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Sophie is a duchess and is divorced from her husband.  She divorced her husband in 1865 in the middle of the 19th century.  She had had enough of her husband.  He was a philanderer.  Now she likes boys and girls in their twenties.  After her divorce, with some good money from her ex-husband, James de Kerstrat, she sets sail to Monaco to forget him and for a new life.

In Monaco, Sophie buys a house and hires two servants, Thomas and Sylvie. She makes the acquaintance of John, the Count Delgado. They become close but John does not know that, behind his back, Sophie is having a dalliance with Sylvie. However, in the end, John and Sophie marry. 


“At 9.45 a.m. on Saturday, John and Sophie talk about their plans to get married.  Of course, it will be in the church not very far from Sophie’s cottage and, of course, she will invite her parents.  However, John doesn’t have parents, siblings or other relatives.  His parents are dead for a few years now.  So it is just Sophie, her parents and, Sarah, her sister, and Thomas and Sylvie.

Sophie asks John, “Can we be married as soon as possible?”

“Yes, of course, my darling,” replies John.  “Maybe next Saturday?”

“Yes, my darling,” says Sophie.  “It’s a good idea, darling.  So it will be Saturday, 30 July.  Yes, at 11am in the church.”

“Yes, okay!” says John.

At 11.30am Sophie thinks to present John to her parents and her sister.  So Sophie and John decide to go and see her parents.  It’s not too far away.  They get ready, a good jacket for Sophie and a hat each, and then they leave.  Both like to walk in the town of Monte Carlo, because it’s not very big.  After forty-five minutes of walking, Sophie sees her parents’ house.  It is the white house with the blue door and the blue shutters, with the name Hensley written on the door.

Sophie knocks on the door.  After a few minutes, a man opens the door.  Pierre, her father, says, “Hello, my daughter, you are welcome.”

About the Author

Denis Devaux was born in Nantes in France and now lives in England.    He trained as a cook. He has no diploma or academic qualifications and taught himself English.

“Sophie:  The Duchess of Kerstrat and Her Adventures in Monaco” by Denis Devaux is available in paperback from Amazon at:

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When do Monsters Come?

Witty, Empowering Book Keeps Kids (Happily) Compliant   

Written from the masterful imagination of Roochi Sahi, ‘When Do Monsters Come?’ takes young readers into the lives of siblings Bella and Ethan, whose resistance to everyday occurrences summons a series of quirky monsters. But Mum has a secret to make them go away, shared with readers through rhyming, thought-provoking stories. This is a relatable book unlike anything else on the market, and one that will keep kids good, willingly!

United Kingdom – Dentist Roochi Sahi owes all her success, achievement and zest to her parents; two noble mavericks who have had unwavering support for her every day.

It’s no wonder they supported her latest venture, a breakthrough children’s book – and it’s no surprise Sahi used a mother’s powerful word as a main theme in the story!

‘When Do Monsters Come?’ uses humour and rhyme to keep kids willingly compliant for the everyday tasks that can so often be arduous. The secret? A few monsters, perhaps!

‘When Do Monsters Come?’ Learning resources pack:

Spokesperson video:

About the book:

Dance routine:

Sing-a-long song:

About the Author

I was born in America, in the state of Philadelphia. When I was three years old, my family moved to Africa- and Kenya was where I spent most of my childhood. Engulfed in a world of beautiful climate, wildlife, beaches and exceptional nature, I organically grew poetic in my mind. My environment nurtured my development and both my parents being Dentists, I was inspired by them to study Dentistry. Jumping from a life surrounded by nature, I moved to the bustling city of London; to establish my education, and this put my imagination into context with my new London reality.

A fully qualified Dentist, I went on to gain post-graduate qualifications in Aesthetic Medicine. Alongside this academic but scientific upbringing, I was always fascinated with Holistic Health. After completing a study of Hypnotherapy and gaining qualifications in Complementary Medicine, I changed a great deal for myself. As a result, I became the founder of an empowering mindfulness system, called ‘Dr. By Roochi’, where ‘Discover Radiance’ uses a method of subconscious programming in adults to create powerful and positive beliefs.

