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11 May

A thrilling novel which exposes chilling, post-Brexit Britain

K.N. Palmer’s ‘BRoken EXITis a fusion of fact and fiction, transporting readers into the 2020s as Britain reels in its festering post-Brexit state. Politics has become a game without rules, society refuses to listen and terrorists are about to set their sights on the leader of the new English Independence Party.  K.N Palmer weaves a frightening narrative that feels current and entirely plausible in a post-BREXIT world.

 United Kingdom – With Brexit approaching, nobody has any idea what the future holds. However, while mysterious, many believe it’s a tumultuous future unlike anything witnessed before in the modern world.

In his new novel BRoken EXIT, K.N. Palmer embroils readers in that reality. It is fiction and a possible prophecy rolled into one unforgettable read.


About the Book:

In 2023, after Britain has exited the EU, immigration is still above target and the NHS buckles under the enormous demands that are placed upon it. In the eyes of many, things hadn’t changed since BREXIT, so a year earlier, two-party politics was swept aside as a new political order, the English Independence Party (EIP) surged to power.

Vowing to tackle these issues head on, the borders of the UK are closed, and an underlying scourge of intolerance develops. The leader of the EIP is attending the UK City of Culture in Nottingham, finds himself targeted directly by terrorists. Prime Minister Barnaby Aitken is injured and on the run, rescued by an estranged father, out for the day with his son. Hunted across Nottingham, Lee Bevan must ensure their survival, whilst the security services try to uncover those behind this appalling attack. Unfortunately, the terrorists always seem to be one step ahead.

‘BRoken EXIT’ is an explosive and enthralling ride through political divides and the desire to stay alive.



About the Author:

Kevin Palmer has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for nearly twenty-five years, holding senior positions in UK & global sales and marketing roles. However, when he was made redundant in 2015, a recurring dream sparked an idea for his debut novel ‘BRoken EXIT’. With the referendum still a way off, but a great back drop to his idea, Kevin tried to envision what life may be like in a post-BREXIT Britain and decided to set the story in Nottingham, where he attended University back in the late-1980s / early-1990s. As a student in the fabulous city, he was a regular visitor to many of the places mentioned in the story and has fond memories of some of the areas where he lived.

Now in his late-forties, Kevin lives in a small village in Suffolk with a great community spirit, along with his wife, three children, the family dog and their three chickens. Outside of working full time, he is a Formula 1 fan, and loves to run or cycle when he can, to keep fit and to appreciate the amazing countryside he lives in.

He is not a politician and cannot predict the future, but there is something very foreboding about his new novel.


‘BRoken EXIT’ is available in both paperback and e-book formats from Amazon UK:



Contact Details:

 Kevin Palmer
Telephone: 07818524191


A detective thriller full of intrigue, twists & turns involving international organizations


About the Book:

Inspector Anne Stanford, on sick-leave from the CID, visits Italy with an aunt who expects to receive the Visconti prize for biotechnology. First they are told that the prize should have been awarded to someone else; then they discover that it never existed. So why did someone pretend that it did? And is Anne Stanford going to take on another case when she has earned the right to a break from policing and especially from her Chief Inspector Crabtree?

A tale of intrigue involving multinationals and at the same time a story with a strong West Country flavour, Inspector Stanford’s conversion is a detective thriller full of twists and turns. With a strong storyline and a fine cast of characters, it is compelling reading from first to last page.


Amazon review:

Dr. Mark A. Corner

5.0 out of 5 stars  A traditional and compelling whodunit

Format: Paperback

A whodunit with a West Country flavour, by a writer with a good style and a scientific background to make a plot full of twists and turns credible. The characters are genuine, not at all wooden – and the tension between Inspector Anne Stanford and Chief Inspector Crabtree adds relish to the tensions in the plot itself. I finished this in one sitting – which is unusual for me with any novel. With a strong main character, a clever plot and a West Country flavour, it has the mastery of Miss Marple on the 4.50 from Paddington… while the scenes in Italy prevent it from being too ‘provincial’ – think of Stanford and Crabtree as like Morse and Lewis in that wonderful episode ‘The Death of the Self’… Altogether a great read!

