Audiobook Review: Believe by Nanette O’Neal

Best friends share everything, right? Unless it’s a secret that could cost them their lives. Robyn and Kit are born with forbidden magic-sense, the power to see and hear beyond Earthly sight and sound. It’s a curse that haunts them, but the girls are strangely drawn to it—could there be more to this power than they’ve been told?

When they spill their secret, it opens a doorway back to Forever—a beautiful realm where magic-sense began. They learn the truth: they have been given a noble gift. It connects them to the Skyborn royalty of this new world. They’ve been summoned back by the forces for good to preserve the kingdom and revive the power where it once flourished—on Earth. It can thrive again, if Robyn and Kit are brave enough to follow.

However, the doorway awakens more than magical fairy-tales. A dark force is unleashed—one that has battled the Skyborn since time began, and it wants the girls dead, the Earth destroyed.

Beyond the doorway is where the adventure begins—trickery, kidnapping, a prison break, rescue teams, sword fights, magical gold-dust, holographic medallions, and singing orbs—but only for those who have the courage to believe.

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My Review

I chose to listen to this book after receiving a free audio copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Kit and Robyn are new friends, but they both believe in magic which is now a crime. In fact, they both have magic-sense, the power to see and hear more than most people on Earth can. They end up in another world where magic, both good and bad, is everywhere. Nanette O’Neal has built an interesting new world, and I look forward to reading more about it.

Kit, Robyn, and Cam (Robyn’s brother) are just starting their adventures in Believe. They each face their own challenge as they face the dark force that wants them dead. Will they all survive the threats that they face?

The narrator, Joe Christensen, has a voice that is pleasant to listen to. He has good pace and timing, and he brought the story to life.

Believe is a great book for middle-grade readers. It has magic, adventure, fantasy, suspense, battles…it has everything most kids love to read about!

About the Author

Nanette O’Neal is a five-time published author, certified transformational story coach, and professional speaker. Ever since childhood, Nanette was fascinated with the nature of storytelling and how it has the ability to connect us to our higher self and change lives for the good. She uses the power of story to help people find clarity, gain courage, and walk with confidence to become the hero of the most important story of all—the story of you.

A Doorway Back to Forever is a seven-novel series for teens and families designed to entertain, awaken courage, and magnify the divine power within the human soul. The books of the series are Believe, Trust, Defend, Honor, Remember, Restore, and Become. Remember is the most recently released (October 2020) while Restore and Become are scheduled for publication in 2021. Nanette O’Neal is a 2020 top-ten finalist in Fantasy for the global Author Elite Award for Honor, book four in the series. Nanette currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband. She loves her family, hiking, Star Trek, and dogs. 

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Robyn and Kit are best friends who share everything—unless it could get them killed. They both have magic-sense, a dangerous curse where they see and hear things beyond earthly sight and sound. Robyn sees things that aren’t there, and Kit hears voices when no one is in the room. They dare not tell each other because it could get them arrested, but they can’t stop thinking about it. Finally, when the local bully, Logan, goes too far and teases Robyn about her secret in front of Kit, they spill their guts to each other and a magical doorway appears. It has a special message carved on it: Welcome Skyborn Warrior. Your Awakening is Now. It’s an invitation to step through, but there’s a problem: Robyn sees it, but Kit doesn’t.

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New Releases

Orion’s Messenger

Schoolboy Alex is transported to a magical island faraway and thus begins the adventure of a lifetime

A dull, wet school holiday which has been so disappointing, is drawing to a close for Alex. All this changes when an unexpected visit to the Great Museum of History with his eccentric aunt sets off a fantastic chain of events. Alex finds himself transported to a fantasy place called Blue Sky Island, in the midst of talking creatures, a kindly wizard and a magnificent golden eagle called Orion, as the legacy of The Magic Orb is revealed.

Pitted against the dastardly schemes of The Grizzly Grumpot, find out what happens to Alex and his new friends when you step into this colourful world of adventure, mystery… and spells that don’t always work!

