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Short Story Review: The Invisible Girl by Christine Amsden

23 Feb


When Amanda Lee accidentally frees an imprisoned imp, the creature rewards her with “her heart’s desire” — which apparently involves setting loose a dangerous flu that makes sorcerers’ powers misfire. Now stuck in her invisible form, Amanda seeks help from the town healer and her former lover, Juliana Scot. But Juliana is still angry with Amanda for cursing her bald during the family feud six years ago. 


My Review

I like Christine Amsden’s world of Cassie Scot and her family and friends. I’ve read all of the books and I enjoyed this free short story about Cassie’s sister Juliana Scot and her former love turned enemy, Amanda Lee. It’s a quick and short read but adds just a little more to this world. If you’re a Cassie Scot fan you can sign up for Christine Amsden’s newsletter and you can get free short stories like these. 


About the Author

Christine Amsden has been writing fantasy and science fiction for as long as she can remember. She loves to write and it is her dream that others will be inspired by this love and by her stories. Speculative fiction is fun, magical, and imaginative but great speculative fiction is about real people defining themselves through extraordinary situations. Christine writes primarily about people and relationships, and it is in this way that she strives to make science fiction and fantasy meaningful for everyone.

At the age of 16, Christine was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease, which scars the retina and causes a loss of central vision. She is now legally blind, but has not let this slow her down or get in the way of her dreams.

Christine currently lives in the Kansas City area with her husband, Austin, who has been her biggest fan and the key to her success. In addition to being a writer, she’s a mom and freelance editor.

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Audiobook Review & Giveaway: Bridge to Burn by Rachel Amphlett

22 Feb



Author: Rachel Amphlett

Narrator: Alison Campbell

Length: 6 hours 39 minutes

Series: Detective Kay Hunter, Book 7

Publisher: Saxon Publishing

Genre: Mystery, Police Procedural

Released: Feb. 8, 2019




When a mummified body is found in a renovated building, the gruesome discovery leads Detective Kay Hunter and her team into a complex murder investigation.

The subsequent police inquiry exposes corruption, lies and organised crime within the tight-knit community – and Kay’s determination to seek justice for the young murder victim could ruin the reputations of men who will do anything to protect their business interests.

But as Kay closes in on the killer, tragedy strikes closer to home in an event that will send a shock wave through her personal life and make her question everything she values.

Can Kay keep her private and professional life under control while she tries to unravel one of the strangest murder cases of her career?

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Before turning to writing, Rachel Amphlett played guitar in bands, worked as a TV and film extra, dabbled in radio as a presenter and freelance producer for the BBC, and worked in publishing as a sub-editor and editorial assistant.

She now wields a pen instead of a plectrum and writes crime fiction and spy novels, including the Dan Taylor espionage novels and the Detective Kay Hunter series.

Originally from the UK and currently based in Brisbane, Australia, Rachel cites her writing influences as Michael Connelly, Lee Child, and Robert Ludlum. She’s also a huge fan of Peter James, Val McDermid, Robert Crais, Stuart MacBride, and many more.

She’s a member of International Thriller Writers and the Crime Writers Association, with the Italian foreign rights for her debut novel, White Gold sold to Fanucci Editore’s TIMECrime imprint, and the first four books in the Dan Taylor espionage series contracted to Germany’s Luzifer Verlag.





I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Rachel Amphlett. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it. I have listened to all of the books in the Kay Hunter series so far and I enjoy them.

Kay Hunter and her team are called when a mummified body falls out of a ceiling in a building and lands on someone. Can you imagine? Once they identify the body, will they be able to track down the murderer after all this time? As the team investigates, they expose criminal activity of a local business that has a security contract with the business, but they’re not sure that they are responsible for the murder.

This series is about the same investigators, but each case is quite a bit different. I like Kay Hunter and the members of her team. She’s intelligent, strong, and dedicated and her team members are supportive of her and each other, and they are close enough that they know each other well. 

 Rachel Amphlett has a great writing style and the narrator does a good job with pace and enunciation. Bridge to Burn is a detective mystery with an interesting and surprising end. Just when I thought I knew what had happened…surprise! If you like crime fiction, this is a must read. I’m looking forward to more Kay Hunter books.




3 Winners: Free copy of Bridge to Burn Audiobook from Authors Direct

Bridge To Burn Giveaway: Three Winners!