I am an example of how I used the right nutrition for my body, combined with healing past mental blockages to “Discover Radiance” in my own life. I reversed my Thyroid condition, cured my PCOS, found the love of my life and managed to have beautiful children even when medicine claimed infertility. Not to mention I dropped about 35 kilograms in weight, and feel more body confident than ever.

My books for children work with a similar methodology- and what better way to help children form such pathways for thought; so that they can begin to achieve, create, learn and understand their own capabilities as early as possible.

My books aim to encourage the practice of mindfulness for children as young as 2 years old and help them cope with both imaginative interpretation and emotion as they evolve.

My mother has believed in my ability as a Children’s book author since as long as I can remember. Always forging on with the waves of life I always had an excuse to why it was never the right time. Until the tide went out, and now, here I am, writing books that have truly come from my heart.

My books, like the countless amazing ventures in my life, reflect the utmost gratitude to my supportive and loving family. Thank you for everything Dad, Mum and my best friend- my husband.

Please see below for online retailers which currently list this title:,roochi-sahi-9781839751431?term=When+do+monsters


Mum screams-

Stop fighting!

Wear your coat!

Don’t be rude!

Cut your nails!

Wash your hair!

Clean your hands!

Nobody listens.

Mum can now stop screaming.


Roochi Sahi
Telephone: 07565461118

Audiobook Review: Turn to Dust by Rachel Amphlett

Author: Rachel Amphlett

Narrator: Alison Campbell

Length: 7 hours 56 minutes

Publisher: Saxon Publishing⎮2020

Genre: Mystery, Police Procedural

Series: Detective Kay Hunter, Book 9

Release date: May 14, 2020

 When the body of a naked man is found in the middle of a barren field, a rural community is left in shock – and fear.

Discovering that someone is offering money in return for information about the dead man and anyone connected to him, Detective Kay Hunter realises there is a dark side to the victim’s past.

When a key witness disappears and a web of deceit and lies threatens to derail the investigation, she fears the worst.

Can Kay and her team of detectives find out who is behind the man’s murder before another victim is targeted?

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My Review

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Rachel Amphlett. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

When a body is found in a field, Kay Hunter and team can’t believe the horrific condition the body is in. They soon realize that it may have been thrown from an airplane. As the team investigates, there’s another murder, and Kay is determined to find the murderer. What the team finds is worse than anyone had imagined.

This series is about the same investigative team, but each case is quite a bit different. Detectives come and go but even though it’s difficult, they remain strong. I like Kay Hunter and the members of her team. She’s intelligent, strong, and dedicated and her team members are supportive of her and each other, and they know each other well.

I like Rachel Amphlett’s writing style, and Alison Campbell does a good job with pace and enunciation. I like the fact that the same person narrates all of these books. It’s almost like listening to a friend.  Turn to Dust is a detective mystery, and like all of the books in this series, it has an interesting and surprising end. If you like crime fiction, this is a must read. I’m looking forward to more Kay Hunter books.

About the Author

Before turning to writing, Rachel Amphlett played guitar in bands, worked as a TV and film extra, dabbled in radio as a presenter and freelance producer for the BBC, and worked in publishing as a sub-editor and editorial assistant.

She now wields a pen instead of a plectrum and writes crime fiction and spy novels, including the Dan Taylor espionage novels and the Detective Kay Hunter series.

Originally from the UK and currently based in Brisbane, Australia, Rachel cites her writing influences as Michael Connelly, Lee Child, and Robert Ludlum. She’s also a huge fan of Peter James, Val McDermid, Robert Crais, Stuart MacBride, and many more.

She’s a member of International Thriller Writers and the Crime Writers Association, with the Italian foreign rights for her debut novel, White Gold sold to Fanucci Editore’s TIMECrime imprint, and the first four books in the Dan Taylor espionage series contracted to Germany’s Luzifer Verlag.


