New Release: The Paradise Ghetto by Fergus O’Connell

This is an incredibly moving story about the enduring love & bond between two young women deported to a German concentration camp.

In 1944 two young Dutch women, Julia and Suzanne, are both sent to the German concentration camp for so-called privileged Jews at Theresienstadt. As an antidote to their appalling conditions, they begin to write a novel. At first, their novel is just an escape an imaginary world into which they can withdraw and find comfort but as their story unfolds, it becomes the way they communicate their feelings to each other and, ultimately, confront their own demons. They become convinced that the war will end when they finish their story, but it is the frenzied last year of the Final Solution.

As the darkness gathers around them, they find themselves in a race not just to finish the novel but to find a means of survival. The Paradise Ghetto is the story of two people whose lives are drawn together in unimaginable circumstances, and a reflection on the part that books play in our lives.

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About the Author:

‘The Sunday Business Post’ has described Fergus O’Connell as having ‘more strings to his bow than a Stradivarius’.

His 2002 novel, ‘Call The Swallow’, was described by The Irish Times as ‘better than Schindler’s Ark’.  The book was short listed for the 2002 Kerry Ingredients Irish Fiction Prize and nominated for the Hughes & Hughes / Sunday Independent Novel of the Year.

Fergus is also the author of fifteen business books. The first of these, ‘How to Run Successful Projects – the Silver Bullet’, has become both a bestseller and a classic and has been constantly in print for over twenty years. His book on common sense entitled ‘Simply Brilliant’ – also a bestseller and now in its fourth edition – was runner-up in the W H Smith Book Awards 2002. His books have been translated into nearly thirty languages.

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Reviews on Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars  Genius beautiful writing

Reviewed in the United Kingdom

Verified Purchase

Genius beautiful writing that transports you into two worlds and takes you on a journey that we will never experience in our lifetime. You are placed in a world that became reality for millions of people. You are led on this journey through the lives of two women, Julia and Susanne who, to escape the inhumanity of their daily existence, write a book and while doing so, transports you, yet again, to a different time.

A rollercoaster of emotions is an apt description, a book that cannot be put down until you are finished and then you want to read again.

5.0 out of 5 stars  Two stories in one!

Reviewed in the United States

Verified Purchase

What a fantastic book! It was actually two books in one as the main characters wrote a story as well. I found BOTH books to be excellent reads reflecting strength, determination, and hope in the face of brutal situations. I found the stories to be suspenseful; they pull you in and you can’t put the book down. Written with great skill, the book moves at a perfect cadence amid well-researched times in our history. I definitely recommend this!

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New Release: Dandy Kim by Nigel Hamilton-Walker

SEX… Actresses… Aircraft… Aristocrats… Arms… Automobiles… Casinos… Champagne… Crime… Gambling… Gangsters… Guns… Hedonism… Heiresses… Hookers… Helicopters… Intrigue… Lies… Models… Money… Nightclubs… Orgies… Parties… Police… Pornography… Prison… Racehorses… Restaurants… Robbery… Royalty… Scandal… Secrets… Smuggling… Socialites… Starlets… Villains… Yachts…

       The incredible audacious life story of Michael Caborn-Waterfield, otherwise known as Dandy Kim. A series of entertaining adventures from wartime Bermuda to the post-war high societies of London, Manhattan, Havana, Tangiers, Florida and the Cote d’Azur. Some of his antics are truly mind-blowing and unbelievable.

       His list of friends was an eclectic Debrett’s mixture of the World’s most influential, rich, powerful and notorious icons.  His list of lovers is a bedroom guide to some of the most fascinating and beautiful women of all time.

       There were many heated discussions about him from Hollywood to the White House, from Interpol to No 10 Downing Street and Scotland Yard.

Kim had a happy knack of being in the right place at the wrong time.  The tales of his escapades and the intriguing characters he encountered, often in the most compromising situations, are wonderfully entertaining.  Some of his stories including the infamous ‘Jack Warner’ robbery are truly mind-blowing and unbelievable.”

       He was a rakish mix of Don Juan and Don Quixote, an incorrigible adventurer. For the second half of the 20th Century his debonair and devilish schemes and scrapes, captured headlines worldwide.

This book incorporates many controversial delicate subjects including the abdication of H.M. King Edward VIII and a possible alternate heir to the British Throne as well as questioning the involvement of Royalty in the gruesome murder of Sir Harry Oakes in the Bahamas. It moves on to Bermuda, Cuba and Florida detailing the connection between the mafia leader, Meyer Lansky and President Batista of Cuba.

