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From a Dormitory Window

A coming-of-age true story about first love during A-levels

About the Book:                         

For the author as a young lad, there was nothing particularly special about growing up abroad. It was rather taken for granted providing numerous benefits: half-day schooling, almost continuous sunshine and sandy beaches. It was an idyll that was to be rudely shattered with the advent of teenage years with an education that could only be continued via a boarding school in the UK. A rude awakening it proved to be, and the author vividly portrays the brutal juxtaposition between the two contrasting lifestyles.

The author then faithfully documents life in the senior boarding house whilst studying for A-levels. A two-year period underscored by a war of attrition with school discipline and tetchy teachers! But then, in the final year of study, a disruption that put all else in the shade. Falling in love with a young lady in the academic year below changed everything.

From that time onwards, priorities were, to paraphrase W. H. Auden, ‘jumbled in one common box…’ What would come out on top? There was surely only one answer! The author takes us through that final year of study during which an increasing love of poetry and literature is more than matched by an obsession with a ‘country girl’. The story, told in conversational style, is a mixture of humour, melancholy and with periods of contemplation and reflection – and, as might be expected, is laced with the arrogance of youth!

Excerpt from Book:

“The inherent interest in this attractive young lady, coupled with a continuing close study of romantic English Literature, is now providing an irresistible combination. It seems logical and common sense to test out the skills one might possess, combined with what one has learnt. However successful or otherwise, the poetry written cannot be handed in to Ducky for evaluation! It will have to stay hidden. A recent study period in the school library had the added and unexpected bonus of Barbara also doing some research and reading. Well, hardly unexpected! Once the knowledge of her study periods had been gleaned, it was odds on that she could be found in the library at specified times. It has been possible to sit at the same table as Barbara whilst in the library but, generally, opposite her so that any interest did not appear too obvious, particularly with others studying in the library. The golden rule of library research and reading – no talking. There has been, however, a mutual acknowledgement of the others presence, with attendant smiles being exchanged. Have you noticed, Barbara, that there has been considerably more interest in you than in the library books detailing, for instance, the events leading up to the end of the French religious wars? The library study periods have spawned the following, scribbled out in this dormitory room at an ungodly hour – but the mind is brimming over – the brain is bursting, in turmoil almost, with the vision of this young lady.

Somehow, it needs to be expressed,

What thoughts surrounded that pretty-head,

Whilst quietly she sat and mused?

Was her heart firmly implanted on future love?

I envy him: to feel that smooth light inviting skin,

Her light brown hair falling far down her back:

Oh creation, what does she lack?

The firm face matches an excellent figure,

A sturdy stance, an upright walk.

Oh, for a small chat, a private talk with her:

Is that calm temperament so real?

Then to touch those smooth rose cheeks,

To feel her charm.

But oh, I am troubled by the most horrible thoughts.

Dear Barbara, are you really as quiet, as tame, as you look?

“From a Dormitory Window:  A Boy’s Life & Love at Boarding School” by Ian McCart is available in hardback from Amazon at:

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I Meant No Harm

A real-life account of the challenges of becoming a successful surgeon having learned the skill in turbulent and troubled times

About the Book:                         

What does it take to become a surgeon? There are many prerequisites to be a successful one. Those range from maintaining composure when the unexpected happens. Having the mental and physical endurance that matches the unpredictable nature of surgery. Communication and leadership skills. Above all, the humility of adopting an ongoing strive to learn in order to sharpen one’s skills, such as critical analysis and creativity.

Achieving these goals appears challenging, but for them to be achieved in exceptional circumstances of escaping a war-torn country, traveling between cities, working as a second class citizen and fighting to save patients and loved ones lives is captivating.

“I Meant No Harm” provides a distinctive perception into many turbulent journeys through illness towards cure. Those who succeed in their journey become the lighthouse that guides the surgeon through the dark times. Those who succumb to their illness while battling their disease leave their surgeons scarred for life.