About the Narrator

Alison Campbell is an actress based in Bristol, U.K. She has lent her voice to 50+ audiobooks, cartoons, documentaries and dramas. She can be found treading the boards across the country, in everything from Shakespeare to hip hop kids adventures. On screen she has appeared in dramas and science documentaries, her most recent co star was a CGI elephant. She can also be found performing the Natural Theatre Company’s award-winning surreal brand of interactive comedy around the globe.


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New Release: Castle Scaligero by Tobias Pope

The narrative is set in C18 England & Italy, whereby striking differences exist. Set against this background, the narrative involves a full account of periods in both countries, covering twenty-three years of Cornelius’ life; his abandonment as a child, his rescue and education by an Alchemist, Sneep, his further education by the prodigious Count Amati, and eventual rescue of Cornelius’ mother. There are several life changing events of both sinister and auspicious dimension and a series of murders, which have a devastating impact upon Cornelius’ life.

Excerpt from the book:

“Within one of the ornamented chambers on the upper levels of the castle lay a more subdued tone. It was suffused with charming candlelight, which for the most part momentarily improved the countenance of those there present. Several large circular game tables were employed for the purpose of cards and other amusements in which to squander away time, yet all were abandoned, save one. At first glance, the spectators appeared gathered amidst an idle game, but on approaching it still further I there perceived two gentlemen fixed within the complexities of a game. The first of the two gentlemen were attired in the most garish, and dare I say ludicrous of costumes. However, respecting his masque, this was no extraneous feat. Ghoulish in its design and extraordinary in its poise, it took the mould of a griffin’s head. I at once examined the gentleman’s left hand to determine the existence of a ruby ring, and there to my profound horror, it resided upon his little finger. My deduction had set forth a notion of clarity, and I was acutely intent on ascertaining the identity of this individual, but before I was disposed to make inquiries respecting this gentleman, I became distracted by the person of whom stood positively peremptory to his left. He was tall in stature and his costume and masque were decidedly diminished in vulgarity, yet his bearing disposed an eerie quietude. I there had occasion to investigate amongst the throng of whom were in close proximity, intelligence pertaining to the identity of the seated gentleman, and the startling truth affirmed that he was in fact Orsino di Moze; thus assigning the gentleman to his left to be his father, the Baron.

Seemingly, this particular contest had been protracted at length and his adversary, Guido Contarini — the youngest son of our hosts — was substantially overthrowing his opponent. It was at this point that my companion, the Count, joined me for the sole purpose of partaking in the public observation which had evidently absorbed. Naturally, I discretely furnished him with the crucial intelligence I had then recently procured, which elicited a somewhat horrified response. The source of Amati’s suspicions educed a far more recondite deduction and I was convinced of him being privy to knowledge of which he was averse to relinquish. The game and its pervading tone then took a somewhat unexpected turn. Di Moze, there began to display an excessively restive and petulant state, with no palpable indication of abating; both of which his opponent became lucidly aware.

“You appear altogether piqued sir!” said Contarini, with an air of levity. “Have I somewhat offended?”

With a steady mechanical glare, Di Moze penetrated his adversary with no rejoinder, yet muttered intractable profanities under his breath.

“Come now, your supposition has surely not ripened into the certitude of being duped?”

“Insolent upstart!” returned Di Moze, “The fact that you allude to the latter only convinces me further. Do you not deny that I have been rendered a duped recipient of your infantile devices?”

“You sir, are embittered by the unqualified truth that your abilities have been most seriously misplaced!”

His cognition upon this remark, of which was now transparent to the throng of guests, ascended toward a florid pique now visible beneath his vile masque. Outraged by this personal affront, Di Moze unseated abruptly, throwing himself violently across the full extremity of the table which impeded his advance, and forthwith instituting an altercation of the most immoderate design.

“Unhand me immediately sir, and act with some decorum!” Yet, this command was disregarded with the utmost defiance. Several efforts were induced in an attempt to separate the embroiled rivals, yet regrettably withholding thus temporarily. No furtherance of a wordy remonstration was uttered from the lips of Di Moze, but with insane fury he unsheathed a dagger and apprehended his foe with rabid intent inflicting multiple labours of the blade, deep into the breast of the recipient.