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Book Review: The Alphabet Game by Gita V. Reddy

19 Feb

This is how it works. All the letters in the words have sounds. For example, if you start at a word, Zebra and ask the child to identify any letter in it, say B, a click on B will take you to B for Bear. A click on any letter in Bear will take you to that letter page. This way the child’s attention is engaged for a longer period and he is refreshing all his letters in a fun way.

The book also doubles as a regular ABC book.

Available on Amazon.



My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

I have read several books by this author and this is my favorite so far. It can teach the ABCs just like any other ABC book but it can also be interactive and teach them in a different way. For example, you can click on any letter in the Table of Contents, such as W. When you click on W, “W is for WOLF” with a picture of a wolf comes up. Below the picture, it tells you to click on the letter F in WOLF and it goes to “F is for FISH.” Each page also gives the option to go back to the Table of Contents.

This is a great tool for learning the alphabet but is also fun to read after the alphabet is learned!



About the Author

Gita V.Reddy is a writer of fiction for children and adults. She enjoys thinking up tales of different genres. She has written mysteries, adventure, fantasy, science fiction, and even an animal tale for children.

Ms Reddy was born in India, is a post graduate in Mathematics, worked in a bank for twenty-six years, is married to a physics professor, has a son doing research in neuro-electronics, and loves literature. Yes, her life is as mixed up as the multiple genres she writes. 

She enjoys trying her hand at new things and spending time with her family, and LOVES walking in the rain.

Visit her website:

Book Review: A Traveller’s Guide to finding the Best Accommodation by Ani Right

17 Feb

Disenchanted with many of the places where she has stayed, author Ani Right set out to share what she’d learned while traveling to 118 countries. She wanted to help her readers learn from her blunders. The result is A Traveler’s Guide to Finding the Best Accommodation.

If you’re tired of ending up in flea-infested, conventional, or noisy accommodation, then A Traveler’s Guide to Finding the Best Accommodation is just the book you’re looking for. In this spellbinding eBook, author Ani Right covers several topics of high interest to travelers. For example:

• Do you know the five grimiest objects in your hotel room?
• Do you make the maximum use of the hotel bellman?
• Do you know what the concierge can do for you?
• Do you know how to stay safe in your accommodation?
• Are you making use of strategies to save money on rooms?
• Do you know how to get free upgrades?
• Do you know such types of accommodation as a treehouse or a dry cabin?
• Have you tried staying for free with housesitting?
These are just some of the burning questions that A Traveler’s Guide to Finding the Best Accommodation will answer.

A Traveler’s Guide to Finding the Best Accommodation describes over a dozen types of accommodation and which one(s) are most appropriate. It also demystifies hotel rating systems. Within the pages of A Traveler’s Guide to Finding the Best Accommodation you will discover how to avoid starring in one of those horror stories about accommodation that looked comfortable on the travel brochures or the website but turned out to be rundown or vermin-infested.


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

A Traveler’s Guide to Finding the Best Accommodation is a short but useful guide for novice travelers. It explains how to find the perfect place for you to stay based on your wants and needs. It gives tips on the use of the concierge and/or the bellman as well as definitions of different types of accommodations that are available (I had no idea!).

If you’re planning on traveling any time in the future, this would be a helpful guide.



About the Author

Book Review: Hey Doorman VIII by John P. Kildemm aka Haji Outlaw

15 Feb


Acclaimed writer, Haji Outlaw, writes under his pen name of John P. Kildemm.

Mister Kildemm chronicles the night life in the City of Angels as only he can, in the fourth installment of, Hey Doorman. But this time with a biting political edge working in cahoots with his always hilarious edge. That’s two edges people. TWO.

As Jerry Seinfeld once said, “I’m sure he’s having a good laugh over this with his doorman buddies.”

Available on Amazon.


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Hey Doorman VIII contains several stories about the author’s experiences as a doorman. The stories were interesting and his view of things is a little comical but I was expecting more humor. If you’re interested in what bouncers have to deal with on a daily basis you might enjoy this book; however, if foul language offends you, this book is definitely not for you.



About the Author

Haji Outlaw has written for The Eric Andre Show (Adultswim), in addition to other television programs. You may have even seen him acting on Comedy Central’s Why? With Hannibal Buress. In 2018 he released his first film, Humor, which made its international debut at the Berlin Flash Film Festival.

