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Hailey Pittman suffers a violent and premature death. Her husband, Owen, discovers that Hailey was having an affair. Detective Sergeant Holly Jones thinks she knows what happened to Hailey. The Detective disagrees with those that say the circumstances of the death of Hailey were mysterious. Detective Sergeant Holly Jones, though, remains curious and wants to know much more about Owen. Secrets are uncovered but not only about Hailey. The mother of Owen and his brother have their own stories to tell.

After Owen throws the funeral ashes of Hailey over a stone circle in the Lake District, odd and disturbing events soon occur inside his home. An unexpected ally helps Owen face what or who is now inside his home and creating chaos. Before Owen can prevail and return to the stone circle for revelation, he or someone will have to decide just how much he needs to know about the past, his family and himself.

About the Author:

Jack Swift lives in Liverpool.  He teaches English Literature and English Language.  This is his third zombie novel.  His previous novels Undead Underneath and Cool Blood Walk are both published by Red Rattle Books.

Excerpt from the book:

“The head of his wife rested on her chest.  Some of her shoulder-length hair obscured her face.  Under her chin her neck looked crumpled.  Her mouth was open.  The side of her head rested against the rim of the bath.  Owen looked around.  Elsewhere in the bath there was blood but not much.  On the wall, mirror and inside the sink, which were to the right of the bath and close to the bathroom door, there was more blood.  Owen knelt down at the side of Hailey. 

His brother Rhys stood in the doorway of the bathroom and leaned against the doorframe.  Will stood behind Rhys and outside the bathroom.  The chin of Will rested on the shoulder of Rhys.  Will bit his lip and peeked in at what was happening.  In the doorway the faces of Rhys and Will touched.

‘You’d better call the ambulance,’ said Owen.

‘I’ll do that,’ said Will.

‘Call the police as well.’

‘The police?’

‘This looks like a crime scene.  I think she’s dead.’”

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The Most Dangerous Spy

Nancy Brown is an ordinary girl living in the industrial town of Orethorpe at the outbreak of the Second World War. Her life suddenly changes when she is told to report to the mysterious Megg House, and soon she finds herself caught up in a top-secret operation to find German spies operating in the town.

Seventy years later Arthur Lane is living in Orethorpe. By chance, he strikes up a friendship with an elderly man, Mr Smith. When a newspaper reporter turns up asking to interview Mr Smith about his role in the war, Arthur learns that Mr Smith has a deep secret. Can he discover what it is?

“The Most Dangerous Spy” switches between 1940, when a careless word can leave lives in peril, and 2010, when once-deadly knowledge – including the identity of ‘the most dangerous spy of all’ – can remain secret no longer.

About the Author:

Sharon Edwards works for the BBC. Her novel is aimed at 9-13 year-olds and is mainly set in the Second World War, although there is also a modern-day story that weaves through the novel. The two storylines come together at the end. The book is set in a Midlands industrial town in the UK where a young girl is recruited to help find German undercover agents in the town. She visits Bletchley Park as her intercepts end up there for decoding.

Excerpt from Book:

Nancy was staring at one man and then the other.  What did they want with her and how did he know about her German lessons? It was then that the tall, thin man spoke for the first time.

“The country is at War, Miss Brown; you know that, of course,” he said, his tone gentle. “What you may not know is that England could be invaded by Hitler’s forces.” He suddenly walked over towards her, reached out to a spare chair in the corner of the room and slammed it down on the floor close to hers. He sat down and leant forward. “Hitler is coming, that’s a fact, but we want to stop him,” he said. “It’s our duty to stop him. It’s my duty and it’s your duty to do whatever we can to aid our own side in keeping the Germans at bay, and you can help us. Do you understand?”

“We want you to listen,” the older man explained, taking over from his colleague. “You know how to listen and goodness knows there aren’t enough of you. Nothing to do with running into a line of bullets or trying to get yourself blown up. It’s absurdly simple. We just want you to listen.”

Nancy looked at the faces bearing down on her. After a few moments she blurted out: “Listen to what?”

The older man leant in even closer, their faces almost touching. “Why, the Germans, of course, German spies.”


“The Most Dangerous Spy” by Sharon Edwards is available in paperback from Amazon at:

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The Morgana Chronicles: The Pen of Guinevere

The gates of hell open, and a thirteen-year-old girl is left in the graveyard. Who is she? What is she?

That is what she wants to know!