This biography describes Kim’s involvement with both gun-running to Cuba for Batista and the smuggling of contraband from a nightclub/ski school in Tangier for Britain’s most notorious villains Billy Hill and the Kray twins. Kim was one of the founding members of ‘The Chelsea Set’ and the book will narrate some of the many bizarre stories involving politicians, aristocrats, actresses and gangsters. The book will move on to address the infamous robbery of the movie mogul, Jack Warner’s sumptuous villa on the French Riviera and Kim’s subsequent imprisonment in Paris. It will also reveal Kim’s zealous attraction to the opposite sex including his special relationship with the actress Diana Dors and describe his creation of the UK’s largest sex supermarket, Ann Summers.

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New Books: A Slow Fall and Pfeffles and Piffles

A Slow Fall by Mark Ayling

Alistair Duncan is nearly killed and it’s unclear this is an accident or deliberate attempt on his life. He returns from hospital to find his girlfriend has thrown him out and he takes refuge with Jon, a War Gaming loner with perceptive insight into people. Ally’s ex-wife goes missing and he is framed for her murder by a struggling painter with no talent who is having an affair with both Ally’s girlfriend and ex-wife. Meanwhile an Asian policeman suffering from a terminal condition and his female partner get caught up in these people lives which reaches a murderous conclusion.

There are ambiguous and unfulfilled relationships between the characters and all to a greater or lesser extent are living in a society they cannot fully participate in. The major themes are of being displaced and marginalised, of racism and the mediocrity of those included.

About the Author:

Mark Ayling lives and works in central London. Authors who have influenced his writing include Elmore Leonard, J G Ballard, Albert Camus, Philip K. Dick, Cormac McCarthy, Charles Bukowski and William Boyd. Mark previously published two other novels entitled Lying Down with Dogs and Dead Men Float and aims to carry on writing and producing quirky, thought-provoking novels. 

Excerpt from the book:

“High up on the cliff, a man with an arm like a piglet squinted through his telescopic sight. In front of him, a book of handwritten poems had fallen open at the page Uncle Cyril and Auntie Phyllis were Swingers. The scanning crosshairs momentarily paused to watch the seagulls leave muddy imprints as primitive as bow and arrow etchings on a cave wall.

Ally flicked at the red spot with ever more urgent motions, yet each time it rode serenely over his strokes and the contempt on Maggie’s face was obvious. The hat and scarf he’d carefully arranged that morning to keep the wind off his chest, now made him feel trapped and unable to breathe.

Suddenly there was the sound of a stone thudding into mud. Except it wasn’t a stone. Maggie stumbled and her bag fell to the floor spilling the shells she had painstakingly collected. A crimson worm emerged from her nose; it was the same colour as her lipstick. She dropped to her knees. Ally couldn’t work out what was going on. Should he get help? But there wasn’t anyone around, just the sand that circled ever more frantically. As her eyes locked with his, he glimpsed deep within them dark roiling waves like the oceans of a fading planet on which the last solitary creature was dying alone.”

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Pfeffles and Piffles


The government of Boris Johnson represented a new low in British politics. Written during the final phase of an administration destined to fail, ‘Boris Johnson Pfeffles and Piffles’ describes what happened and when. Recalled are the false promises and self-serving arguments of a government that will be remembered by many for its corruption and incompetence.

‘Boris Johnson Pfeffles and Piffles’ is more than an almanac that insists we should not forget. Connections are made between long lasting underachievement of the UK economy, the Johnson fiasco and the increasingly gloomy prospects for the future. Combining humour and belligerent analysis, ‘Boris Johnson Pfeffles and Piffles’ digs into the hard to credit chaos created by myopic and irresponsible politicians.

Author Howard Jackson is a proud Jeremiah slugger. With a wide grin and a few chuckles, he takes his two fists and assaults with relish the supposedly invisible hand of neoliberalism.

About the Author:

Howard Jackson was born on Merseyside and has spent most of his life in Liverpool. He has had thirteen other books which have been published by Red Rattle Books including Treat Me Nice, Innocent Mosquitoes, No Money Honey, Nightmares Ahead, Choke Bay, Horror Pickers, Mean And Dark, Nightmares And Lying Rogues, Light Work, No Tall Heels To Tango, Offended Shadows, Long After This and Go Break Bad.

Excerpt from the book:

“The defenders of Pfeffel and his witless cronies say that it was unreasonable to have expected an operational plan to combat Covid.  Well, Singapore had one, and it worked because they have had far fewer Covid deaths.  The plan they used was created by British civil servants and health officials.  Pfeffel and his mates dumped that plan.  And now, despite high rates of infection and stubborn death rates from Covid, they are abandoning all Covid restrictions and preventative processes.  Liberated from tiresome responsibility and taking advantage of a gaze deflected by the conflict in Ukraine, Pfeffel will resort to his libertarian dream of herd immunity.  He will be assisted by the somewhat nutty Ayn Rand devotee Sajid Javid.  On 27/2/2020 a Sage meeting predicted that 80% of the UK Population would be infected with Covid, 54m people.  Sage predicted that of these 1% would die, that is over half a million people.  This was the nightmare scenario that the British government found acceptable.  The lockdowns and furloughs arrived in Britain after it became clear that other countries were taking action to reduce the number of Covid deaths and support their economies.  The impulse to vaccinate against Covid produced initial success but it only happened because the government had to do something to mitigate the chaos they had created.  I may no longer be infected with Covid but, like many, I am tired, tired of these clowns.”

