspiration for a novel has so far eluded her.

Although fast approaching 80, Jackie is not ready to be old just yet. She assumes as long as the body is capable of playing badminton and the brain can still play Bridge, she must be ok. Years are merely numbers. Age is all about attitude.


“A ghost. That’s the last thing I wanted to be. Well, it is the last thing, isn’t it? But that’s not the point. You know what I mean. They say we’re restless spirits, don’t they? Well, they’re certainly right about that. I had it all planned. Do everything I want, and then go quietly, without any fuss, at a time and place of my own choosing. That was it. Simple. I had a busy year ahead of me. Then it all went wrong, just because of a bit of wind.”

Visions is available in paperback to purchase from Amazon UK at:


This collection of short stories is also available from Amazon USA at:


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“Scotland’s Religious War – 16th Century:  The Return of Mary Queen of Scots” by Stephen J. McDowall

In Scotland’s Religious War – 16th Century: The Return of Mary Queen of Scots, Stephen McDowall covers some seven years of Catholic Mary’s life, from her return to newly Protestant Scotland following the death of her husband, the French King, until her escape to England following the Battle of Langside. There are so many facets to this story that overlap, creating a complicated path to follow. The complex political milieus in Scotland, France, England and Europe all have a bearing, and watching the weaving unfold is a delight as the more McDowall tugs, the more and more information he discovers and codifies in this tome of Scottish history, which is composed in chronological order.

There is so much here, following the history with Mary as its centrepiece. The Reformation had turned Scotland mainly Protestant, while the Scottish Queen was a devout Catholic with a claim to the English throne. The Catholic Church hoped that Mary would be able to return Scotland to Catholicism, and with her designs on the English throne, it also hoped that she would be the catalyst to return England to the Catholic fold. In a period in which England and Scotland, France and Spain were all heavily embroiled in political machinations and positioning, the book also deals with Mary’s relationship with Queen Elizabeth; her plan to invade England and take the crown; her marriage to Lord Darnley; his murder; her marriage to his alleged murderer, the Earl of Bothwell; and the murder of her secretary Riccio and much more.

‘Scotland’s Religious War – 16th Century: The Return of Mary Queen of Scots’ brings history alive in the telling of an intricate and interconnected story. This is the tale of a person, a period and a country.

About the Author

Stephen J. McDowall is a Scottish Chartered Accountant who, having retired early from an international accountancy practice, turned to his first love Scottish history. Having researched 16th century Scotland for a number of years, he decided to use his forensic skills to piece together Catholic Mary Queen of Scots return to newly Protestant Scotland, following the death of her husband the French King, until her exile following the Battle of Langside. A period turbulent not only in Scottish history but in European also, as is reflected in his debut book.

Scotland’s Religious War – 16th Century:  The Return of Mary Queen of Scots Paperback by Stephen J. McDowall is available in paperback from Amazon UK at:


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The book provides practical guideline on how the higher education (universities, higher academic studies, higher institution studies, research institutes) should and must be applied in order to meet the requirement in the twenty first century for modern development this guide as a result of twenty years teaching in different Universities and in different courtiers of Middle East as well as in the west in Britain.

About the Author

Karim Al-Zubaidi is also the author of “Higher Education in Arab world (Iraq & the Gulf) and Middle East Reality and prospects of its development” (2016) and “IRAQ – A Complicated State: Iraq’s Freedom War” (2010)”

Excerpt (in Arabic)

واقع الحال يشير إلى ان هناك عدد كبيرمن الجامعات والمعاهد العاليه للتعليم العالي في كل بلد من البلدان العربيه والشرق أوسطيه.
هناك أكثر من خمسين جامعه ومعهد في كل بلد قد يزيد أو يقل هذا العدد من بلد لأخر. وكل جامعه من هذه الجامعات تحتوي على عدد كبير أيظآ من الكليات التابعه لها. وهذه الكليات فيها أقسام عديده.
ولكن هناك تشابه وتطابق في مفردات المناهج التعليميه لكل ماده في الكليات المتشابه والأقسام المتشابه ضمن البلد الواحد لأن كل جامعه في البلد الواحد تسير ضمن منهج موحد تقره وزاره التعليم العالي فيها. ولكن هذه المفردات للمناهج قد تختلف من بلد لأخرفي البلاد العربيه وقد تتشابه لحد كبير.
دراسه مناهج كل ماده ومقارنتها بكل دوله عمل شاق وكبيرجدآ لكي نصل إلى أستنتاج وتحليل ومقارنه تلك النتائج مع مناهج ومفردات تلك الماده في الدول المتقدمه والمتطوره سواءآ كانت غربيه أو شرقيه.

The Future of Higher Education in the Twentieth Century in the Arab World and the Gulf Countries and the Prospects of Its Development (Arabic Edition) by Karim Al-Zubaidi is currently available in hardback from Amazon UK at:


This important book is also available in hardback from Amazon USA at:


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A unique Mind, Body and Spirit book with underlying messages which provide a channel for revealing timeless truths

‘THE ONE’ is a light-hearted read, simple in explanation, but what are perhaps deeper, underlying messages for each reader to ingest and make sense of in their own particular way.  It is hoped that the book will serve as a conduit in revealing eternal truths.  Like the Lotus Blossom, one petal after the other opening, unfolding and transforming to show the beauty and wisdom within.  All springing forth from THE ONE. 

About the Author

Theresa Kahn-O’Doherty has always been interested in the human psyche, as well as all things spiritual and from the heart, and how these aspects of human nature are integrated. Having been brought up in a family which travelled the world, her global experiences helped her to fully appreciate the depth and beauty of all humanity.  Throughout her life, she has developed a broad range of skills, knowledge and understanding which has helped her to guide, inspire and motivate others.