But all is not what is seems. Morgan is two people: a girl and a witch by the name of Morgana. She finds the land is very bright and colourful and does not wish to go back to hell – but the God of Purgatory wants her back.

Morgan has a job to do, and it means meeting witches, fairies, and other creatures in a world of magic and mayhem.

She wants love and wants to give it back, but it is all so muddled…

Excerpt from the book:

“As the baby girl slept, the Devil appeared.  Red hot skin with horns on his head, he carried a staff with a skull and fiery red eyes as an aid.  His appearance took Tanya aback as she stood at the doorway of the bedroom; when she looked at him, she felt as though he was burning a hole through her soul.

‘You are here,’ she whispered, glancing around the corridor to make sure no-one else was awake.

‘I am here for my prize,’ he growled deeply.

‘Take her,’ she replied coldly.  ‘I have all that I need.’ The Devil picked the child up, wrapped in her pink blanket, and left.

Tanya too a deep breath and went back to bad as if nothing had happened, then lay down and fell into a deep and restful sleep.

The next morning, she went to the nursery and screamed to find one empty Moses basket.

That scream led to many years of hope that one day, the little girl would come home, and her family would finally be whole again.  Because that morning, it broke apart…”

The Morgana Chronicles:  The Pen of Guinevere (Book 1)” by Morgan Harrison is available in paperback from Amazon UK at:

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The Mothers

The reappearance of Mariela Fairman’s husband, seven years after he mysteriously vanished, launches her into a tortuous whirlpool of love, guilt, hope and loss. Living on the south west coast of Ireland in a dilapidated manor house that is both a retreat and a prison, struggling to raise her cold and rejecting son, and caring for a man who is confused and dangerous, Mariela fights to make sense of who she is. As her life intertwines with those of two other women, both with their own secrets, she learns how, and crucially, where, to look for meaning, even if it challenges her to accept the existence of a world beyond the human one she knows.

“The Mothers” is a thoughtful and provocative story of maternal guilt, a modern fairy tale that asks what we think we know and how we understand what happens to us. It follows one woman’s quest for survival as her dreams disintegrate and she is thrust into an existence that sets life against death, reality against fantasy, and motherhood against selfhood.


“Deliciously melancholy storytelling.”

“A great build-up of mysteries to unpack as the story continues.”

“The language and imagery used in this piece are wonderful, a joy to read”

– Judges’ feedback, Jericho Writers Friday Night Live Competition 2020

Excerpt from the Book:

“I hold my breath, try to still my shaking limbs, wait for answers. Conor is smiling now but with eyes that remain blank and faraway, and I know that he is not here, not with me. Still I wait, hoping, afraid to move, scared to risk dispelling the air of possibility. When his words come, they startle me.

‘It was the best night of my life.’

I breathe out through my nose, shoulders falling, trying not to let my confusion show in the squeeze of my hand. I am so hoping for more but to ask for it is terrifying. He is smiling as silence drops with the suddenness of a tropical rain shower, and his eyes close. Today will not be the day that I learn where he has been for the past seven years.

As I sit trying to still my mind, the crow that had taken up residence in the tree outside since Conor’s return mocks me, laughs at my fruitless wait, caws at me with disdain before flapping its ragged wings to fly in search of its companions. Crows began to roost in the trees lining the driveway when Conor returned, sentry-like, squawking whenever I leave the house. Harbingers of bad luck or goddesses of fortune, depending on who you listen to, their harsh cries send shivers through me every time they herald me leaving the house, so that I hasten out of their sight.

Leaving the bedroom on tiptoes, I turn for one last look at Conor, and to check that the crow is not watching me.”

“The Mothers” by Nollaig Frost is available in hardback from Amazon at:

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Lift Your Chains, I Hold the Key

My mother’s and my own personal history in witchcraft with its revealed secrets as we accepted the traditions of our kinsfolk.

Our phenomenal conversions to Christianity including an up close and personal meeting with Jesus Himself and examples of His outrageous grace toward us.

Furthermore, God Himself revealing how He is the most superior Spirit being in the whole universe.

On top of all that, the revelation in supernatural power that Jesus’ sacrifice made a public spectacle of His archenemy on the cross.
And in addition to all this, came Divine wisdom of the differentiation between the Holy Spirit and the lesser spirits.

And into the bargain, God showing us Satan’s beginning and end and why it is nonsensical to serve him as master, compared to our holy destiny we have here on the earth in Satan’s territory, the atmospheric heavens as a mortal, and eternal life with Jesus as Master to boot.