When Haji has not been writing for the screen or performing standup comedy, he finds time to release a non-fiction series about his life as a LA bouncer (Hey Doorman) as well as a sci-fi fiction series (Caramel).

Haji wrote his first commercial for Turo, which can be seen in the summer of 2018 and beyond.

Book Review: At the Edge of No Return by D.J. Adamson

13 Feb

At the Edge of No Return, psychological suspense—thriller, brings four characters to the edge of falling toward darkness or light. Has Elvis Colt, a serial killer, rolled the dice too many times; the Reverend William Meeks lost any chance for salvation; Jack Goodman, forever stuck at Horizon’s End, and behavior psychologist Dr. Georgia Jeningson making a fatal decision when trying to right a wrong which can never be taken back? This novel explores how quantum choices given at birth determine a leap of destiny. At the Edge of No Return offers more than just another story of murder, vengeance, and love lost. The novel explores what can take all of us to the edge.


My Review

I chose to review this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions are my own and unbiased. I’ve read several books by this author so I was happy to read At the Edge of No Return.

The story takes place in the small coastal town of Seaward. It begins with Reverend Meeks murdering his wife. At first, he seems evil but is he or is he mentally ill? Dr. Georgia Jeningson would know. She has just moved into town to hide from a serial killer who killed her husband and is looking for her. Her new home is being haunted by Jack, the man who built the house. For some reason, he’s stuck in Seaward and doesn’t like anyone moving into the house.

All of these characters are loosely tied together in an inventive way. There is murder, mystery, and suspense around every corner. Jack also brings a little humor into situations at times. It would have been a little more suspenseful for me if Georgia had done less pondering.

At the Edge of No Return was an enjoyable read and I look forward to reading the next book.


About the Author

D. J. Adamson is the author of the Lillian Dove Mystery series and Outré, a science fiction-suspense YA. She is the editor of Le Coeur de l’Artiste, a newsletter which reviews authors and their work. She also teaches writing and literature at Los Angeles colleges. And to keep busy when she is not writing or teaching, she is the Membership Director of the Los Angeles Sisters in Crime, Vice President of Central Coast Sisters in Crime and an active member of the Southern California Mystery Writers. Her books can be found and purchased in bookstores and on Amazon. To find her, her blog L’Artiste, or newsletter go to Make friends with her on Facebook or Goodreads.

Adamson “weaves this suspenseful tale that grabs the reader like the tornado at its core. It starts out slow, like a train leaving the station, then accelerates to a feverish pace, leaving you in a sweat.”

Book Review: Tenacity by Ron Coury

7 Feb

Tenacity: True Life Story by Ron CouryTenacity: True Life Story by Ron Coury

Publisher:  Las Vegas Publishing Group, LLC (Dec 20, 2018)
Category: Memoir, Las Vegas, Non-Fiction
Tour dates: Feb-Mar, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-732720-1-2
Available in Print and ebook, 282 pages



Tenacity tells the gripping true story of how Ron Coury, a Las Vegas businessman, Marine and former Brooklynite survived corruption and cancer to achieve the American Dream. The aptly-titled memoir focuses on the determination necessary to overcome any and all unjust obstacles that may stand in the way of one’s dreams.

Tenacity chronicles the evolution of the natural-born entrepreneur, a major business figure in Las Vegas for decades. As Coury climbed the ladder toward success, he faced a barrage of constraints including political and police corruption, bribery, coercion and even death threats. Along the way, he also had a couple of offers to settle matters discreetly, with a few well-placed bullets. His choices would have life altering consequences for many.



Guest Review by Laura Lee

Well I can’t say this book didn’t pull me in right from the start. It was a fantastic opening that left me wanting more right away. Ron Coury is a Brooklyn native and a former US Marine who has worn many different hats in his lifetime. But perhaps the most surprising role that he’s played is the role of someone accused of a crime. 

In 1990, Coury battled the false accusations of a former employee and while this is not the main focus of the memoir, it was the part that I found most compelling. Especially since Coury starts out the book by placing the reader right next to him in the court room as his charges are read out and he pleads ‘not guilty.’ I don’t think I’m spoiling it to reveal that he did eventually clear his name of all charges. But, it was after reading that opening I immediately knew that this book was going to be a roller coaster ride and I was not wrong in the least.