Excerpt from Book:

“It was 6th August 1994. I swore my oath to help people and do no harm the day I graduated from Baghdad Medical School, after surviving the second Gulf War.

Having been through the first Gulf War as a child, you’d think this one would be different. I was wrong. To be told as a third-year medical student, just before the mid-term exams, that there was a good chance we would be hit with chemical weapons, was rather daunting. We were told to expect the worst. Wrap your face with a wet towel, trench through the flood of dead birds, and hope.

Nevertheless, we were still expected to continue our preparation for the mid-term pharmacology exam, which was supposed to take place on 7th January 1991. At the time, my cousin, an officer in the army, managed to get us four chemical masks. We were a family of five, with my father as a retired university professor (being against the principles of the Arab Baath Socialist Party principles), my mother a gynaecologist, and then me and my older two sisters, all medical students – third, fourth and sixth year.

We had an argument between us, with each one declining to get a mask to save the four masks for the other members of the family. We eventually decided to donate all the masks to another family, and I was given the task to prepare a WMD (weapons of mass destruction)-proof of our house!”

“I Meant No Harm:  Sculpted by War, Motivated by Scalpel” by Ali Thwaini is available in hardback from Amazon at:

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New Release: The Essential Heart of a Leader by Anthony Munday

THE ESSENTIAL HEART OF A LEADER is an invaluable guide to becoming an authentic leader. This book will equip you with the mindset and insight to deliver excellent Leadership imbued with the Values and Behaviours that people respect.


Relevant Case Studies that will cause you to reflect and consider the psychology of decision-making leadership at a personal and organisational level. A 12-part programme designed to enable you to adapt and utilise in your own leadership context. You will develop and refine your skillset to face and overcome the challenges of leadership and develop engaged and energised Teams.

This book will help you to reframe and identity the stark difference between management and leadership.

About the Author:

Anthony Munday ‘served and protected’ as a police officer for 34 years with Hertfordshire Constabulary. You can connect with him on LinkedIn; Anthony Munday, Leadership Consultant and Mentor.  He is now the Director of Achieve Success UK

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“The Essential Heart of a Leader” by Anthony Munday is available in hardback from Amazon at:

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Expert in Delivering Tranquillity from Trauma

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New Releases

The Italian

When the truth behind his mother abandoning him is revealed, it changes Lewis’s perception of the past altogether

About the Book:                         

Lewis Sinclaire’s earliest memory is that wherein his mother kisses him on the forehead and wishes him a happy birthday on the very day that she abandoned him. He never saw her again, but the memory is a happy one, nonetheless. But is a memory a true facsimile of what actually happened?

During the lockdown of spring 2020, Lewis, a restauranteur by trade, is forced to isolate with his dying father in the family home that he has despised all of his life. He is determined to use the time wisely, and over a game of chess and fuelled by a strong Irish Whiskey, he discovers that a memory is not the truth. He discovers precisely what went on between his mother and his father at the family villa in Le Marche, Italy, in nineteen-eighty-four, and why his mother had to abandon him. Then, at his father’s ‘lockdown’ funeral, a stranger appears, who changes his mind completely….

About the Author:

Gary W. Hixon is an author based in North Yorkshire, England. He writes novels of a humorous and philosophical nature. The author bases his novels on his own experiences and lived in Windsor for ten years thus that town in Berkshire forms the backdrop to this, his latest novel. Gary Hixon is fascinated by the human experience, particularly why people choose to live their lives in a certain way.

Excerpt from the book:

“Then a pause so long that all eternity could have been poured into it.

“Have you heard from your mother?” he asked, almost longingly, almost too ashamed of himself for having asked.

And that was the moment I understood the purpose of the phone call. I ended our conversation by throwing my mobile across the wine cellar until it smashed against the wall above a cask of ale called Perpetual Motion, ironically. And when I sunk to my knees and the world around me collapsed inwards – because I realised that my mother actually did exist and that she must still be alive. More than that because I realised that it must have been thirty years since my mother left me on that chair in the garden at Sant’Elpidio because I had been three years old. And that phone call had been on the occasion of my thirty-third birthday.