I ask you, why would you spend money on what is not bread, and your labour on what does not satisfy? Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good and you will delight in the richest of fare.

Excerpt from the Book:

“My mother was born with an inherited demon from ancestry from her side of the family, steeped in witchcraft, some were even members of a witch coven. My mum was constrained by the activity of familial spirits that function linking with family lineage.

The devil, Satan himself, uses to great advantage unconfessed sin; if sin occurs and persists unsettled, especially in the area of witchcraft, then the enemy of our souls has a legal right of claims, combining the biblical principle of “the visitation of the sins of the fathers on the children” (Numbers 14:18).

If my mother’s great-grandmother or other ancestry further than that, practised occultism, they would have partnered with evil spirits and become possessed by them and experienced divination powers. Because my mother’s ancestors did not surrender their powers to Almighty God and lay them down for the power of the Holy Ghost and gain holy spiritual powers to be used correctly as God sees fit, for the furtherance of the Kingdom of Light, then the curse carried on through the generations.”

“Lift Your Chains, I Hold the Key” by Theresa Trahan is available in hardback from Amazon UK at:

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My Man and Me

George Stephenson is approaching his fiftieth birthday, disappointed with life, and only too aware of his many failings. His troubled marriage to Dawn appears to be crumbling, egged on by his successful neighbour Derek. His relationship with his son Paul has become detached. Something has gone horribly wrong in their son’s life that he won’t share with them. And there’s something big that only Paul’s difficult girlfriend Danni knows about – and she’s not telling anyone. On top of all of that, they’re on to him at work. But this life starts to be transformed in what seems like a random series of events. Is it all down to chance and good fortune? Or is someone, or something, from deep in George’s past orchestrating events to turn things around for the Stephenson family?

Excerpt from the book:

“So, when Roberto came along, with his short hair and clean fingernails, and his good manners and job at the bank, compromise didn’t seem so bad. He’d started calling in at the bar with his books to study for exams. They’d got talking. His flat was clean. The fridge was full. Less sexual electricity, but more real electricity. The sort that makes light bulbs work. And he was a good man. Loved his mother.

And he loved her. Rachel, from Hackney, East London, the gentrified bit. Daughter of a lawyer. Stepdaughter of an architect who owned a lot of land. In possession of a good education, apart from English Literature, grade D. With a wayward side that nobody could explain.

But the real problem was, their names were so similar – Rodolfo and Roberto. Both beginning with R, both three syllables, and both ending in O. Not great planning that. You had to be very careful, especially in the morning. She’d got it wrong once, but got away with it. Roberto hadn’t noticed. Or was it Rodolfo?

Where the hell was Rodolfo?

He’d been late a week ago as well. The night when so many things changed. It hadn’t been Rodolfo, or Roberto, or Rupert, that she’d been thinking about for the past week. She’d done nothing about it for too long, but now she was determined.

She stubbed out the half-smoked cigarette, took out her phone, and sent the text message to Danni.”

Amazon Reviews:


5.0 out of 5 stars  Great story and really well-written!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 June 2021

Verified Purchase

Really enjoyed this book! Intriguing storyline with hidden depths, fascinating characters and darkly humorous at times. This is the first fiction novel I have read in a long time and it has inspired me to read regularly again. I understand it is the debut novel from the author and I keenly await his next one!

James d

5.0 out of 5 stars  A great read!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 July 2021

A fantastic, darkly humorous thriller. So enjoyable that I finished in a day!

“My Man and Me” by Nick Dahlgreen is currently available in hardback from Amazon UK at:

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Live a Life to Die For

From the icy wastes of the North Pole to the vast expanse of the Sahara, from the stormy reaches of the Atlantic Ocean to the dizzying heights of Mount Everest, Live a Life to Die For is an adventure like no other. Roger Davies has rowed, trekked, raced – and played the odd game of weird rugby – across some of the most inhospitable terrain on the planet, and his epic story is packed with spills, thrills, high comedy and personal tragedy.

But this book is much more than a great outdoors adventure; it is the story of one person’s struggle to throw off the shackles of alcoholism, to come to terms with the after-effects of brutality and trauma, and to leave the grey margins of the criminal underworld behind him. Along the way, he meets an extraordinary cast of characters: the good, the bad, the heroic and the plain crazy.