Inspector Stanford’s Conversion by Sam Napier is currently available in paperback from Amazon UK at:


and from Amazon USA:



Press/Media Contact Details:

New Generation Publishing
Tel. 01234 712 064


A heart-warming story based on two families and spanning three generations, taking place over nearly a century


About the Book:

The Sudan, World War Two; British and Italian forces consumed by a guerrilla warfare struggle under the African Sun. Cagliari, Sardinia 1990, the English invade the small Italian island during the World Cup. 2015, two young people trying to find their way in life in 21st Century London. An epic saga, based on two families, and three generations, spanning almost a century.  A Bridge and not an End will take the reader across time, oceans and continents, and explore the concepts of family and love, in a framework of historical events.



Excerpt from the Book:

“As I look back on my life, it seems to me a series of random yet somehow interconnected events, many of which have had severe negative consequences on both myself and those unfortunate enough to be close to me.  I sometimes mused, in my darker moments, whether I was cursed or jinxed.  I wondered if I shouldn’t chuck myself under a commuter train or overdose on vodka and pills.  I wondered if, aboard that ferry all those years ago, I shouldn’t have just thrown myself into the seething waters and allowed the sea to take my miserable soul.  It would have been too late to stop the chain of events that I started, but before that fateful trip in 1990, I had enjoyed a reasonably charmed existence.  I could never have left my boy, not in a million years and of course, I was unaware of what the gods had in store for me, for all of us.”



Amazon review:

Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars  An Enthralling read

24 March 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

Verified Purchase

A cleverly-constructed story of how three generations of two families are interconnected through the decades. A heart-warming book, a page turner, well-worth reading.

A Bridge and Not an End by Stewart Scott is currently available in paperback from Amazon UK at:


and from Amazon USA:


This novel can also be downloaded in e-book format from:



Press/Media Contact Details:

Grosvenor House Publishing
Tel. 0208 339 6060


A fresh, independent and common sense perspective on the events in Whitechapel in 1888


 About the Book:

 Books on Jack the Ripper can be hard work. Authors have felt obliged to pack information around a chronological account of the murders. Participants in the events appear and even reappear leaving a reader confused. Often an unconvincing suspect is identified.

LIGHT WORK is different and serious, but sometimes sardonic. The story or legend of Jack the Ripper is separated into self-contained topics. The range within LIGHT WORK is wide and contains some surprises – London smog, music hall entertainers, Irish revolutionaries, female political radicals, a Texan serial killer, modern Jack the Ripper tours, and even a surreal visit to a lake filled with corpses.



About the Author:

Howard Jackson was born in Merseyside in 1948. He still lives there and has spent most of his life in Liverpool, although he has also lived in London, Nottingham, Glasgow and Preston for brief periods. He reads, watches movies, listens to music (a lot), supports Liverpool football club and climbs hills in the Lake District and Yorkshire. He is not a keen fan of travelling but he has toured extensively around Brazil and the Southern States of America. These journeys were a consequence of an interest in Brazilian history and the music of the American South.  Howard has  published “Treat Me Nice” (2011), “Innocent Mosquitos” (2012), “Nightmares Ahead” (2015), “Choke Bay” (2016), “Horror Pickers” (2016), “Mean and Dark” (2017) and “Nightmares and Lying Rogues” (2018).


