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Crime Author Sentenced to Death in China

4 Aug

Liu Yongbiao is an acclaimed crime novelist in China. He and another man killed four people 23 years ago, and Liu used the memory of the murders to write a novel. How crazy is that! Because of new DNA testing, investigators were finally able to trace the murders to the novelist, and he and his accomplice were sentenced to death.

The memories weighed on Liu and he said that they were “so cruel” he deserved to “die 100 times” for committing them. Read the full story on Newsweek.


Dante’s Divine Comedy

30 Jul

This image, in an all-pink version, appeared in the New York Times Book Review sometime around 1999. Photoshop Elements “smart fix” offered this different color scheme.


Alphabet of the Obsolete

15 Jun


Leadenhall Market

12 Jun

Leadenhall Market, London. This ornate Victorian marketplace was the setting for Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron in the Harry Potter films.



Memorial Day 1947

28 May

Library of Congress

11 Mar

The Library of Congress contains approximately 838 miles of bookshelves—long enough to stretch from Houston to Chicago.


20 Quirks & Strange Habits of Famous Writers

23 Feb

Thanks to Jack Milgram for the infographic

New A Wrinkle in Time trailer

23 Jan

American Reading Habits in 2017

10 Jan


First Trailer for Little Women Miniseries

19 Dec
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