Join Roger on his quirky, unique journey, from thug, to charity worker in Africa, to record-breaking adventurer; and find out how he overcame the burden of his past and learned to Live a Life to Die For.


“I had the pleasure of sharing Mount Everest with Roger and his lovely wife Lesley on yet another challenge Roger had undertaken. He is a great man with a remarkable story and I was massively inspired by his determination and drive and his never say die attitude. I am honoured to share a Guinness world record with Roger and have no doubt he will continue to inspire us all!” – Shane Williams MBE

“Roger is ‘hard wired’ for success. If he can beat cancer, he can easily beat the Channel!” – Jock Wishart

Amazon Reviews:

Lesley Pender

5.0 out of 5 stars  Wow! Inspiring – I couldn’t put this Book down!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 6 July 2021

Verified Purchase

Roger really has had a roller coaster of a life. What hope he shares that life is indeed what you make it. He’s suffered abuse at school, near death experiences though violence and addiction and turned his life around completely! Great read, I’m off to find my adventure!!


Patrick Desmond Harrington

5.0 out of 5 stars  Inspirational account of a life transformed

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 July 2021

Verified Purchase

This is a brutally honest and candid account of a life spiralling out of control, plummeting the depths of despair and criminality and taking the author to death’s door. The amazing transformation is both moving and inspirational. Roger’s life has truly been well lived and he has become a loved and respected member of the world of adventurism and the wider community.

Jaw dropping adventures allied to selfless acts of charity!

“Live a Life to Die For” by Roger Davies is available in hardback from Amazon UK at:

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Spotlight: True Loaf by L. Austen Johnson

Author: L. Austen Johnson

Narrator: Penny Scott-Andrews

Length: 16 minutes

Publisher: Lore & Lyre

Released: July 27, 2021

Genre: Fantasy; Short Story

A fun and enchanting modern fairytale.

When a strange man puts in a strange request at the bakery where she works, Riley must go on a mini-adventure to find one unusual ingredient. Along the way, she realizes that things are not always what they seem and that fae might just be real.

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Author Bio

L. Austen Johnson is an award-winning writer, designer, and disability advocate. She is the author of the poetry collection Burning the Bacon, which won Bronze in the 2020 Readers’ Favorite Awards. Her other works include the Romancing the Holidays Series (including the #1 Bestselling story, “Lucky Fall”) and the short story “True Loaf.”

When she’s not writing, you can find her searching for animals to pet, singing off-key in the shower, and learning the art of making the perfect cup of tea. Find out more:

Narrator Bio

Penny Scott-Andrews graduated from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, (BA 3yr Acting) in 1998, and worked as an actress for over a decade, both touring and in the West End. However, she soon realised that her real passion was for radio drama and narration. Therefore her husband, (also an actor and voiceover), and she built our first home studio many years ago, and since then it’s gone from strength to strength, and we happily record every day.

Whilst she voices a variety of work, Audiobooks will always be my favourite, as they are a great opportunity to marry both my acting and voiceover skills. As an avid reader, the chance to delve into a book for work purposes is a real privilege, and one she will always fully commit too.