From descriptions of his grueling days in boot camp, to his fight against corruption in the Nevada government, to his time as a successful business man, this memoir takes quite a few twists and turns and has both funny and shocking moments (on the funny side, I loved the anecdote about his father chasing his childhood bullies down the street. Hilarious!) 

Coury’s writing is solid and his narrative has a way of revealing just enough detail without bogging down the reader in specifics. I was captivated by this memoir and when it ended I didn’t feel like I’d had enough. Five stars to Ron Coury for this one! Heartily recommend this to anyone who loves a good story. I guarantee you won’t regret it!



About the AuthorTenacity: True Life Story by Ron Coury

Ron Coury is a name that is well-known to long time residents and members of the business community in Southern Nevada. A former U.S. Marine, Coury has seen and done a lot in his 45 years in Las Vegas. Coury is an observational entrepreneur, a “niche finder,” in his words. With nearly every venture he has undertaken, along with various business partners, he identified operational nuances that led to enhanced levels of success with all their ventures. This mindset was fascinating to execute in a young, growing town like Las Vegas since his arrival in 1973.

Coury has worked as a casino dealer, real estate agent, founder of a limousine service and a partner in bars, restaurants, major graphics and glass companies, along with several automobile dealerships in Nevada and California.

From growing up on the streets of Brooklyn in the ’60s and early ’70s to surviving the good-ole-boy and Wild-West business and political climate of old school Las Vegas, this book is a testament to how Coury’s courage and perseverance enabled him to prevail against unethical, illegal and seemingly insurmountable obstacles along the path toward achieving his goals and dreams. Coury also chronicles his biggest challenge of all, beating esophageal cancer against the longest of odds.



Buy Tenacity





This giveaway is for one print copy or ebook copy of the book.  Print is available to the U.S. only but ebook is available worldwide. This giveaway ends on March 29, 2019 at midnight pacific time.  Entries are accepted via Rafflecopter only.

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Tenacity: True Life Story by Ron Coury

Guest Review & Giveaway: The Prophetic Mayan Queen: K’inuuw Mat of Palenque by Leonide Martin

6 Feb

Prophetic Mayan Queen: K'inuuw Mat of Palenque by Leonide MartinPublisher:  Made for Success Publishing/Made for Wonder (Dec 1, 2018)
Category: :  Historical Fiction, Ancient World, Caribbean & Latin American, Historical Romance/ Ancient World
Tour dates: Feb-Mar, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-64146-365-2
Available in Print and ebook, 350 pages

Prophetic Mayan Queen



She was born to serve the Goddess Ix Chel. But K’inuuw Mat is destined to continue the Palenque (Lakam Ha) dynasty by marriage to Tiwol, fourth son of famous ruler Pakal. Trained in prophetic arts, she uses scrying to foresee the face of the man with whom she will bear the dynastic heir—but it is not her husband’s image. She is shocked upon arriving at Palenque to recognize that face as her husband’s older brother, Kan Bahlam. They are immediately attracted, sharing deep interest in astronomy. Though she resists, the magnetic force of their attraction propels them into forbidden embraces, until Kan Bahlam designs a bold plan that would solve his inability to produce a son—if he can gain his brother’s cooperation.

Set in the splendor of Lakam Ha’s artistic and scientific zenith, royal family conflicts and ambitions play out in a tapestry of brilliant Mayan accomplishments in calendars, astronomy, architecture, arts, and secret language codes that will astound people centuries later. As K’inuuw Mat contends with explosive emotions, she must answer the Goddess’ mandate to preserve Mayan culture for future generations. Her passion with Kan Bahlam leads to a pale daughter and bold son who carry this out as their civilization begins the decline and eventual collapse her prophetic vision foresees.

One great cycle rolls into the next . . . Contemporary Mexican archaeologist Francesca and her partner Charlie, a British linguist, venture into Chiapas jungles to a remote Maya village, seeking to unravel her grandmother’s secrets. The hostile village shaman holds the key but refuses to share with outsiders the scandal that leads to foreign blood and ancient Palenque lineages. Only by reclaiming her own shamanic heritage can Francesca learn the truth of who she is, and bring her dynasty into the present.



Guest Review by Betty B.