BORIS JOHNSON – PFEFFLES AND PIFFLES by Howard Jackson is available from bookshops & online in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia and in paperback from Amazon at:

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New Releases: Chattering at School and The Renegade

Chattering at School

The poems in this collection include fun narratives on the surface, while containing learning and teaching moments as the poems unfold. The book has lovely illustrations and is full of moral lessons.

The introduction to Chattering at School: Nature poems for children explains that these poems were written by a schoolboy aged 11 to 18 (1951-58) during his annual summer holiday visits to his grandmother on her small farm in Ireland. She had been his carer and guardian from the time of the German Blitz of London where he was born, and lived with her until the war ended in 1945. He then returned to his unknown parents, who had been unable to visit him in Ireland from the UK during the war.

Over 60 years later, the author of these poems – Edward Forde Hickey – discovered them (his own schoolboy attempts at writing poetry) lying in the attic and felt they were worth recording publicly.

About the Author

Edward Forde Hickey is a retired Headteacher and has written eight books to date, each with an element of folk culture.

Edward lives in Kent with his wife. They have three sons. During the years 1962 until 1998, he taught in inner city primary schools (laterally as a headteacher for 18 years). In early life, he was a pop star with Decca records (see ‘Eddie Hickey/Lady May’) and later sang with the Glenside Ceilidhe Band in The Galtymore Dancehall, Cricklewood (1965/1975).

Born of Irish parents during the Blitz of London, he spent his first five years of life nurtured and moulded by his grandmother in the foothills above Dolla, near Nenagh in County Tipperary. His grandmother is and always was his inspiration; she had a natural gift with words.

Edward has always been interested in folklore and the Irish past (its music, dance and literature). He was a champion Irish step-dancer. He taught and adjudicated it, even as far afield as in Australia, before dedicating himself to research into hillside communities in north Tipperary, from where he brought back tapes of original songs for The English Folk Dance and Song Society.

He keeps a small farm in the foothills of north Tipperary and visits it often.


“This collection of poems about the natural world will stimulate children’s imagination and hopefully inspire them to get to know more about their environment and protect it. It should have wide general appeal for children of all ages; both for parents to read to young children and for older children to read themselves.” – Darin & Aimee Jewell

“Edward has a lovely style where he effortlessly combines the world of history, folklore and fiction. He manages to switch from humour to sadness and takes the reader willingly along with him.” – M. G. Darmody, Tipperary Studies Centre

“Chattering at School” by Edward Forde Hickey is currently available in paperback from Amazon at:

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New Release: Project Nowhere by Lucienne LeBeau

Preparation for desolation is the goal of one group of six scientists. Yet as they brave the cold and isolation of Antarctica, they face an unseen enemy that feeds off fear. An experiment-turned-trial that pits humankind against its greatest fears, who will survive to tell the tale?

About the Author:

Lucienne LeBeau is the author of the Silver Hollow trilogy as well as short stories and twisted fiction. Her background in mental health counselling has allowed her to experience life from both sides of the couch. She specializes in cosmic horror and bent realities.  Her other books include “The Walking Doctor”, “Dubbs House”, “Now Entering Silver Hollow” and “Mercy Hospital”.




5.0 out of 5 stars  Trapped in frozen isolation with nowhere to hide
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 28 November 2022

“This is a gripping horror novel. It’s really well-written.

It takes place in the vast white remoteness of Antarctica where a group of scientists engage in an experiment which goes horribly wrong. There’s no place to escape, no place to run.

It reminded me of a movie I saw decades ago called “The Thing” which takes place in a research site in Antarctica.

Loved it! I would recommend this suspenseful thriller to others, and I think it would also make a good move.

I’ll probably read a few other novels by this author as well to see if they’re as good as this one.”

5.0 out of 5 stars

“This is a fiction piece that suits the genre of horror/thriller nicely with bits of comedic relief. The overall plot is compelling and I was left with several questions at the end, which I think is brilliant as it leaves the possibility for a sequel and/or it leaves it up to the mind of the reader to decide what they think was going on. If we assume this world and this creature are factual then the events are believable…

I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good thriller or horror genre as well as anyone that is okay being left with more questions than answers at the end.”

“Project Nowhere” by Lucienne LeBeau is available in paperback from Amazon at:

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