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8 Jan

Book Review: As Long as We Both Shall Live by JoAnn Chaney

7 Jan

What happens when you’re really, truly done making your marriage work? You can’t be married to someone without sometimes wanting to bash them over the head…
As Long As We Both Shall Live is JoAnn Chaney’s wicked, masterful examination of a marriage gone very wrong, a marriage with lots of secrets…

“My wife! I think she’s dead!” Matt frantically tells park rangers that he and his wife, Marie, were hiking when she fell off a cliff into the raging river below. They start a search, but they aren’t hopeful: no one could have survived that fall. It was a tragic accident.

But Matt’s first wife also died in suspicious circumstances. And when the police pull a body out of the river, they have a lot more questions for Matt.

Detectives Loren and Spengler want to know if Matt is a grieving, twice-unlucky husband or a cold-blooded murderer. They dig into the couple’s lives to see what they can unearth. And they find that love’s got teeth, it’s got claws, and once it hitches you to a person, it’s tough to rip yourself free.

So what happens when you’re done making it work?




My Review

I chose to read this e-book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

This is a difficult review to write because I’m conflicted. The plot and the multiple twists were great but personally, I couldn’t stay interested in the book because of so much extra, unnecessary information. Normally, I don’t mind when an author changes between times but it was a bit too much here.

Matt pushes his wife Marie off a cliff and when detectives find out that his first wife died under suspicious circumstances, they realize that they need to look closer at Matt. The more they (and the reader) find out, the crazier things get.

There’s a subplot with Detective Loren that I could have done without. Whether he was guilty or innocent didn’t matter to me…it was difficult to read about him because he was such a nasty character. He was demeaning and rude to men and even more to women.

I guess I was disappointed because As Long as We Both Shall Live was an okay read but it could have been a fantastic read.




About the Author

JoAnn Chaney lives in Colorado. Her first novel, WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW is out NOW, and AS LONG AS WE BOTH SHALL LIVE is available for preorder! Get it wherever books are sold:




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I Love This Library

6 Jan




5 Jan

Our Favorites for the Year

1 Jan

My top 5 favorite books of the year:

I was planning on putting only one book per author but the Scavenger Girl books are so good and each one is so different, I had to list both of them. 

I have read most of Deborah Brown’s Paradise series and I’ve liked them all but this one was a bit different and really tore at my emotions.

Angela Kay and J.D. Barker are both up and coming authors. I’ve read all of Angela Kay’s books and I Can Kill is her best and my favorite so far. I haven’t read all of J.D. Barker’s books yet but The Fourth Monkey was one of my all-time favorites. Fifth to Die was the sequel and almost as good, still good enough to be in my top 5.



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The most popular post that was actually posted in 2018 was Goodnight Moon – 15 Years Later

A New Year – Our Choice

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Are You an Optimist or a Pessimist?

31 Dec


Tomorrow is the First Blank Page

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Book Review: 50 Ways to Love Wine More by Jim Laughren

31 Dec

This vital book for wine lovers also includes a helpful appendix listing the many grape varieties mentioned and discussed. Beautifully illustrated with vibrant photography, this is the go-to source for uncovering—or increasing—your love of wine. It’s perfect for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of wine, find the world’s greatest wine bargains, plan the best wine vacations ever, or even learn to become an “insider at their favorite winery. 
50 WAYS TO LOVE WINE MORE is an all-in-one guide for learning more background about your favorite wines, exciting wine activities you can participate in, or if you need some new suggestions for wines to try.



  • How to start your own tasting group
  • The distinction between old world and new world wines
  • Exploring the dynamic duo of wine and chocolate
  • How to saber a bottle of champagne
Available on in paperback: 




My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

My son is a winemaker and although I only drink wine when he brings it home on holidays, I’m learning to appreciate it more and more. When I had the chance to read this book, I thought it would be interesting to learn more about wine and what exactly my son does. I wasn’t disappointed.

There’s a variety of information in 50 Ways to Love Wine More. There is a lot of information about wine tastings but it also contains history, info about different wines from different regions, how one small thing can change a wine (such as temperature), how wine is made (briefly), drinking wine with everyday foods (even hot dogs!), and so much more. This is a book that could be read in a couple of days but I found reading 2 or 3 chapters at a time was better because there was so much information to absorb.

If you’re wine drinker and want to learn more about wines, this would be a good resource.



About the Author

Jim Laughren, Certified Wine Educator (CWE), is the award-winning author of 50 Ways to Love Wine More and A Beer Drinker’s Guide to Knowing and Enjoying Fine Wine. He loves wine, and has for a very long time. Known for his irreverent approach and abiding enthusiasm for all things fermented, he is president of Chicago-based WineHead Consulting and a former importer and distributor of fine wines from around the world. He loves nothing more than sharing his passion for excellent wine with others, whether through tastings, training sessions or just relaxing with friends around the table. 








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