Remember, K’inuuw Mat. Your destiny is to serve me in an important royal court. A dynasty will be carried in your womb; a people will be continued through your legacy. This is a far greater destiny than being a seer in Cuzamil. Remember, and never doubt again.” 

A stunning and informative story from an author I hadn’t heard of before. This book really took me on an unexpected and delightful journey through ancient Mayan territories. 
K’inuuw Mat is a twelve-year-old Mayan girl who comes from a long line of seers who are chosen by the goddess Ix Chel once they reach their first menstrual cycle and become a woman. 
Because her older sister was not chosen for this destiny, K’inuuw assumes, with the ambitious nature of youth, that she will be the one chosen. Of course, things don’t go as planned and instead of being chosen as a seer, the oracle tells K’inuuw Mat that she has a different destiny ahead of her. 
I won’t go into the details, because I wouldn’t want to spoil anything but this novel was beautiful, fascinating, educational and heartbreaking. I was enveloped in its world and felt everything that the characters felt. 
Martin’s writing was descriptive and breathtaking. The detailed descriptions of the Mayan lifestyle alone must have taken years to research but she added a style and flair that didn’t make it feel dragged down. She added just enough detail to make her world come alive. 
I’m giving this book 5 stars for the world building, the beautiful characters, the excellent dialogue and the terrific plotting that just made me unable to put it down. I fully plan to read the rest of the series by this author just so I can get back into this world for a little while longer.



 Mists of Palenque Series Awards

The Visionary Mayan Queen: Yohl Ik’nal of Palenque (Mists of Palenque Series Book 1) received the Writer’s Digest 2nd Annual Self-Published eBook award in 2015.

The Mayan Red Queen: Tz’aakb’u Ahau of Palenque (Mists of Palenque Series Book 3) received a Silver Medal in Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards for 2016.



“K’inuuw Mat…struggles to embrace new ideas, a new destiny, and a much broader purpose…  Readers who have enjoyed the other books in this series will find an even more compelling story… takes an individual’s spiritual and political perspectives and turns them on end, leading a young woman to realize her value and purpose far beyond her belief system or the duty she’s been assigned… She’s prophesized the very decline her culture is experiencing, but can her choices then make a difference in its ultimate preservation? Riveting…engrossing, well-detailed…”-Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“It is expected she will follow her matrilineal line by being the daughter of her generation who will serve the goddess Ix Chel on Her island of Cuzamil. However, an oracular prophecy says she will serve the goddess in a different way. At first, K’inuuw Mat resists this and contemplates escaping back to the island. In the end, she accepts Ix Chel’s will for her. The prophecy comes to pass when she becomes bride to one of the sons of the ruling family in Lakam Ha. She does her own divination to see what her future husband looks like and is granted a vision of a man who turns out to be her husband’s brother. What does this vision actually mean, and how will it affect her people?

This was a complex, quite advanced culture… the Mayan language was very flowery and formal… and I liked that not only was the dialogue written this way, but the entity of the story was… K’inuuw Mat was the first book of this series that I’ve read, but I went and purchased the previous ones. I’m looking forward to reading them. A highly recommended book for those interested in the ancient Maya, or archaeology in general!”-Aislynn d’Merricksson, Seattle Book Review

“Imagine this book in vivid color on the big screen with the opening scene set in a canoe traveling in the Caribbean blue waters close to the tropical island of Cozumel at the time of the ancient Maya, and the spectacular ending scene at the magnificent Mayan archaeological site of Palenque in the mountainous jungle of Chiapas, Mexico. Awesome!
This book will carry you away to another place. It is hard to put down. This compelling story, which is based on well-research history, and the author’s lively imagination brings to life the ancient Mayan people, their rulers, their gods, their romance, and their struggles for survival, revenge and justice.”-Jane Grimsrud, Mayan Travel Guide


“Fans of historical fiction rejoice!… the eagerly-awaited Book 4 of Leonide Martin’s Mists of Palenque series, has arrived! Martin weaves masterful storytelling with scholarly research and intuitive insight to bring-to-life a lost culture in this rich series. She draws one into a world of unique and exotic customs, politics, history, arts, sciences, spiritual practices, and relationships, so artfully and seamlessly, that the reader feels she has time-traveled and experienced the Mayan life and culture first-hand. I simultaneously could not put this page-turner down and didn’t want it to end. Fans of historical fiction rejoice. You are in for a treat!”-Stephanie Costanza, Research Associate, UCSF School of Medicine