“Castle Scaligero” is available in hardback from Amazon at:

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New Release: The Story of a Cockney Kid by R.S. Lawrence

A real-life story about growing up in England before & after World War II

About the Book

This is a story of a boy born in the 1930s when poverty was the ordinary way of life. The boy was the first-born child of a young couple living in the dock area of Poplar. 

Among the first children evacuated from London when war was declared, the child’s education suffered once in a country school. The usual path for boys during the war was to leave school and work on a farm, but this boy had a burning desire to join the RAF.  He worked hard at school and paid close attention to the progress of the war.  Shortly after the war ended he passed necessary exams and set off for a new life in the RAF.

This is that boy’s story.

Excerpt from the book

“Every evening, Jamie listened to the radio and made notes in his diary.

The bad weather had continued throughout January, and February was only a little better.  March was on its way, with high winds.  The weather was just a little better.  The frosts just didn’t last as long.  Although it was still cold, there was no snow to freeze over at night.

Going to school every morning, Jamie never looked forward to the exercise session as it always made him hungry and he would have to wait until midday before he could have his sandwich.

March was moving on.  The news reported that the RAF had bombed the town of Essen.  It had destroyed most of the town, mainly Krupp’s munitions factory.  The raid must have been successful.  The RAF had no losses to their bombers.

It was a Saturday and Jamie was sitting on part of a wall in the foundations of the bombsite next door.  He was just musing about school and things that had happened since leaving the farm and how life had changed so much, looking around the site.  Although it was still chilly, Jamie didn’t mind, as a new spring was on its way.  He noticed some green shoots around the edge of the bomb crater.  Jamie went for a closer inspection, to find that the shoots looked as if they were flower shoots.  Jamie just had to tell Mary of his find, and ask if she wanted him to dig them up.  Mary told Jamie to leave them, as they must have been in the garden before the bomb and they had survived.”




Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect present for any age.

Verified Purchase

This book is a must have as it tells the story of Jamie and growing up before and during WWII. I learned a lot about this era and would interest those who enjoy stories of kids in London, those interested in history or older people who may remember this time.

It’s a good read for students wanting to read about those growing up in England during the 1930s and up until after WWII.

Make a terrific birthday or Christmas gift.



“The Story of a Cockney Kid” by R. S. Lawrence is currently available in paperback from Amazon at:

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More New Releases

The Adventures of a Creature Called Blog: Blob and the elephant

There are two types of elephant that Blob could fly to see, African and Asian, which one would it be, African elephants are bigger and have enormous ears. The oldest ones can live for nearly a hundred years. The first in a series of picture book stories about a small, yellow, adventurous creature called Blob. Follow his fun-filled adventures all over the world and join children, from the age of two upwards, who have been fascinated and delighted by these charming tales.

About the Author:

Rupert Stewart Cox’s father was a soldier in the Royal Artillery, back in the day when soldiers were posted all over the world, so he has had that old travelling bone in him forever. His childhood was spent between England, Malaya, Kenya and Germany. Then Australia, the Caribbean, India, the Far East were added to destinations for that bone. Rupert’s working life was spent on farms. Sheep, arable, beef, potatoes and dairy farms. He has always been enamoured by the countryside and animals

Rupert now lives in southwest France with his wife Mary. They have two daughters and two grandsons. Rupert has been telling them all stories for the last 30 odd years and more recently stories about Blob. He fills days walking and restoring chairs, children’s chairs, benches, stools, baskets and the like.

Rupert has now passed the travelling bone on to Blob and has begun documenting his travels and adventures.

Excerpt from the Book:

“Blob and the Elephant” is available in paperback from Amazon UK at:

This charming book can also be downloaded in e-book format from Amazon UK at:

Press/Media Contact Details:

Darin Jewell (Rupert Stewart Cox’s literary agent)
Managing Director
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Where is Tommy?