About the Author:

Antonia de Winter is a children’s author, poet and songwriter. She lives in northwest London with her husband. She has been surrounded by colour all her life, having been involved in the family’s soft furnishing and interior design business in Notting Hill. Antonia has two married children and four grandchildren. She enjoys swimming, walking, narrow boating and taking photos, particularly of family and the changing seasons. Her dream would be to once again take a skidoo across the frozen wastes of Lapland, which is an awe-inspiring experience!

Orion’s Messenger lay on the back burner for over 30 years, waiting to be published – whilst all the above took priority. However, it is never too late to print a magical story which will let children’s imagination fly – and so, finally, here it is…

Antonia is currently working on the sequel to Orion’s Messenger and on a collection of poetry to be published in the near future.

The colourful characters and all the illustrations in Orion’s Messenger are brought to life by talented artist Daniel T. Sullivan.

Excerpt from the book:

The room was in dark shadows once more.

“I must be seeing things,” whispered Alex under his breath.

“I’ve been calling you for such a long time,” said the Voice.

There was another flash of lightening, this time with a loud clap of thunder. It nearly made Alex jump out of his skin!

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Is it really you?” he gasped.

“Oh yes, I assure you I am quite real,” said the Voice.

Alex was shaking as he stuttered, “I – I – I don’t understand…”

“Come closer Alex,” said the Voice.

Alex took two hesitant steps forward. Another flash of lightening lit up the loft brilliantly. Alex’s eyes became as big as saucers for there, perched on the back of the old dining chair, was an enormous bird.

“Who, who … who are you?” he asked, but he knew the answer already. 

“Orion’s Messenger”by Antonia de Winter is available in hardback from the Book Depository at:

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Margaret Beaufort of Bourne, Collyweston, Maxey and Deeping: The Tudor Dynasty

Exceptional biography about the mother of Henry VII who had a profound impact on English history

An amazing woman from Bourne, Collyweston and Maxey who had a profound impact on history but has been virtually forgotten in our Lincolnshire locality.

Read tales of her survival from the traumatic birth of her son (Henry VII) when aged only thirteen, her ever-changing fortunes in the Wars of the Roses, being condemned as a traitor by Richard III and her eventual triumph, which saw her become the matriarch of the Tudor dynasty.

As the only blood link from the Normans to our present Royal Family, her legacy through her symbols and academia is still far-reaching today.

About the Author:

Margaret has always had a deep love of her hometown of Bourne. She can trace her paternal ancestry back to the 1660s in the Bourne Abbey registers. She attended at the Bourne Abbey Primary School and was later educated at Bourne Grammar School; it was here that her interest in history began, with her history teachers, J. D. Birkbeck and his wife, Margaret.

Margaret’s husband, Ken, also a teacher at the ‘Robert Manning School’ is keen to preserve the heritage of Bourne and is in the latter stages of constructing a model railway of Bourne Station that will soon be ready for exhibition.

Both would admit that their main hobby now is singing, being members and soloists in ‘Stamford Gilbert and Sullivan Players’ and the ‘Stamford Singers Concert Party’. They are members of the ‘Bourne Abbey Choir’ and perform in their own entertainment group, ‘Tinderbox’.

Having become fascinated with the life and achievements of Margaret Beaufort and seeing her as one of the most influential women in history, Margaret was confused as to why little to no mention has ever been made linking her to their local area, and in particular, Bourne. She hopes this biography will help rectify this and give the mother of the Tudor dynasty the recognition she deserves.

Excerpt from the book:

“Margaret’s life was a roller coaster of wealth and poverty, stability and frantic disaster.  So many of her family were either killed in battle, executed or, like her father, had committed suicide.  Throughout all this, Margaret had to steer a course of diplomacy and humility in order to survive but at the same time had to keep her strong resolve and courage.  What an achievement then in her finest hour, to see her son crowned on the battlefield by non-other than her husband Thomas Stanley.

