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Unread Books Next to My Bed

14 Aug

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Happy National Book Lovers Day!

9 Aug

Books on Tape

2 Aug

from Wrong Hands

Dante’s Divine Comedy

30 Jul

This image, in an all-pink version, appeared in the New York Times Book Review sometime around 1999. Photoshop Elements “smart fix” offered this different color scheme.


Books are…

27 Jun


How to Judge a Book by its Cover

13 Jun


How to Do Nothing with Nobody All Alone by Yourself

4 Jun



It’s a classic! Amazon 

18 Famous Book Covers

24 May

Thank you to invaluable 

Change of Plans

23 May


Book paintings by Pierpaolo Rovero

2 May

Pierpaolo Rovero makes amazing paintings using a unique technique. ” First, he creates the digital artwork. Then he prints it using a special technique – the file is being damaged to achieve the desired effect. Finally, he retouches the work with a stylus.”

Visit his website to see his portfolio. You can zoom in on the paintings and see the amazing details. I could spend hours looking at his art!


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