“I loved reading The Prophetic Mayan Queen. This book really tied the series together, but I think it would be a great read on its own. What a fascinating civilization the Mayans were! The vivid descriptions of the daily lives, how the community was organized, what deities they worshipped and why, how the children were raised and educated, what careers they chose and why; all of this was a fascinating look at an ancient civilization… Read this book and the entire series, you won’t be disappointed!”-Leslie Oberholtzer, Amazon Reviewer

Continue reading

Book Review: Famous Cars & Trucks Coloring Book by Mila Ryan

5 Feb

If your kids love all sorts of interesting cars and are into coloring then this coloring book is for you! The coloring book for kids from the age of 2 to 8 (toddlers and preschoolers) and for both boys and girls.

In this coloring book there are one of the best cars and trucks for you and your kid to spend an interesting time or even let them enjoy it by themselves.

In this coloring book you will meet with one of the coolest cars and trucks for you and your kids to spend a colorful and wonderful time or even let them enjoy it by themselves.

In COLORING BOOK Famous Cars and Trucks there are important tools to prepare your child in the early years.

As well as being your child’s favorite occupation it can improve the way he or she holds a pencil, which leads to better handwriting but not only that, your child’s imagination will expand as well motor skills, stimulation, color awareness and etc.




My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

This coloring book has some cool cars and trucks that young children would enjoy coloring. I think having one or two word descriptions on each picture would make it even more interesting, as well as a learning tool. I like that there is a blank page between each picture to color so that children can color or write their own pictures or ideas.



About the Author

Hello everyone,
My name is Mila Ryan. I’ve been working for over 10 years as a professional illustrator on books for children. Recently I decided to work on my own to create books for children. 
My goal is to produce books which not only interest children but the parents as well. They will be created with a specific purpose which is childhood development. My intent through these books is to help children learn basic colors, animals, alphabet, words and the motivation to concentrate.
If you enjoy my work please leave a review below. I’m always looking for ways to improve my product offerings and would love to hear from you.

Book Review: Scavenger Girl: Season of Toridia by Jennifer Arntson

3 Feb



Holding strong to her principles, Una refuses to idly stand by as countless suffer in Ashlund. When forced to witness the death of someone close to her, the true nature of one of the most powerful men in the land is revealed. Her only hope of escaping with her secrets is to flee from the Authority’s neighborhood through the unruly woods at its border. There, she comes face to face with the ruthless band of criminals who rule the coveted shade. After disrespecting his display of power, Kash, the leader of the Woodsmen, grants her a painful exchange binding her forever to her choices. Before she is released, he pays an unsettled debt to Una; a favor so petrifying, it is considered a curse by any other standard.

With everything stacking up against her in a land that is falling apart, can she be the woman everyone needs her to be, or is it simply too late? 

Available on Amazon 




My Review

I chose to read this e-book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

The Scavenger Girl series is one of my favorites. I can’t get enough of it. Although these books are difficult to put down, I actually had to put this one down a couple times because I was overwhelmed with emotion and had to give myself time to think about all I’d just read.

This is the Season of Toridia which is known for its heat. Una is living in a neighborhood with other members of the Authority and it’s eventually obvious that the family needs to relocate, so they move to the land that is owned by her family. They do their best to help the Citizens who have lost their homes and are starving. Eventually, it’s even too dangerous for them to stay there and they must move on again.

There are three factions vying for power: the Authority, the Woodsmen, and the Resistance. Will Una and her growing family be able to survive the war that is obviously on the horizon? I can’t wait to find out in the next book.

I didn’t think Jennifer Arntson could outdo herself after reading the last book, but I was wrong. What a fantastic read! This is a series I’m going to have to read again once the final book is out, although I truly don’t want the series to end.




About the Author

Author, dreamer, and sworn enemy of Caillou

Jennifer Arntson has a long history of crafting tales that people find unbelievable, but often true. As an observer of human and social development through the ages, a curiosity of faith, and dedication to the underprivileged of the developing world, Jennifer finds her creative outlet in stories and fables. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children, and a mini-farm of otherwise useless animals where the family eagerly caters to their every need.





Instagram: Scavenger_Girl_Series



(author) @JennArntson

(characters) @Una_Ashlund  @Cal_of_Ashlund  @Mar_of_Ashlund









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