Margaret’s family always had to face the fact that their line was illegitimate.  John of Gaunt produced his line of Beauforts whilst still married to his first wife, even though he did eventually marry his mistress, Katherine Swynford.  Richard II, John of Gaunt’s nephew, did legitimise them but with the proviso that no-one in their line of descendants could ever have a claim to the throne.  Margaret would know this and must have wondered when this question of Henry VII’s legitimacy could rear up and deprive him of the throne she had fought so hard to gain for him.

The character of Margaret cannot be fully explained without an examination of her part in the Wars of the Roses.”

“Margaret Beaufort of Bourne, Collyweston, Maxey and Deeping: The Tudor Dynasty” by Margaret Wainwright is available in hardback from Amazon at:

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New Releases


This book is intended for anyone who has been, or is being, made redundant.

It explains how redundancy is a natural process in today’s modern world, and nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of.

It gives practical, sage advice on how to approach redundancy, and how to put it in proportion and perspective.

Written in a readable, flowing and pithy style, this book provides peace of mind and explains how redundancy is not something to be feared, but a true lifetime, golden opportunity.

About the Author:

Paul Williams is a consultant, author and speaker, specialising in organisational culture, transition management, team dynamics, individual behaviour and collaborative working.

His disarmingly readable style marks him out as a uniquely effective author, willing to address the issues concerned with people, and building high performance teams.  Using his inimitable, pithy style he has tackled the thorny subject of redundancy in a succinct, readable and empathetic way.

Excerpt from the book:

“Being made redundant can come as a terrible shock, and be seen as an almost fatal personal blow.  It can set loose a tide of despair which, if left unarrested, can result in a self-fulfilling prophecy of personal failure.

It needn’t be like that!

This short book has been written for those who are facing the threat of redundancy, those who have been made redundant, or indeed anyone – be it a friend, family member, colleague or manager – who know someone who is facing what they will perceive as a daunting process.

Hopefully reading this book will help everyone to realise that redundancy should not be the harbinger of personal failure, but be perceived as a real and genuine golden opportunity.”

Review on Amazon for this book:

Wordly Traveller

5.0 out of 5 stars  Change is good

27 November 2020

“With the coronavirus lockdown and unemployment increasing in general, it’s a difficult time for many of us. What I particularly like about this book is it’s written in a colloquial way which makes the advice provided really easy to understand and follow. The author has many years of business experience and shares his commercial expertise by encouraging us to see being made redundant as an opportunity for change and personal growth, which is a good thing and not something to be feared or loathed.

They say the measure of a person is how they deal with change and move forward. This book guides us on how to do so.

If you’re facing redundancy, pick up this book and give it a read. It’ll help you realise the opportunity that change provides, both in term of understanding the possibilities and fulfilling your potential.”

“Redundancy:  A Golden Opportunity”by Paul Williams is available in hardback from Amazon at:

This book is also available to download in e-book format from:

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Abigail Bear – The Lockdown

Abigail is a little bear – with a big love of dance. She loves to dance with her friends at Madame Swan’s dance school, and she really enjoys telling her class all about it at school.

So, what will happen when both her dance class and her school must close suddenly, without warning? Will Abigail ever get used to the new normal?

A heart-warming story of hope and resilience – even in the toughest of times.

About the Author:

Shona Stringer is a Mum to three children (Abigail, Toby & Jude), and a Dance Teacher/Principal of ZEST Dance Studios in Leeds.

During lockdown#1 2020, Shona decided to write a short story for her younger students, as it was becoming apparent many were struggling with the confusion of their newly-imposed normal. They were missing their friends & family as well as missing their school and dance lessons.

Abigail Bear is the dance studio mascot and has been loved for many years by generations of dancers. Shona hopes now that Abigail can bring more joy and happiness to children far and wide.

Excerpt from the book:

“She went to her bedroom, lay on her bed, and thought about what Mummy Bear had said.  She didn’t really want a new normal; she was quite happy with her old normal, so why did things have to change?

She turned over to look at the photographs next to her – all of Abigail in her sparkly costumes and tutus.  She missed her dancing friends, too.”

