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Merry Christmas

25 Dec



I’ll be spending the day with my family, which I’m really looking forward to. I wish we could all get together more often. I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas have a wonderful one and I hope those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas still have a wonderful day!


Life Changes

3 Aug


I haven’t been posting as much this past week as I usually do, and that will probably continue until the end of August. I own a store called Sleepygirl’s Furniture & Books and we have decided to close it. I sell books online and we’re currently in the process of pulling those and taking them home so I can work from there. I have another 10,000 books in the store that aren’t online and I’m going to try to sell as many of those as possible before the store is closed. Then, of course, there is the usual task of moving everything else, including thousands of egg cartons that we sell on Ebay.

I have committed to posting reviews and will definitely post them when they are due. As for the other, what I call “fun stuff,” there will be less of that for a while.

My husband has a store in Baxter Springs, Kansas, which is about 15 miles from my store in Joplin, Missouri. We’re going to keep it and, hopefully, have more time to do things other than work. Two stores are just too time consuming for 2 people to run. I am so excited that we’ve decided to make this move!

FYI: when they say the most important thing for a business is location, location, location..believe them! We moved here after the tornado in May 2011 and did very well for the first couple of years because people were desperate for furniture. The past couple of years, though, we are often forgotten because we’re off the beaten path. I’ve had so many people say, “I love your store but I forget you’re here!”

I’m looking forward to when things settle down and I can focus more energy on my blogs and other online ventures.


Dawn (aka Sleepygirl2)

Our Reliable Post Office

18 Mar

I have been selling books online at Sleepygirl’s Used Books as well as on some of the big sites, like Amazon, since 1999. In all those years, there have been less than 10 lost packages lost. I think that’s amazing since there are times I have a lot of packages going out. For example, I had hundreds of hard copies of the last Harry Potter book and, at that time, I was shipping at least 20-30 of them daily. 

On February 9, I shipped the package below from Joplin, Missouri. Note that it’s priority. I heard from the customer the first week of March wondering what happened to his book. He was very understanding, and a little amused, when I told him it had been to Warsaw twice. We decided to wait to see what happened. As you can see, that priority package finally made it to his home in Australia on March 16. He said the package was battered and taped but the book was in good condition.PhotoShare(1)

Wonderful Wedding Weekend

27 Jul

I should have posted this last week but things got a little busy. You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted much the past few days. That’s because my son, Josh,  got married on Saturday! He and his beautiful bride are in the photo below. We are so happy to officially welcome Tina into our family. It feels like she’s always been a part of our family and I can’t wait to see all of their dreams come true.10492555_677819812312432_4060170393515768573_n

Three Year Anniversary of the Joplin Tornado

22 May

Three years ago today was  a day that changed the lives of everyone who lived in Joplin, Missouri. 161 people lost their lives that day and hundreds were injured. Homes and businesses were destroyed. Before and after photos of our business are here.

We found out that day and the months after that we can bounce back from anything. We also found out that there are generous and caring people throughout the world. Thank you to the thousands of volunteers who have helped and who continue to help rebuild!

5-22-2014 3-52-56 PMThe storage area in the back of the store. Talk about heavy duty shelves!


The Sign in Front of My Store #2

14 Mar


On my Way to Work

19 Feb

This is not book related at all but I had to share this story. I stopped at the car wash this morning and when it spit out cnpca17757a-vimy change, one of the $1 bills flew away. As many of you know, I’m not feeling great right now so there was no way I was going to chase a $1 bill. 
After I was done and I was on the way to work, I was sitting at a street light and a Jasper County Sheriff pulled up next to me and got out of his car. I thought, “What’s wrong with my car? What have I done?” I rolled down my window and he gave me my $1 bill and told me to have a nice day! How’s that for a nice start to my day?

The Sign in Front of My Store

1 Feb

I posted something similar before but this is actually my sign. It’s been SO cold I thought this was the perfect time for it.


New Blog

28 Jan

When I started this blog almost a year ago I had no clue that there were so many good authors out there who were needing exposure. I started receiving requests for reviews and then I started joining blog tours. I also began receiving request to do cover reveals or book blasts and other media events to showcase authors’ books. I declined those offers because I already had so much going on on my blog. 

Because I now know that there are so many talented authors who need as much help as possible getting the word out about their books, I’ve decided to start another blog dedicated to just that. Whether it’s through cover reveals, book blasts, blitzes…whatever. That new blog is Today is my first post, a cover reveal for Breathe Again by Rachel Brooks. I still have tweaking to do to the site (especially the heading), but I’d appreciate you stopping by and checking it out.

Happy New Year – Blog Hop & Giveaway

31 Dec

12-26-2013 2-24-19 PM

I decided to join this blog hop to force myself to think about my bookish goals for the next year.

Looking back on my goals when I started this blog in March, one thing I haven’t done is regularly blog about book-related travel. Although I don’t travel as much as I’d like, I’m going to start writing about any book related travels I do make.

I’ve done well at reviewing books by indie authors and have participated in quite a few book tours. In fact, I plan on decreasing the number of book tours I join this year so that I can focus more on books sent by authors and publishers. I’ve also been so busy that I haven’t been reading for pleasure; not that I don’t enjoy most of the books I read to review, but there are classics and popular books I haven’t read because I’ve committed to reading so many newer books. So, at least monthly, I am going to read a classic or other book just because I want to.

My main goal is to continue to find new authors (to me) and share their work with others. I am amazed at how many talented authors there are who are pretty much unknown and I’d like to help change that.


I’m giving away 3 paperbacks that I received over the past year to review: The March of the Toymakers by Julianne Victoria, Not for Profit by Glenn Shepard, The Sea-God at Sunrise by G.L. Tysk.

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