LIGHT WORK by Howard Jackson is available from bookshops & online in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia and in e-book format from Amazon at:


For more info. about Red Rattle Books, see:



Other books by Red Rattle include:


“Led To The Wrong” by Jim Lawler


“Cool Blood Walk” by Jack Swift


“Done Something Bad” by Jim Lawler


“Horror Pickers” by Howard Jackson


“Choke Bay” by Howard Jackson


“Hate Until Warm” by Jim Lawler


“Undead Underneath” by Jack Swift


“Nightmares Ahead” by Howard Jackson


“Mortal Shuffle” by Jim Lawler


“Mean and Dark” by Howard Jackson


“Zombie Bites” by David Saunderson


“No Money Honey” by Howard Jackson


“Dracula’s Midnight Snacks” edited by David Saunderson


“Telegraph for Garlic” edited by Prof. Samia Ounoughi


“Innocent Mosquitoes” by Howard Jackson


“How to Defend Yourself Against Scorpions” by Fernando Sorrentino


“Slow Lump Jump” by Jack Swift


“Nightmares and Lying Rogues” by Howard Jackson



Press/Media Contact Details:

Howard Jackson
Editor, Red Rattle Books

Audiobook Review & Giveaway: Winter Frost by Lauren Carr

10 May


Book Title: Winter Frost (A Chris Matheson Cold Case Mystery Book 2) by Lauren Carr
Category: Adult fiction, 290 pages
Genre: Mystery, Crime Fiction, Police Procedural, Cozy
Publisher: Acorn Book Services
Release date: January 28, 2019
Tour dates: May 1 – June 28, 2019
Content Rating: PG (It’s a murder mystery and there is mild violence. Very mild swearing no F-bombs. No on-stage sex scenes.)


Book Description

It all started with a chance encounter in the city with Blair, his late wife.

Chris Matheson and the Geezer Squad, working under the guise of a book club, dig into the events surrounding his late wife’s supposed death halfway around the globe. A state department employee shoots himself in the back three times. A CIA operative goes missing. A woman is targeted by an international assassin three years after being declared dead in a terrorist attack overseas.

Nothing is as it seems.

In his most personal cold case, Chris fights to uncover why the state department told him that Blair, the mother of his children, had been killed when she was alive. What had she uncovered that has made her a target? Who terrified her so much that she had gone into hiding and why are they now after him?

To read reviews, please visit Lauren Carr’s page on iRead Book Tours.
Buy Winter Frost:




My Review

I chose to listen to this book after receiving a free copy of the audiobook. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. I’ve read several of Lauren Carr’s books including the first Chris Matheson novel, ICE. I enjoy her books and I like how the characters from different series are intertwined.


Chris Matheson’s wife Blair died overseas, and he has moved on and is dating his childhood sweetheart, Helen. On what is supposed to be a special date night, Chris sees his dead wife! He follows her but instead of catching up to her, he kills a hitman who was after Blair. Now Chris and the Geezer Squad are on the case along with Murphy, a character from another of Lauren Carr’s series.


Winter Frost is fast-paced and full of action and mystery. The characters are great, especially Chris’s mom, Doris, and his dog, Sterling. Doris is one of a kind and takes matters into her own hands when she needs to, sometimes with hilarious results. Sterling is a smart dog and can even change radio channels and win at card games.

I like the narrator. He’s narrated a lot of these books (if not all). He’s got a good voice and has good pace and timing.

If you like a good mystery with unique characters, a lot of action, humor, and a touch of romance, you’ll enjoy this book. Even though it’s the second book in a series, it stands on its own.


About the Author



  Lauren Carr is the international best-selling author of the Mac Faraday, Lovers in Crime, and Thorny Rose Mysteries—over twenty titles across three fast-paced mystery series filled with twists and turns!Now, Lauren has added one more hit series to her list with the Chris Matheson Cold Case Mysteries. Set in the quaint West Virginia town of Harpers Ferry, Ice introduces Chris Matheson, a retired FBI agent, who joins forces with other law enforcement retirees to heat up those cold cases that keep them up at night.

Book reviewers and readers alike rave about how Lauren Carr’s seamlessly crosses genres to include mystery, suspense, crime fiction, police procedurals, romance, and humor.