She has taught in Further Education, with students from various countries, cultures and faiths.  Theresa was coordinator of projects with the National Probation Service and Health and Social Care Services, helping to educate those unable to ‘fit into the more traditional way of learning’.  She left the more conventional working life and now devotes her time to therapeutic interventions.  She has trained to the Master Teacher Level in Reiki, which she has been practising and teaching for many years now.

Theresa is also the author of “The Little Lotus Book of Wisdom:  A Self-Help Guide for Reflection and Contemplation” (2016) and “The Little Book of Life Changes:  Reflections on the Process” (2010). 

For more about the author, see:  www.theresakahn.com


“Many of us live busy lives – moving from one point to the next with thoughts either in the past or the future, but rarely in the present moment.  It’s a habit that we unconsciously partake in as we go about our day and then allowing ourselves to be captured by the final thought of the day with concerns of what happened today and what might happen tomorrow.  When this happens, we are missing out on what the present moment has to give… and so the wheel turns, taking us aimlessly into the past or future.

In the present moment, there is no judgement of the now because whilst being in the present moment your senses are activated with the experience of being present.  When we are consciously present there is no room for allowing ourselves to be taken with thoughts of yesterday or thoughts of tomorrow.

When one is consciously present, the magic starts to unfold.  This is where you can fully see, hear, smell, taste, feel, etc. this moment in time, all done consciously and fully aware – and with that comes your gifts unfolding like petals from a lotus blossom, before you… one at a time… it’s magic!

How can you make that first move to being in the moment NOW?  A quick and easy first step would be to: stop whatever you are doing… Take a breath, (i.e. several deep inhale and exhales)…  Observe all around you, (i.e. taking in the smells, the sounds, the sights, etc.) then finally, just proceed with what you were doing.  That’s the fastest way to snap yourself out of being everywhere except the present.

The more you allow yourself to be fully and consciously in the present, in the now – the more you will want to be here – there isn’t any other place to be, but consciously present, living in the NOW and catching the magic in the moment.”

“The One” by Theresa Kahn-O’Doherty is currently available in paperback from Amazon UK at:


This Mind, Body, Spirit book is also available from Amazon USA at:


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5th in the Rev. Paltoquet Supernatural Murder Mystery series

‘Oh dear, what can the matter be ….’

Why does a woman keep falling from the Big Wheel at a South London fair?

Hallucination or something more sinister? It seems that Robbie MacTavish and Mrs Harper’s great-nephew Alfie are the only two people who can see her.

Meanwhile, Rev. Bernard Paltoquet is asked to investigate a 60-year-old mystery, when the Vicarage plumber asks for his help in tracing his long-lost grandmother. As Robbie tries to discover who the falling woman is and what she wants, Bernard begins to uncover the tragic events surrounding Albert’s grandmother’s fate.

About the Author

Pat Herbert lives in London, England and work as an administrator and receptionist at a private health clinic. She worked previously as PA to the Managing Director of Thomson Books before they were taken over by Penguin.  Pat has written fifteen novels to date:

Other novels in the Rev. Paltoquet series:

The Bockhampton Road Murders

Haunted Christmas

The Possession of November Jones

The Witches of Wandsworth

The Man Who Was Death

The Dark Side of the Mirror

Sleeping With the Dead

The Corpse Wore Red

Seeing Double

The Barney Carmichael Crime series:

Getting Away with Murder

The Murder in Weeping Lane

The Mop and Bucket Murders

Also by Pat Herbert:

Death Comes Gift Wrapped

The Long Shadow

So Long at the Fair is available in paperback from Amazon UK at:

This novel is also available to download in e-book format at:

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A biography of Michael Wheatley-Ward

Michael Wheatley-Ward has had invaluable experience of the theatre management business as the pages of this book will reveal. Here is a colourful entertainment all of its own of the risks involved in production management from the wings as well as front of house. A wealth of knowledge which has been gained through knowing and working with some leading actors, directors and producers in the theatre business over fifty years. From some of London’s West End play houses, cinemas and provincial picture houses to the second oldest theatre in England, the Theatre Royal Margate. This centre was one of local controversy in 2007, which led to the creation of the Sarah Thorne Theatre in Broadstairs.

For the reader, a second purpose of this book will be to gain an objective account of the events which actually took place through the reports of some of those involved in the experience.

About the Author

Michael J Flagg has two previous publications ‘From Punch and Judy to Haute Cuisine-A Biography of the Life and Times of Arthur Edwin Simms 1915 to 2003’ published by Authorhouse in 2011, about a Head of two UK centres and the Pusa Institute in Delhi India, of particular interest to students of Hospitality Management.  It was described as the only publication so far to give a detailed and comprehensive account of the growing importance of hospitality education in the UK in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries in a 473 page colour book also on Kindle.

A second publication is entitled ‘The Learning Curve of a First Time Self Published Writer on Line’ published by Xlibris in 2014 is also on Kindle and runs to 97 pages. It is an account of the creation of the first book through self-publishing. Michael has been involved in theatre all his life, mainly in a non-professional capacity and now, as a retired university lecturer, he continues to act and direct. Collating this life story of Michael Wheatley-Ward has been a welcome opportunity for him, as it has set out to answer many questions about the professional theatre which have eluded him all his life.

Surviving in the Theatre:  A biography of Michael Wheatley-Ward by Michael Flagg is available in hardback from Amazon UK at:

This book is also available in paperback at:

This book can be downloaded in audiobook format at:

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