“Are you alright, Lewis?” she asked me, finding me on my knees.

My words were incoherent when I spoke, garbled noises between gasps of shock. “How dare he?” I answered. “How dare he speak of that woman to me?”


“The Italian” by Gary W. Hixon is available in paperback from Amazon at:

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A Very Naughty Little Girl Goes Camping

This is a charming tale that will delight children of all ages

About the Book: 

An exciting, funny and at times, sad story about the adventures of ‘A Very Naughty Little Girl’. No matter how hard she tries, Sarah cannot behave herself, much to the exasperation of her best friend, Jennifer, who attempts to help her change her ways.

About the Author:

Abigail Strauss ran her own antique shop and a dolls house business for twenty years. She then had a second career as a reporter and feature writer for her local newspaper.  Abigail Strauss’ second children’s book was written during her isolation in the lockdown due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic of 2020/22.  Although Abigail was unable to see her close family for many weeks, she included them all as the characters in her book, which helped her feel closer to them.  It also eased the loneliness, which was inevitable at that difficult time.

Excerpt from Book:

“A place had been reserved for them so that their tents were next to each other.

Everyone lent a hand in unloading the cars and erecting the tents.  Eventually, they all flopped down on the grass and breathed a sigh of relief – the tents were in position and everything in its place.

“Can we go and explore now?” asked Nick, as all the children jumped to their feet.

“Have a glass of orange juice before you go, you must all be thirsty after your hard work,” said Vicky.

As the children scampered off, closely followed by Rusty, the mums and dads relaxed for a while and then set up the stove to boil the kettle for cups of tea.

Vicky said, “Let’s make this a holiday to remember!”

“A Very Naughty Little Girl Goes Camping” by Abigail Strauss is available in hardback from Amazon at:

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New Release: Child Sex Abuse by Beverley Chalmers

Available from Amazon and most retailers.

ISBN#‎ 978-1-83975-956-7

Published by: Grosvenor House Publishing, 2022. (Pre-order now!)

E-Book Published by: D-Editions, 2022 (Coming Soon!)

Our world enables the sexual abuse of children. Children of all ages are abused in every country in the world, by members of every society, culture, religion, and socio-economic class. About 120 million children under twenty, or one child in ten, report sexual abuse.

We often blame children for their own abuse, instead of holding the perpetrators responsible for their crimes. When perpetrators are prosecuted, punishments are rarely severe. Remarkably, we sometimes justify child sex abuse, or even facilitate it, allowing it to continue, not only in hidden places, but even in the open. This book exposes the stunning extent of child sex abuse in today’s world.

Child Sex Abuse presents a wide-ranging view of the pervasive pandemic of sexual assault against children. This book highlights the experiences of survivors alongside the multitude of ways in which their communities and societies enable their abuses. In contexts such as: institutions renowned for their egregious abuses like religious schools and the Canadian Residential Schools; cultural practices like child marriage; or global economic enterprises like sex trafficking and online abuse, Child Sex Abuse reveals the complicity of our society in facilitating child abuse around the world.

Intended Audiences:

  • General interest for adults and parents.
  • Academics and professionals in areas including Law, Politics, Education, Child Maltreatment, Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, and Medicine.