Lauren is a popular speaker who has made appearances at schools, youth groups, and on author panels at conventions. She lives with her husband, and three dogs on a mountain in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Connect with the author:Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Instagram





Ends July 6, 2019

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Empowering Quotes from Fictional Female Characters

9 May

Book Review: The Secret Life & Death of Josie by Angela Kay

8 May

In the midst of a brutal custody battle for her young son, Det. Lexi Dixon is dragged into the cold case of seventeen-year-old Josie Parker, who was found dead fourteen years ago. Intrigued and hoping to get justice for Josie, Dixon and her partner investigate every possible lead as if the murder happened yesterday. They soon learn that Josie’s life was not as it appeared. Was the killer her controlling mother or her best friend? Was it the boyfriend no one ever knew about or someone else entirely? Or will this young girl’s killer once again slip through the cracks?

Pre-order on Amazon



My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy of the ARC. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. I was happy to read this book because I’ve read all of Angela Kay’s books and they are good, especially I Can Kill.

Josie was murdered 14 years ago and her mom calls the police department to find out if anyone is still working on the case. Detective Lexi Dixon takes the call and gets permission to look at the cold case. She and her partner find additional information that was withheld by witnesses 14 years ago. But will it be enough to solve the case after being cold for so long?

While Dixon is working the case, she’s also dealing with a contentious divorce with an abusive ex. Although she is a strong woman when it comes to her job, she’s only recently learned to stand up for herself in her personal life. While the murder mystery is interesting, Dixon’s dealings with her ex are nerve wracking for both Dixon and the reader because it’s obvious that he’s capable of anything. 

I definitely recommend The Secret Life and Death of Josie. It has some good old fashioned detective work as well as drama/suspense, along with a touch of romance.



About the Author

Equipped with a professional writing degree from Augusta State University,
Angela Kay is a southern lady who spends her days and nights dreaming
up new ways to solve dark murders of normal people.
Angela Kay was one of 23 across the United States to win a 2009 playwright
contest for her one-act entitled “Digging Deeper.” Because of
this, she was able to spend a week in Atlanta at the Horizon Theater
She lives in Augusta, Georgia with her crazy calico, Maggie.




Book Review: The Dream of the Tortoise by Nyako Nakar

7 May

Title: The Dream of the Tortoise

Author: Nyako Nakar

Release Date: 30th April 2019

Genre: Picture Book

Page Count: 36

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Goodreads Link:

Amazon Link:



This is the story of a tortoise with very big dreams.



My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

The Dream of the Tortoise is about a tortoise who has always dreamed of swimming in the ocean. With the help of a glow-worm, she makes it to the ocean but when she tries to swim, she sinks to the bottom and almost dies. Fortunately, there are a couple of turtles who save her. 

She talks to a wise old tortoise who tells her what she needs to do, but no matter how much she tries, she fails and almost dies. Finally, she figures out how to swim and spends the rest of her night living her dream.

The Dream of the Tortoise is a cute story with nice illustrations. Not only is it cute but it teaches children to reach for their dreams.




About the Author

When I was a child, I had many problems in school. I had a hard time concentrating and committing things to memory and was hyperactive – characteristics that would be recognised today as typical of someone with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

I sat as far back as possible in the class and while the teacher talked and talked about things that I didn’t understand, I drew – though from a distance the teacher may have thought I was making notes on what he was saying. Quite often the teacher noticed and punished me or expelled me from class.

I had a lot of imagination and that helped me to create many different stories.

Later, after studying graphic design and working in advertising, I changed course and decided to dedicate myself to theatre and dance. I studied at the Theatre Institute of Barcelona and soon after I joined The Lindsay Kemp Company, where I worked for many years and in parallel created my own theatre company.

In the 1990’s I left the theatre and immersed myself once again in graphic design, starting to work on 3D computer design programmes.

I am also very interested in the world of meditation and healing and I travelled all over the world, getting to know other cultures and investigating Shamanism, especially in India and Mexico. I conducted many workshops in Spain on how to use silence to encourage creativity.

Today I continue to love the world of drawing and children’s stories and I have many drawings and writings to edit in the future.

Since 2017 I have lived in London and found the peace and tranquillity to work and to make my dreams come true.







On Writing Style

7 May


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