Q&A with Author L. Austen Johnson
  • Why did you decide to turn your book into an audiobook.
    • My goal in turning “True Loaf” into an audiobook is to offer a story that can be listened to entirely during a commute or before bed. I also wanted to make my work more accessible to a wider readership base. In my colloquial experience, most people don’t read short stories. But I think many people have a spare 20 – 30 minutes when they’re on the go to listen to one. Since “True Loaf” is so easy-to-read and light, I thought it would make the perfect candidate for new audiobook readers and young audiobook readers.
  • Do you believe certain types of writing translate better into audiobook format?
    • I think most stories that don’t rely on visual tricks would do well in audiobook format. So, most “non-experimental” prose works would likely do well. I think some novels-in-verse would also work well, as long as they don’t rely too much on the visual aspects of verse.
  • Was a possible audiobook recording something you were conscious of while writing?
    • No. Actually, publication at all wasn’t on my brain. “True Loaf” started as a class assignment, a way for me to practice experimental analysis, in a way. I was focused more on conveying the feel of folklore based on what I had studied and less on characterization and publication. It was quite a different exercise than what I did for Romancing the Holidays, where each novella in that collection focuses almost entirely on the characters and the setting. As short romances, they serve as almost character studies instead of plot-driven pieces.
  • How did you select your narrator?
    • I chose Penny based on her auditions because I think she carries a lot of mystery and playfulness in her voice. My story is lighthearted, short, and whimsical, and Penny nailed that style perfectly.
  • Were there any real life inspirations behind your writing?
    • Yes. I relied on a combination of traditional folkloric analysis by scholars and my experience reading a slew of Balkan folklore. In bonus material at the end of the story (in the ebook), I talk about my inspiration for writing the story and why it can feel so formulaic (that’s because it is, on purpose). While “True Loaf” is not a traditional one-to-one retelling, it is heavily inspired by and reminiscent of Balkan and Slavic folklore in its trope, pacing, plot arch, and subtle symbolic details. I added a dash of new adult fae fantasy to the traditional, too. For that reason, I hope it feels like a slightly-more-contemporary-feeling oral tale that you may have heard told to you as a child.
  • Is there a particular part of this story that you feel is more resonating in the audiobook performance than in the book format?
    • I think Penny’s voice really allows the atmosphere of the story (which is half of why I wrote it) to shine through.
  • If you had the power to time travel, would you use it? If yes, when and where would you go?
    • I would probably use it sparingly to help solve archaeological mysteries. Like see once and for all what the Roman Dodecahedron was actually used for.
  • What do you say to those who view listening to audiobooks as “cheating” or as inferior to “real reading”?
    • I find that stance to be sort of ableist. Not everyone is the best at visually reading (think blind folx, people with dyslexia or other learning disabilities, people with ADHD). I think ideas about paperback/hardcover superiority are rooted in fundamental ideas about reading as being some type of morally righteous hobby. And that’s just not something I agree with. We’re all here just trying to seek happiness for ourselves. If you get contentment from graphic novels or movies or magazines or the news, then so be it. Barring some extreme cases, there are no wrong ways to pass the time. I am partial to fiction—be it books, shows, or movies—but I know plenty of people who prefer reading about politics or browsing social media or hiking. Life’s too short to criticize how people consume media. Audiobooks just add to accessibility of stories, and as a writer, that’s something I can get behind 100%.
  • What gets you out of a writing slump? What about a reading slump?
    • I usually get writing slumps in regards to my novel-length works (all WIPs). The best way I’ve found to get out of a slump is 1) write short fiction; 2) Read a good book; or 3) Create a book cover. These exercises usually spark my creativity in different ways and make me more motivated to write.
  • Have any of your characters ever appeared in your dreams?
    • I’m not sure any finished characters have, but the rough forms of them or things I’ve seen in my dreams have definitely influenced my characters. I get my weirdest and sometimes most fruitful ideas when I’m half-asleep.
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New Release

Where butterflies wear wings of eternity, a mad chase lost in a wild gaze and with her you run behind her butterfly in lanes frilled by pink bougainvilleas and tall eucalyptus recreating and revisiting your childhood, crooning lost lullabies. The poetess has very delicately expressed her sensibilities, caressing life and fondling nature. All the topics handpicked by her will give you a different perspective, a spiritual retreat where you can relive your lost life and will compel you to at least prick one more time those social issues, the neural pathways to which we have totally disconnected. Dive with her in her poetic excursion!!

Excerpt from the book:

Love Lost

Tears of love
Tears of separation
Come from the purest of land!
With none to see
And none to feel
I shed them on a barren land

My little ocean of rain
Thou hold!
You failed to convey your pain
Wilderness in the drop
An abandoned child
They wanted to leave the slave’s land
With nothing to hide
They broke the silent guard
And flew like a river wild
None could survive those waters wild
It banged every hurdle that came its way
Like a child’s wail for his mother’s embrace
To cross the toughest terrane
To finally arrive on a lost barren land

I sow my seed of love
Drain it with my puddle of pain
It smiled back at me
Now blooming into a handsome tree
Sheltering love lost
A beautiful maiden with her handsome beau
Arrived at my lonely land
Cuddled into their arms
I can’t hold my tears abound!
Drops of heavenly crystals pour out
From an empty heart
Bewildered they gazed into each other’s eyes
To ask a question undefined
‘Do the trees ever cry’? Asked her handsome beau
I just realized every fleeceable unripe leaf
Had Crystal’s on their edge
The beautiful maiden replied
You worldly man can never realize
The woes of a lost love!
How deceitful is a big man tears?
Fallacious deceitful disguised
In worldly woes!!

My Pink Bougainvilleas” by Sunni Sinha is available in paperback from Amazon UK at:

The memorable collection of poetry is also available from Amazon USA at:

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