“Abigail Bear – The Lockdown”by Shona Stringer is available in paperback from Book Depository and Amazon at:

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New Releases


During the Festival of Death in Rome, four American art students go missing. One of the students is eventually found dead, horribly mutilated as if by wild beasts inside the Colosseum.

One year later, Nick Thorn is sent by the New Sanctuary to help the father of one of the missing students, a desperate man who is still looking for his daughter.

The New Sanctuary believes that Thorn has a psychic ability, a ‘special gift’ that could help him; Thorn however has always denied such a thing, claiming it to be pure nonsense and probably the product of an overactive imagination instigated by his drinking problem.

Shortly after Thorn arrives in Rome, the Festival of Death begins again and another of the missing students is gruesomely murdered. It is now a race against time to find the other two.

Can Thorn find and save the remaining two students or will Mania the Roman Goddess of Death succeed in devouring their souls and satisfy the blood lust of her followers?

“Richard Valanga writes about the Afterlife like nobody else today, he’s the 21st-century Dante of the North.” – Tony Barrell, The Sunday Times

“The author’s talent for writing engaging tales of the paranormal is second to none.”   

“The author Richard Valanga writes like a poet and has a brilliant and impressive imagination to match.”

About the Author

Richard Valanga has penned six paranormal fantasy novels previously including:

The Wrong Reality

Blind Vision

The Complex Trilogy (Complex Heaven, Complex Hell, Complex Shadows)

The Sunderland Vampire

These are some of the reviews Richard Valanga has received on Amazon with respect to his writing:

First for Blind Vision…
5 out of 5
Blindingly good book

This, the second book by Richard Valanga, I have read and it’s even better than his first, Complex Heaven. If, like me, you enjoy fantasy novels that you can’t put down then this author is for you.

The second is for Complex Heaven…
5 out of 5
Complex and gripping.

I read this book in two sittings, very difficult to put it down. The characters are well developed and the plot twists and turns as it snakes to a dramatic conclusion. I heard through the grapevine that there is a sequel coming soon, it can’t be too soon for me.

“Colosseum” by Richard Valangais available to purchase in paperback from at:

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Joshua Piecrust and His Alphabet of Rhymes

Do you like rhymes? I’ll bet you do – the sillier the better, too!

Joshua Piecrust’s Alphabet’s about as dotty as it gets! For here you might meet anything: hamsters dance, bananas sing; a courteous dragon (and it’s simply chilling what became of him!) An octopus? Well, count the legs! Find out where elephants lay their eggs!

Piecrust’s left some gaps for you to play at writing nonsense, too.

Grown-ups might want this book on loan: advise them, “Go and buy your own!” or else keep very careful track in case you never get it back!

About the Author:

In his time, Richard Evans has been an art student, has run a hostel for homeless men, slogged his way through 30 more-or-less overcast years of pen-pushing in an office, and now with inexpressible relief basks in the sunshine of retirement.

When not fully engaged in pottering harmlessly about, he writes nonsense in various forms, pretends to be a wood-carver, and meditates twice every day. Richard is the father of the internationally-known singer-songwriter, Emi Evans, and he lives with his Japanese wife in an old cottage in rural Dorset.

Excerpt from the book:

C    ….is for Camels

Camels are humpy and lumpy and grumpy
and look on the world with disdain.
They sing in the bath if there’s nobody near
with a voice like a stomach in pain.

It’s pretty unwise to invite one to dinner
(that is, if you’ll take my advice).
They chew sideways, I fear, without closing their mouths
which is not, let’s be frank, very nice.

They have too many elbows and too many knees;
when they sit or lie down, without fail
they collapse in instalments with all of the grace
of a deck-chair confronting a gale,
while maintaining that same supercilious sneer 
(a small but distressing detail).

Some camels have one hump and some have a pair –
why not add a few more at your leisure?
Arranged fore-and-aft or perhaps side-by-side,
with a head at each end for good measure.

Though their faces and figures give cause for concern,
though their manner lacks polish and fizz,
camels’ hearts are undoubtedly In The Right Place –
except we’re not sure where that is.