Whilst working in a hospital in Arusha in 1933, an unknown force sends Ocean McKenzie back in time to Arusha 1933 where she meets and falls in love with a young anthropologist. Their adventure has only just begun, however, as the unknown force conveys them further back, to a time when Homo erectus still roams the world. After two years, Marie risks their lives and that of their son with devastating consequences. Spurning friendship with the only man who knows what happened to her family; can she find the courage to put aside her heartache and take the first hesitant steps to salvation?

About the Author:

Susan Harpham was born in North Wales but moved around the country with her parents and sister until she settled in South Yorkshire when she was six years old.  She has worked as an Administrator for most of her life though she did work for some years as a Technology Assistant in a Systems Department.  Sue and her husband Martin live in a village near Sheffield.  They have two sons.  She started writing this novel thirty years ago but abandoned it for a while simply because life got in the way but ten years ago she picked it up again and started developing the detail.  She has always scribbled stories or poems, but this novel became a mission that she needed to complete, as she came to realise that it kept her grounded and sane in a somewhat turbulent world.

Excerpt from the book:

“’Ali, where is Tommy?’

He looked at her steadily for a few seconds and then decided he had to tell her the truth.

‘I’m sorry, my dear, I really don’t know.  I haven’t seen him since he left your room this morning.’

‘You’re worried about him, aren’t you?’

‘A little.’

‘I know it’s my fault but you must know now how very sorry I am.  Do you think he might have gone to the Gorge?’

‘It is possible, Ocean.  I thought that too and I believe what he has taken with him suggests just that.’

‘He’s not gone for good then?  I mean if he’s left some of his possessions behind he must be coming back.’

‘Yes, I think you’re right.’

Ali knew he was being evasive.  A silence developed as both sat with their own thoughts.  All of a sudden Ocean thought of something.  She felt inside the pocket of the cardigan she was wearing and brought out a beautiful embroidered handkerchief and as she looked at it, she smiled as if remembering something before then glancing across to Ali.  He was startled to see a mischievous sparkle in her eye and had to admit it was beautiful and, he realised, how much he had missed it, but hadn’t realised quite how much.”



“Where is Tommy?” is available in paperback from Amazon at:

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New Releases

Last Resort

The threat of disclosure after years in obscurity found our three hackers in a quandary. Do they take the accolades handed out by the highest power in the world, or cower beneath their cloak of mystery forever?

Passing years and wealth beyond most people’s wildest dreams would be no compensation for being disclosed as thieves.

An empire built from their spoils had led to a mix of overcoming evil on an unprecedented level whilst seeking to prevent the extinction of endangered species.

With the realisation that nothing lasts forever, plans must be made for the next move.

About the Author:

L. J. Greatrex was born one of three siblings in a small village in the Midlands, having only moved around the same village three times with just a small break when living in West Kirby on the Wirral. L. J.’s career began with General Electric and progressed through to the financial sector of the steel industry, spending the most recent years with a classic car parts company and today as their Financial Health Consultant.

Over many years travelling the globe with family and friends for pleasure, the ideas developed and used in the Hackers series of novels (which includes Conscious Revenge, Payback, Just Deserts, Without A Doubt, Doubt Revisited, Informed Decision, Dark Forces and Misconception) have been in part attributed to these experiences; that and a vivid imagination has helped create the characters and situations in these thriller novels.

Excerpt from the Book:

“Keep your head down,” Paul shouted above the confusion, “it looks like a raid.”

Before I could take evasive action, a heavy boot kicked out, and I fell to the floor in agony. Keeping my head covered by my arms, I narrowly missed a second boot as the two ran to the door, firing guns randomly to avoid being pursued.

From screaming and shouting, to complete silence as the pair made their intentions to kill anyone getting in their way quite clear. They shot widely in all directions as some players screamed, and cries rang out as the shots ricocheted and flew randomly, piercing flesh in their attempted to escape.

Paul was thrown to the floor by security men, as a whole team of muscle-bound bouncers raced to the scene. I heard his head hit the side of the elevator and watched in horror as he slowly moved to one side to prevent being trampled underfoot.

The elevator door opened, and two tourists began entering the room, only to step back in haste having seen the commotion, “give me your hand,” one said to Paul as I tried to move him.

