Book Review & Giveaway: The Missing Egg (Bobos Babes Adventures) by Karen Bobos

Category:  Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7),  28 pages
Genre:  Children’s Picture Book
Publisher:  Playpen Publishing
Release date:   March, 2021
Content Rating:  G for everyone.

Book Description:

In the magical land of Harmony, the Bobos Babes love adventure and helping friends in need. When they find out that the swan family has lost a soon-to-hatch swan egg, they are quick to help … before it’s too late! Young readers and their families will enjoy the return of the Bobos Babes and their animal friends in this second title in the fanciful read-aloud picture book series. The Bobos Babes Adventures collection brings families stories of exciting exploits, magical missions, and caring friendships, showcasing that kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness always win.

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Bobos Babes

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Bobos Babes are a princess, an angel, and a fairy who use their magical powers to help those in need. When they came across Russell the Swan, they knew that there was something troubling him. He lost one of the eggs he was supposed to be sitting on! I got tickled, and I know kids will too, when Russell kept going on about the lost egg and he didn’t realize that his baby was right there.

The Missing Egg isn’t only funny but it teaches that a baby swan is called a cygnet. It’s told in rhyme and it has adorable illustrations with vibrant colors. This is definitely a good book to read to the children in your life over and over.


About the Author

Bobos began writing poetry and stories at the early age of ten. She is a life-long Chicagoan who now raises her family in the downtown area. During the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, Chicago also became a city of unrest. Trying to keep her three young daughters in a world of magic during such scary times, the Bobos Babes Adventures were born. Her goal was to create a world of Harmony for her family and hopefully for others to escape, even if only for a moment. The first book of the series, The Case of the Giggles, was published in December 2020. The Missing Egg launched in March 2021. Thus far, she has written ten Bobos Babes Adventures and two chapter books. Two additional books, The Lion’s Secret and The Bobcat Birthday Party, are coming in 2021.

connect with the author: website ~ facebook ~ instagram


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Book Review & Giveaway: Mockingbird in Mark Twain’s Hat by Kaia Alexander

Mockingbird in Mark Twain’s Hat by Kaia Alexander

Publisher: Waterside Press, Oct, 2020
Category: Children’s illustrated chapter book
ISBN: 978-1949001914
Available in Print and ebook, 138 pages

Mockingbird in Mark Twain’s Hat, is an adventure story full of animals that talk. Wynne is a precocious mockingbird born in the rural south in the late 1800s. His whole family are singers, but at four days old, he wants to be a novelist just like his hero, Mark Twain.

When crows attack his nest, he’s swept away on an epic adventure along the Mississippi River. Wynne learns to read and write, makes new friends in surprising places, and is mentored by Mark Twain himself. Full of delightful quotes from Mark Twain, this novel for children ages 8-12 shines with important lessons of character, perseverance, love, and the importance of friendship.


Guest Review by Sal

‘Mockingbird in Mark Twain’s Hat’ by Kaia Alexander is an unexpected delight and an enjoyable read for all ages.

Beginning in the quiet, peaceful nest of a family of mockingbirds, the story centers around a little bird named Wynne. Wynne knows that he is supposed to want to grow up to do regular mockingbird things like soaring over the fields and singing songs, but what he actually wants is to become a writer.

Wynne’s hero is the famous southern writer Mark Twain, who is still alive in the novel, as it is set in 1898. As Wynne and his siblings slowly learn to fly, danger soon comes to the nest in the form of a gray cat who nearly kills Wynne. Thankfully, he is saved by a little girl, but the girl brings Wynne back to her home, far away from his family.

Trying to stay brave, Wynne imagines the wonderful story that he will write from his adventures, but he doesn’t realize just how extensive his adventure is going to be. The story takes Wynne along the Mississippi river, where he eventually gets to meet Mark Twain himself.

Told from the perspective of Wynne, this story is a beautifully told middle grade novel that will capture children’s imaginations and teach them a lot of interesting information along the way. There were things this book taught me about mockingbirds and Mark Twain that even I didn’t know, and it has such fun prose and quick chapters that it doesn’t feel dragged down by information.

I recommend this highly to anyone who has a young reader in their house, or any adults who enjoy a fun book. Alexander’s take on talking and thinking animals is cute and light-hearted, but reveals a stronger message as the novel goes on. Don’t let this one fly away!


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The Brown Thrush

Artist Collette Hoefkens

The Brown Thrush
by Lucy Larcom

There’s a merry brown thrush sitting up in a tree;
“He’s singing to me! he’s singing to me!”
And what does he say, little girl, little boy?
“Oh, the world’s running over with joy!
Don’t You hear? Don’t you see?
Hush! look! In my tree
I’m as happy as happy can be!”

And the brown thrush keeps singing, “A nest do you see,
And five eggs hid by me in the juniper tree?
Don’t meddle! don’t touch! little girl, little boy,
Or the world will lose some of its joy!
Now I’m glad! now I’m free!
And I always shall be,
If you never bring sorrow to me.”

So the merry brown thrush sings away in the tree,
To you and to me, to you and to me;
And he sings all the day, little girl, little boy,
“Oh, the world’s running over with joy!
But long it won’t be,
Don’t you know? Don’t you see?
Unless we’re as good as can be.”