“Joshua Piecrust and his Alphabet of Rhymes” by Richard Evans is available in paperback from Amazon at:

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Book Review: And The Creek Don’t Rise by R.M. Gilmore

On her twentieth birthday, Lynnie Russell—just a little ol’ thing from down in Havana, Arkansas—falls in love under a full silver moon.

Waking up the next morning naked and caked in blood, Lynnie is faced with a horrifying truth. She’s death incarnate.

In a race to unearth what she’s become, Lynnie must hide her beastly thing from those she loves most. If only to keep them alive.

When an unexpected ally offers help, how can she refuse?







My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

And The Creek Don’t Rise started out as a budding romance between Lynnie and Rusty who knew each other all of their lives. On her 20th birthday, she just learned that he loved her, and she realized that she may love him as well…then BAM! Lynnie’s life changed forever.

I could feel her heartache and confusion as Lynnie struggled to deal with who or what she had become. I felt so bad for Lynnie until she eventually accepted her fate and became a badass warrior!

The characters are unique, and I enjoyed getting to know them. My favorite characters were Lynnie’s grandma and Mama Lee. They were both amazing “older” women.

R.M. Gilmore has a distinctive sense of humor which is clear even in this crazy fantasy. All of the books I’ve read by her are original, and And The Creek Don’t Rise isn’t any different. I’m looking forward to reading more!


★★★★★ “… a spellbinding story that is unique and original… …haunting, spine-tingling story that sparks the imagination and provokes nightmares.” – Reader’s Favorite

★★★★★ “And The Creek Don’t Rise is a bold mystical fantasy novel that demands to be read in one sitting.” -IndiesToday

★★★★★ “Two words… MORE PLEASE!” – L.C. Son, author of the Beautiful Nightmare series

★★★★★ “Intricately researched, finely crafted, dynamic and completely brilliant… will claw your heart out.” – Ravin Tija Maurice, author of the Prophecy Girl series

★★★★★ “Absolutely fascinating. I WANT MORE!” – Julia Mills, USA Today and NYT Bestselling Author

★★★★★ “Gripping fantasy that won’t let you go.” – Jody A. Cummings, author of the Phoenix Rising series


Hattie walked me to the door and made sure Garret was there ready for me before leaving in a hurry. She’d wanted more from me than I could give. I’d tell her sorry on a day I wasn’t recovering from second-degree murder. Or would it be manslaughter? I’d slaughtered a man and I didn’t mean to do it. Maybe I could claim insanity. I didn’t know anything about the law but what I watched on Law & Order, and not one of those episodes covered accidental creatures killing under a bright blue moon.

“I made your bed up, Lynn. I got some pot roast in the cooker on the counter if you’re hungry.” He tried—hard as it was for him to be nurturing. I wasn’t even angry with him anymore for leaving me in the hospital. He was hurting more than he could handle. It rolled off him like heat on the pavement. There wasn’t anything I could do for him. I was hurting enough for the both of us.

“I’m fine. I just wanna sleep. I need to lay down a bit.” I walked past him, head down, to my bedroom at the end of the hallway and shut the door.

The second I was alone, my cheeks flushed and my bottom lip shook, but I downright refused to cry again. I swore to myself then that I would not cry over any of it until morning. I would sleep, eat, and then figure out what in the hell I was gonna do with myself.

I laid back, pulled the covers up over my head, and tried not to think anymore. Garret rustled around in the kitchen. I knew there’d be a mess for me to clean in the morning. He didn’t cook much, which was fine with me because I tended to have more work when he did the cooking than when I did.

I listened to my brother fumbling around in cabinets and drawers and tried to sleep. My eyes closed, breathing slowed, heart took a second to catch up. Blackness took over.

I startled awake, limbs frantic, reaching out for anything to stop me from falling. I swallowed hard and flipped the covers off my head. The yellow light outside had turned pale blue, casting shadows over my room.

My eyes focused on a deep black figure in the corner. I gasped, and choked, and blinked at the thing. My stomach dropped six inches when the shape moved out of the shadow and I could see what it was.