“Where are you hurt,” I said, seeing blood oozing through his shirt.

“I’m not sure, but it hurts like hell,” he murmured, not wishing to attract attention as the second wave of raiders wearing clown masks fired into the air.

“Last Resort” is available in paperback from Amazon UK at:

This book can also be downloaded in e-book format from Amazon UK at:

Press/Media Contact Details:

Darin Jewell (L. J. Greatrex’s literary agent)
Managing Director
The Inspira Group Literary Agency
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Don’t Look Back

A moving story of domestic violence and overcoming it

We all experience love and romance in life and sometimes hurt. But for some, it can be a more sinister experience of manipulation and physical abuse, this is a story of a young woman who unfortunately did experience this. Blaming herself and feeling worthless until she was too frightened to speak out. This story depicts such a marriage and how she found the strength to fight back and reclaim her life; good versus evil. Just another twist in the rich tapestry we weave as we move through life.

About the Author:

Barbara Anne Machin was born in 1940 and is the youngest of eight children. She is married and has one son, and recently celebrated her diamond wedding anniversary. She has always been interested in writing but has never attempted to publish before. A friend and her husband encouraged Barbara to send her trilogy of stories to a publisher. She writes more for a hobby and has worked all her life and still works part-time.  She has held many managerial positions in large companies and does not like to be idle.

This is Barbara’s third book.  Her first book is entitled “A Beloved Cousin” (2019) and her second book is “Shadow of Guilt” (2020).

Excerpt from the Book: 

       “Well, sir, there is no easy way to say this, but there has been an incident at your daughter’s house.”

“My Maisie!” he asked in amazement.

“Can you tell me if Maisie has been in touch with her ex-husband, Hugh Grainger, recently?”

“In touch with him, never!  She never will again after how he abused her in America.  She would never let him near to her again.  Maisie lost our grandchild because of the beating that he gave her, she still hasn’t got over that.  Why do you ask?”

“So, he has abused and beat her before?”

“Yes, but…” Maisie’s dad did not get any further.

“Now what are you saying, is Maisie all right?  He hasn’t hurt her again, has he?” Gwen asked butting in before her dad could answer.”

“I’m afraid he has gained entry into her property while she was sleeping and beat her badly and if it hadn’t been for the quick intervention of her neighbours, God knows what else he would have done.  They have taken her to the local hospital in Chester, so if you would like to get yourself changed, we’ll take you to the hospital.”

“Is she going to be all right?” her dad asked.

“Don’t Look Back” is available to purchase in hardback from Amazon UK at:

This novel is also available to purchase in paperback at:

The book can also be downloaded as an e-book from:

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New Releases

Christ’s Hospital: Tradition with Vision celebrates nearly five centuries of a unique independent school founded in 1552 to educate and support disadvantaged children. Through an interwoven collection of poetry and essays, contributors focus on the positive impact, ethos, tradition and vision that Christ’s Hospital represents. Reviewing history and anticipating the school’s quincentenary in 2052, this book poses key questions about the challenges of coming decades in secondary education and society generally, considering as it does so some of the contributions Christ’s Hospital might make to a changing world.

All proceeds of the book support the Benevolent Society of Blues. 

Reviews of this book:

“This unique look at Christ’s Hospital brings memory and imagination together…. I’ve discovered a heritage and thriving affection that looms large in the minds and hearts of Old Blues around the world today.”

(Professor Jeffrey Barbeau Wheaton College, USA; Associate Editor, The Coleridge Bulletin)

“Tucked away in the pages of this book are fascinating nuggets.  Let the great debate on CH develop imaginatively in fulfilment of the 1552 charitable mission.”

(Andrew Cosedge London, Chair, Benevolent Society of Blues)

“This delightful anthology of poetry and prose celebrates the traditional charitable mission, ethos and ideals of Christ’s Hospital since its foundation by King Edward VI in 1552.  It deserves to be widely read.”

