2016-05-21_14-17-21I began reviewing books shortly after I started this blog in 2013. I have reviewed books for countless indie authors and have noticed that many have spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. There have been some books that I would give a 5-star rating if it weren’t for the errors. I admire anyone who has the creativity and self-discipline to write a novel; however, I know that many authors need another pair of eyes to check for mistakes.

After talking to some authors, I realized that the cost of having a book proofread can be overwhelming, especially on top of the other expenses they incur when publishing a book. Because of that, because I tend to be obsessive about spelling and grammar errors, and because I want to do all I can to help all of the amazing authors out there, I decided to offer proofreading services for the least amount I could. I have done editing/proofreading for a few authors for free in the past, but because of demand and time constraints, I have to charge something


My Services:

I’m offering proofreading services, which includes checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency of verb tenses. I’d be happy to discuss any other needs you feel you may have. If I come across something that doesn’t fall under the services listed above, I’m not going to ignore it. My main objective is to help.

Satisfaction guaranteed.


My fees:

$100 up to 100,000 words and $.002/word over 100,000. 


  • your book is 125,000 words, the cost would be $100 + (25,000 x $.002) = $150.00
  • your book is 50,000 words, the cost would be $100

I will do a sample chapter for free (up to 2,500 words).



What Customers are Saying:

“Dawn regularly edits and proofreads manuscripts for us.  She is diligent about her work and delivers on time.  She sends us the tracked version so we can see what professional editorial changes she’s made, along with the final, proofread version.  Her proofreading rates are better than most other editors we’ve worked with, and I would strongly recommend her to other authors, literary agents and publishers.”Darin Jewell, Managing Director, The Inspira Group Literary Agency


“You’re still the top of my list for editing services … Since I’ve known you, you’ve been quite professional and you catch mistakes everyone else misses.” Wade Le Fevre, author of several suspense & horror novels


I had my first two books re-edited, as well as my third book, by Dawn because she was within my price range. I highly recommend her services. She’s fast, yet efficient.”Angela Kay, author of suspense/thriller novels





Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!


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