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How to Make Your Own Book Planters for Succulents

15 Feb

506af2e4d9127e30e40014c7._w.540_h.404_s.fit_Instructions on how to make these homemade book planters can be found here. I may have to try this. I get quite a few books that aren’t in good enough condition to sell. This would be a good way to recycle some of those.


Beaded Bookmarks

19 Jan

These are so cute! Instructions on how to make them are here.9f59318b10a0b4fd5dadd3bc9806f4c4

Crate Book Storage

15 Jan

PlayroomCrateBookShelf15I think these would be great for kids because they can just throw the books in the crates when they’re done.  How to make them can be found here.

LOVE Bookcase

21 Dec

12-21-2013 10-53-39 AM
Want to make this? Instructions here.


Neon Animal Bookends

5 Nov

11-5-2013 11-36-20 AMThese are so cute, and easy to make! All you need is:

11-5-2013 11-36-51 AMCheck out the tutorial.

For more interesting DIY bookends, go to BuzzFeed.

DIY Books

27 Aug


Make Your Own Bookmarks

8 Aug

When an old book is beyond repair, use the spine to make a bookmark. af5d8b91e55822ef1a62ee091727995dvia

What a great idea!

Carnival Towel Creations

11 Jul

carnivaltowelcreationsI just came across this book. I’ve never been on a Carnival cruise so I didn’t know that they made towel animals. How cute! This book has 40 designs from elephants to cobras to monkeys. Each design has easy to follow instructions. I think I could even make these. 

My copy sold but it’s for sale on Amazon.

Tardis Bookshelf with Sound and Lights

14 Jun

6-12-2013 9-23-03 PMInstructions on how to make this bookshelf can be found here.

How to Make a Book Headboard

7 Jun


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