On Experiencing Time by Josh Glasson

Cynical Wordsmith

With life spread out
Seemingly infinite
In either direction,
But distinctly
Not so,
It can be difficult
To elucidate the detail

When significant moments
Are forgotten,
Do they lose their importance?

If the future is so far ahead
That it’s hard to predict,
Is there any merit
To fanciful supposition?

Why am I now?
And why do my dreams
Seem to live elsewhere?

From places now forgotten,
Timelines bend
And stretch,
And continuing
Into that great unknown
For as long as they can.

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Rain, Rain, April Rain

Rain, Rain, April Rain
By Annette Wynne
Artist Michael Gorban

Rain, rain, April rain,
Washing tree and window pane,
Tapping every spot of ground,
Lest some sleepy seed be found;
I can watch you and be gay
Though I cannot go to play.

Rain, rain, April rain,
Washer of the hill and plain,
Summer could not be so gay
If it did not rain to-day,
And it’s fun to stay inside
And see you falling far and wide.


What Do I Want

Cynical Wordsmith

There’s so many questions
I didn’t have the answers to
For so long
And it seems strange
To answer them now.

That’s what this is though,
Maturation, growing older,
Growing responsible,
Outlining and defining
Who I am,
Knowing the answers
Instead of guessing at them.

And after searching
And tracing back roots
And boiling all the detail away,
It’s this:

I want to not feel alone.

Everything else is just detail
And situation
And experience
The list seems endless:
I want to be understood.
I want shared experiences,
To learn from
And look back on.
I want to help and protect,
As there are times
When I need the same.
I want to see the beauty
That lives in a dreary world.
I want to have a family,
Who I know I can rely on
And who can rely on me.
I want to keep figuring myself out

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Audiobook Review: Person Suit edited by Kristi King-Morgan

This collection of poetry, memoirs, and stories of short fiction presents to the listener such themes as depression, suicide, hopelessness, grief, loss, love, mental illness, and abuse both emotional and physical experienced by the writers or someone close to them. This collection serves to demonstrate that hiding behind shame or fear rather than sharing emotional pain as the authors in these works do is tantamount to putting on a mask; wearing a person suit. It is pretending. It is a state of existing but not truly living life to the fullest. The 11 authors featured in this collection have taken off their person suit, exposed their true selves to the world so that others may find their own voice and the courage to speak about mental illness and abuse of any kind.

My Review

I chose to listen to this book after receiving a free audio copy from Dreaming Big Publications. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

This collection of poetry and prose is an interesting mix on the issues of abuse, mental illness, and even some science fiction. I enjoyed the poetry, but I especially enjoyed a couple of the stories. ‘ER’ was confusing at first, but eventually all is made clear. It’s a good futuristic story! My favorite story was ‘Dave’s Aliens.’ It was funny and creepy.

The narrator did a good job with pace and timing. If you like something that delves into emotional and physical experiences that are not joyful in any way, this is a quick read worth listening to.

Relational Feeling

Cynical Wordsmith

I never thought I would deserve love,
And to be honest,
I’m still full of doubts,
But I’m accepting it easier.
Hesitancy like the water
That clings to stay inside the glass
Rather than spill out.
I’m not so hard on myself now.
I’m starting to know
When I should be upset
For being walked on
And when I should give someone
A place and strength to stand.
I can see feelings in others
And they register like needles.
Some hurt, and some you can’t feel,
But they all get under your skin.

People are strange
And wonderful
And dangerous.

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Old Things are More Beautiful by Clay Harrison

Old Things are More Beautiful
By Clay Harrison
Artist Steve Crisp

Old things are more beautiful
than many things brand new
Because they bring fond memories
of things we used to do.

Old photographs in albums,
love letters tied with lace
Recapture those old feelings
that new ones can’t replace.

Baby shoes, a Teddy bear,
a ring that grandma wore,
Are treasures waiting there behind
a door marked “Nevermore”.

Old things are more beautiful,
more precious day-by-day.
Because they are the flowers
we planted yesterday.