(Stanley Johnson Somerset, Environmentalist, European Politician)

Excerpt from the Book:

“In recent years, Christ’s Hospital has extended its welcome, not only to those from disadvantaged backgrounds, but also to all who wish to experience an education of breadth, rich variety, and excellence.  And individuals from across the globe have been drawn to the school as a result.  This recent shift is a testament to how Christ’s Hospital has been able to flourish for over 450 years, adapting constantly to the surrounding political and socio-economic environment, surviving the Great Fire of London in 1666; its relocations to Horsham in 1902 and from Hertford in 1985; and, more significantly, World Wars I and II to which the school lost some 600 Old Blues.  In terms of withstanding time, Christ’s Hospital has proved to be especially successful and resilient.  The ability of the school to successfully adapt to its surroundings is possible, in part, through its foresight and continuous engagement with the wider community.  The factors have allowed the school accurately to determine social conditions and to take appropriate action to preserve the continuation of the school.  The remit has extended to looking into the future to determine what role the school can play on a national and international platform.”


“Christ’s Hospital:  Tradition with Vision” is available in hardback from:

This book is also available to purchase in paperback at:

You can also download a digital (e-book) version of this book at:

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When, after 18 unexplained miscarriages, Louise Warneford was finally able to carry a baby to full-term, she felt overwhelming gratitude to those who had made this birth possible. She knew that without UK Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician Dr Hassan Shehata’s diagnosis and successful treatment of a problem with her body’s natural killer cells, and the expert fertility service provided by the doctors at the Gynem Clinic in Prague, she would have remained childless. This book tells how she went from almost constant grief and loss to the joy she has found today. The name of this joy is William Oliver Warneford, and he is now two years old.

“Louise was brave and persevered with the unusually high number of miscarriages. She was quite determined to succeed and both her and her partner deserved a chance to be parents. I was very pleased to have managed to help them succeed and be part of such an incredible journey.”

(Dr Hassan Shehata, Centre for Reproductive Immunology and Pregnancy)

Excerpt from the Book:

       “I’ve read about other couples who struggle to conceive and in some ways their experiences and feelings are similar to mine and Mark’s.  After repeated failure of conception, the romance of their relationship is replaced by science:  charts, temperatures and diagrams take the place of kisses, cuddles and sometimes even joy itself.  Performance becomes less about providing mutual satisfaction and more about reaching targets.  The aim of conceiving a child takes precedence and the days of lovemaking ‘just for fun’ become a thing of the past.  Obviously, this can put a strain on even the strongest relationship, with blame and recrimination creeping in like a poisonous gas.

       Apart from a couple of occasions (my very first IVF and the first occasion in Prague), my initial fertility treatment was always successful, so Mark and I didn’t really have the problems that these couples experience.  But there was still hurt and anger, on both sides.  My own hurt couldn’t be blamed on Mark; it was simply one part of my natural feeling of loss.  And my anger was mostly the result of frustration at my seemingly never-ending plight, although there were times when I was angry with myself for being unable to accept life without a child of my own.”

“Baby Dreams” by Louise Warnefordis available to purchase in paperback from at:

This book is also available to purchase from at:

Press/Media Contact Details:

New Generation Publishing
Tel. 01234 712 064


The Adventures of Mr Shakolobangoshay is a novel incredibly super packed with strange and mysterious events. It’s equally laced with thrillers, love, romance; suspense, intrigue, blackmail and murder.

Even though it is not a religious book, this book will help you discover how God reaches out and speaks to us and makes the impossible things possible!

Mr Shakolokobangoshay, the protagonist, as a character, is benevolent and a unique status symbol of God’s Creation who rose from the jungle forest of Madagascar to fight relentlessly against poverty and illiteracy among the less privileged; the poor, the orphans, the destitute children and adults of his time. He provided them with hopes and homes.

Excerpt from the book:

    ‘In the Malagasy jungle rainforest, as a child of 3-5 years, "For days on end, months and years, during the rainy seasons; I was mercilessly beaten by the pitiless, non-stop heavy and torrential tropical rain falls. I was also exposed to their dehumanizing and frightening thunder storms!" I never had a shelter or roof over my head!’

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