About the Author

R.M. Gilmore is a paranormal and mystery/suspense writer and creator of the occult bestselling Dylan Hart series. She resides in the Pacific Northwest with her teenage minion, bearded man-child, and toys still in the box. With an awkward and incessant sense of humor, it is likely she will die laughing.

“Star-crossed lovers and dead things. It’s what I do.” – R.M. Gilmore

Twitter itsthermg



New Release

Summonsed to the sleepy village of Hingemont, Imogen slowly unravels the secrets that led to the untimely death of her grandmother. Relationships are strained and mysteries abound as suspicion falls on some innocent and incredulous locals. A missing key, an illicit affair, an angry child and an irascible old lady pepper these pages with possibilities as the villagers close ranks to support and protect those that ‘belong’. Set in present-day England’s rural East Midlands, the story winds as slowly as the country lanes dictate and it is only when the Snail finally reveals its secret that the mystery is solved.

About the Author:

Janet Ollerenshaw is a retired English & Music teacher and mother of seven children. She has lived in Hertfordshire for most of her life and has been involved with Scouting, animals and arts and crafts alongside her teaching career.  She writes for pleasure and enjoys word-craft, so her writing can be prosaic at times as she feels the experience of reading should be more than just a good story, rather like a fine wine, which touches senses other than simply taste and satisfaction and which lasts the test of time.

Janet has a Masters in Educational Research from Cambridge and studied with the Open University for her first Degree in Humanities with Music and English Language. She does seasonal work as an exam marker for Edexcel and for the Cambridge International Exam board.  Janet previously published the “Turning” series of novels entitled “Inside Out”, “Upside Down” and “Back to Front”.


 “For a while she pondered who had called her. It had been so unexpected that she had only briefly registered a woman’s voice, the words ‘murder’, ‘hysterics’ and ‘blood’ and was relying on her phone’s records for further details about the caller. There would be time to investigate that once the immediate issues were dealt with.

Whilst Charlie sat rocking back and forth on the headstone, she walked carefully round the churchyard, keeping him in her sight at all times. That meant that she couldn’t go to the far side of the church and so did not see the tyre tracks in the mud by the main, gated entrance to the small car park. Neither did she see the discarded purse where it lay amongst the brambles in the hedgerow but on returning to her position near Charlie’s headstone, what she did see was an extraordinary procession advancing towards her. From her left approached a figure in a motorised wheelchair and from her right, a walking stick wielding lady accompanied by a small boy. As they drew nearer and turned in through the lych-gate, all three were shouting and gesticulating wildly; the two ladies appeared to be arguing vociferously, about what she had no idea, and the small boy was excitedly gabbling about witches and school teachers.”

Secret of the Snail is available in paperback and can be ordered from Amazon at:

This novel is also available to download as an e-book from Amazon at:

Press/Media Contact Details:

Janet Ollerenshaw’s Literary Agent: 

Darin Jewell, Managing Director, The Inspira Group Literary Agency, 5 Bradley Road, Enfield, England EN3 6ES

Tel. UK +208 292 5163

New Releases

The Rose Petal Killer

Lord Sebastopol is in trouble again!  Arrested in relation to a murder he supposedly solved years before, Victorian England’s finest amateur detective has to persuade the police that he didn’t falsely accuse the wrong person.  Relating the tale of how he identified the Rose Petal Killer, Sebastopol and his faithful colleague Bryers find themselves caught up in a fresh wave of murders. The Rose Petal Killer might be a figure from his past, but Sebastopol is about to find out that buried secrets have a way of resurfacing, and they’re clawing their way into the present to threaten his credibility, and perhaps his life.

About the Author:

Marc Everitt has written and published 10 books including 2 standalone science fiction novels, a haunted house book, a race against time contagion thriller, 2 short stories and the stunning space opera trilogy ‘Days of Entropy’. 6 of these are also available as audiobooks. Most recently, he has gathered the suspects in the drawing room for the dramatic reveal in a murder mystery. Marc lives in Wiltshire, England with his wife, three children, two dogs and a bossy cat. Marc has a degree in English Literature & Philosophy from the University of Hertfordshire and is a ltd co director in financial services.