Book Review & Giveaway: City of Deadly Dreams by Elyse Douglas

City of Deadly Dreams: Mystery by Elyse Douglas

Publisher:  Broadback (May 1, 2021)
Category: Hard-Boiled Mystery, Private Investigator Mystery
ISBN: B08Y86X4B3
250 pages

Dane Cooper, an NYC Hell’s Kitchen private detective, is hired by a Tennessee man to find his handsome, 20-year-old son named Elvis, who has been missing for several months. Though hesitant at first, Dane takes the case because he needs the money.  Dane soon learns that the case centers around a beautiful, mysterious blonde, named Darcy. Against his better judgment, he falls for her, believing she might lead him to Elvis.  Her dangerous secrets trouble him, and he realizes he can’t trust her.

Dane’s investigation turns deadly when he learns that Elvis has left a trail of pregnant young girls, unhappy husbands, and vengeful women.  Dane becomes a target as he struggles to find Elvis and save him from the killers who are closing in. Can Dane save Elvis and himself, or will Darcy’s secrets get them all killed?


Guest Review by Katy

A unique mystery with a noir style! ‘City of Deadly Dreams: A Mystery,’ by the husband and wife writing team of Elyse Douglas is unlike any mystery I have ever read.

A seamless blend of noir and 21st century crime solving that kept me guessing the whole way through, this novel gave me a new standard for storytelling.

The mystery centers around a young man named, of all things, Elvis. Elvis Lipps is a 20 year-old man who was seemingly on his way to rock and roll stardom when he disappeared suddenly.

Enter private detective Dane Cooper, a former policeman with a penchant for witty repartee and a dark past. Elvis’ father, Abner seeks out Cooper’s help in finding his lost son. Abner believes that Elvis is the reincarnation of the King himself, Elvis Presley, and he has been trying to get the young man into the music industry for his entire life.

Although Cooper doesn’t believe the reincarnation story, he agrees to look for Elvis in the unkind streets of New York City. But there is another aspect of Elvis’ story that Cooper must investigate, the teacher that he reportedly had an affair with while he was still in high school. In meeting the teacher, a beautiful young woman named Darcy, Cooper ends up getting caught up in more of a tangled web than he asked for, and he begins to fall for the woman himself.

The writing in this was superb as well as the sense of place and atmosphere. I loved the noir-like style that reminded me of some of the classic detective movies from the 20th century. Dane Cooper is a great POV character and I would love to read more books with his character. I hope that they decide to turn this into a series!

About the Author

Elyse Douglas is the pen name for the married writing team Elyse Parmentier and Douglas Pennington. Elyse grew up near the sea, roaming the beaches, reading and writing stories and poetry, receiving a master’s degree in English Literature.  She has enjoyed careers as an English teacher, an actress and a speech-language pathologist.

Douglas has worked as a graphic designer, a corporate manager and an equities trader.  He attended the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music and played the piano professionally for many years.



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The Attic of My Childhood

Artist Aimee Stewart

The Attic of My Childhood
by Helen Emma Maring

Oh, the wonders of that attic,
How I loved to climb its stair
Made of steps just like a ladder
And a trap door waiting there!

Through fan-shapen windows, streaming,
Came the golden shafts of sun,
Through the fairy curtains gleaming,
That the tireless spiders spun.

There, a distaff, wheel and treadle,
Lay beneath the sloping roof,
None there were who knew its uses—
Gone, the maker of the woof.

There, too, hung a war-time weapon—
Grandpa’s bayonet, so grim.
He had whipped the Rebel army—
General Grant a-helping him.

Oh, the treasures of that attic
Hanging from its rafters bare—
Coats of velvet, silken dresses,
Beaded bags, and wreaths of hair.

Hats and bonnets, shoes and slippers,
Used for masquerades a lot,
Plant jars and unhandled dippers
Underneath each leaky spot.

Shawls and scarfs and knitted mittens,
Colors of the Orient;
Dolls and doylies, sawdust kittens,
Oh, the money that was spent!

Strings of buttons, by the thousands,
Still no making of a pair;
Margaret sought them from the neighbors
When she wore beribboned hair.

Dainty bits of china, broken,
And a precious statue cracked,
All within their tissue wrappings,
Tied by loving hands—intact.

Winter apples, there for keeping,
Spread about upon the floor,
Big pound-sweets and golden russets,
But I never left a core.

Piles of butternuts there drying
Till their satin coats of green
Turned a sombre brown, all shrunken,
And the jagged shells were seen.

Whalebone ribs from old umbrellas,
And I smoked that acrid stuff,
Till my stomach in rebellion
Warned me—not another puff.

Hoopskirts, with and without bustles,
Linen dusters, carpet rags,
Quilting frames and curtain stretchers,
Magazines and traveling bags.

Paper sacks of downy feathers
Waiting there to fill a tick,
Foot-stools and some other comforts
Only used when folks were sick.

And within a trunk so aged
That its sides had turned to gray,
Were the tear-stained precious treasures
Of the ones who’d passed away—

Stockings made for brother Tommy,
Dresses that dear Nannie wore,
Dainty bits of broidered muslin—
Grandma’s needle-work of yore.

Ah! Each mortal has an attic
Where he stores the broken past—
Shattered hopes, and hours of gladness,
Loves that cling until the last.

Childhood plays within its shadow,
Manhood lingers in its gloom,
But Old Age lives midst the splendors,
There, in Memory’s Attic Room.