About the Author

Beverley Chalmers has dedicated her life to studying experiences of birth and sexuality in difficult social, political, economic and religious environments. Her book, Birth, Sex and Abuse: Women’s Voices under Nazi Rule won twelve book awards. Betrayed: Child Sex Abuse in the Holocaust, won six book awards and led her to write about the ongoing, and heartbreaking, pandemic of child sex abuse. Dr. Chalmers has two doctoral degrees, a DSc in Medicine and a PhD in Psychology. Further details about Dr. Chalmers and her other publications can be found at

Multiple Award-Winning Books by Bev Chalmers



New Release: 27 Days in November: Daisy’s Story by Sue Hodlin

“27 Days in November – Daisy’s Story” could not be written by Daisy herself. During her life, Daisy has recovered from a malignant brain tumour, a fat embolism in her lung that developed after a simple broken leg, which caused acute respiratory failure resulting in a 27 day stay in an Intensive Care Unit (much like what happens to the worst affected COVID-19 patients) and twenty years later, a stroke. Her survival, achievements, and triumph of character in the face of such experiences are remarkable. Our society doesn’t usually see or acknowledge lives like Daisy’s, and stories like hers are rarely told.

Daisy’s story moves back and forth in time to show how the past continues to resonate in the present day, and its fragmented structure reflects the incalculable effect of serious illness. There are letters, hospital literature and excerpts from medical papers to show the complexity and strangeness of Daisy’s experiences, and of the person who tells her story, her mum.
This is the story of what happened to our daughter, Daisy. It is a story of illness, of treatment, of recovery, of collapse, of the aftermath. It is an attempt to answer the question - what did happen to Daisy? And it is a tribute to Daisy, the survivor.

Excerpt from the Book:

“Tim picks Daisy up from the farm. It’s very strange. She doesn’t seem to recognise him properly. At home in Brighton, we lie her on the sofa downstairs in case she gets out of her bed upstairs and falls. She’s not fretful, or troubled. As usual, she’s happy to be home but is strangely subdued, almost peaceful. She sleeps.

The next morning, she wakes up puzzled, almost surprised but pleased to find herself at home, pleased to find William our dog has been sleeping beside her downstairs too. She is cheery, quite Daisy again, and wants to go shopping.  Daisy and Tim go into Brighton together and have a good day out, with many stops for coffee, of course.

In one line, the letter from the doctor at Sturts Farm was to be the basis for many years of drug misery for Daisy. Disturbingly and amazingly, it can still appear in Local Authority documents.

Here’s a note about epilepsy and the aftermath. Again, we took as little notice as possible of this, far too absorbed in other things, and probably still believing, hoping, that Daisy had had enough serious illness:  we didn’t want any more.”

27 Days in November:  Daisy’s Story” by Sue Hodlin is available in paperback at:

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New Release: Something Decidedly Oddd by Lesley A

Ruby thinks her life is in good order but as she lurches from choir to yoga, to Zumba and work deadlines and taking her son, Ben, to and from school and cubs and clubs, she makes sure she doesn’t have a free minute. No matter that she’s oblivious to other people’s feelings, as far as she’s concerned, she’s reasonably happy and coping. Well, everyone has self-doubts now and then, don’t they? She mostly keeps the panic attacks in check – more or less – and prides herself she can usually spot the signs and remove herself from stressful situations before they overwhelm her.

Help comes in a form she least expects when a little old man introduces himself as her Guardian Angel then challenges everything about how she chooses to live her life…


I leaned towards him to emphasise what I was saying. ‘And now you must forgive yourself and get on with being the best version of yourself that you can be. My mother used to say that to me when I was growing up. “Be the best version of yourself that you can be.” It’s only really now, talking to you, that I truly understand what she meant.’

‘May I say something please?’ said Ben in the pause that followed. We turned to him. ‘I know what it’s like to grow up without my daddy. I have Mummy and Granny and Ungrampa and I know they love me and I love them, but I can’t ever have my daddy back. You’re still alive. I think your daughter needs to know you love her. I think you should find her and tell her.’

Cameron withdrew, leaving our unlikely threesome to continue the therapy until way past Ben’s bedtime. I understood why he left, he wasn’t needed any more. I could handle the situation myself. When the time came to say goodbye, all three of us spontaneously hugged. An enormous burden had been lifted and the future would be somewhat easier to face for all of us.

Something Decidedly Oddd” by Lesley A is available in paperback at:

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