Excerpt from the book:

“Lord Sebastopol,” said the commissioner, sounding contrite and almost humble despite his status. “You are right that we perhaps reacted rashly in the way in which we brought you here. That could have been handled better on our part, but the fact remains that this is a dire situation, and we are in a lot of trouble. Heads will roll, and I am afraid that mine will be one of them. Not to put too fine a point on this, I would be surprised if yours were not to follow. If punitive legal means are not applied to you for your part in this matter, then at the very least, you can expect the newspapers to run with it and make such a fuss about what happened that you will effectively find that your career as a detective will swiftly come to an end. It is in all of our interests to get to the bottom of this and try to prepare a coherent argument as to what went wrong and what could have been done to prevent it.”

“Commissioner,” Sebastopol said patiently as if talking to a backwards child, “nothing went wrong, save of course, for the death of Lady Wolstencroft and the unforgiveable time it took me to get to the heart of the matter. The man we apprehended was the Rose Petal Killer; I am convinced of that.”


“I am not denying that there is someone out there who is a dangerous killer, and one that has a similar sickness of mind to the Rose Petal Killer, maybe even someone who venerates the killer and wants to follow in his footsteps. No doubt that we need to catch this blackguard and that this matter is exigent, but to say that they are somehow connected to the Rose Petal Killer themselves is sheer folly, I can assure you.”

“The Rose Petal Killer” by Marc Everitt is available in paperback format from Amazon at:

This novel is also available to download in e-book format at:

Press/Media Contact Details:

Darin Jewell
Managing Director
The Inspira Group Literary Agency
Tel. 0208 292 5163


Return to Atalan

It’s been almost a year since Isla found herself in the magical land of Atalan. Now she must return there, after a wizard called Steve mysteriously appears at her house and asks for Isla’s help. On their arrival in Atalan, they discover that an evil wizard is trying to take over the land with the help of the goblins, by using a spell that puts everyone under his command. Isla sets out to put a stop to this fiendish plot along with the help of some new found friends, Benji the elf and Sophie the bushwhacker. Can Isla help save Atalan and once again return safely to her family?

About the Author:

Richard Brewin has spent most of his working life within the health and fitness industry. He also has a passion for writing and after years of toying with the idea of writing a book, he has now completed his first children’s fantasy fiction. Inspired by and written for his children, Richard decided to get it published after receiving tremendous feedback from those that read it. Children’s fiction is the genre he enjoys the most and hopes to publish many more titles in the future.

Excerpt from the book:

“Wally explained how Barry along with Fizzbit, who was already under the spell, and the goblins had arrived at his house and had kicked the door down and had taken him captive before he had a chance to defend himself. The only thing he had time to do was to hide the serum under the floor in the hope that Steve or someone else would find it. The goblins had ransacked his house and had taken away all of his potions and his wand, but luckily they never discovered the serum.

After that, he was taken away and led to the Unkerdunkie village where, on their arrival, Barry had cast his spell and put the entire village under his command. Once that had happened, Wally explained how he was held prisoner inside the cage while Barry, Fizzbit and a small army of goblins had left to go and invade the elves’ settlement.

Suddenly, Wally’s story was interrupted by shouting from above. Surely, Oliver and Benji haven’t fallen out already, thought Isla?!  She looked up to see Oliver, Fartybubble, and their two newfound friends racing back down to the forest floor on the lift. They were waving their arms around frantically, pointing towards something in the distance. It was difficult to hear what they were yelling about as all four of them were shouting at the same time.

Both Isla and Wally turned to look in the direction the foursome were pointing and immediately saw what was causing all the commotion. Coming through the forest in the distance was another group of goblins, only this time they were not alone. Leading the pack was Fizzbit, and the giant troll didn’t look happy.”

 “Return to Atalan” by Richard Brewin is available in paperback from Amazon at:

This fantasy fiction novel can also be downloaded in e-book format from:

Press/Media Contact Details:

Darin Jewell (Richard Brewin’s literary agent)
Tel. 0208 292 5163