Review Policies

I am not currently accepting books for review in most genres, however:

  • I will accept most picture books for children since I have two grandchildren I enjoy reading to
  • There are several authors whose books I have reviewed and like, so I will most likely review a book for you if I’ve reviewed one or more of your other books
  • I can accept audiobooks because I am not overloaded with them.

I will give a fair and honest review. It may not be 100% positive, but I do believe that there’s always something positive in every book. If I don’t like a book, I will say so, but I will give the reasons why. I reserve the right to not review a book if I am unable to finish it, but I’ll do my best to finish any book I’ve agreed to review.

If you are looking for someone to do a critical analysis of a book, I’m not your reviewer. I read a book and give my thoughts and feelings about it. I don’t use a rating scale on here, but I do post my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon which both have rating scales.

Please email me here to request a review or if you have any questions. I will try to answer your email in a timely manner.


5 thoughts on “Review Policies

  1. Isabel Taylor Chandler July 26, 2014 / 1:51 am

    Hello. I like your site, although I didn’t have a lot of time to look around. I am hoping you might be willing to review my book, Lisa and Luke: Simple Lives. It’s the first in a series, the Small-Town Texans series, set in a fictitious small town. It is complete but I’m hoping to have some comments/statements from reviews to add to it. Right now, I’m in the proofing stage so the print books I have are proof copies. I hope that’s okay.

    My book is being self-published. I’m using CreateSpace. I am currently reading everything I can get my hands on about marketing, promoting, etc., etc. I don’t have a website yet but will be building one, along with a Facebook page, too.

    I’ll hush & get this on its way to you.

    Thank you in advance for your time & any help you can give me.


    Isabel Chandler


  2. fromdorothea May 1, 2019 / 1:50 am

    Would you be prepared to read and review my latest book, ‘All Quiet on the Midwestern Plains; a Tale of Deception, Betrayal and Vindication’?

    It falls in the category of literary fiction, and describes academic skulduggery, romance, the activities of the American Nazi party and the vagaries of the Nebraska climate as all these affect a visiting Israeli academic and his family.

    The ebook is available for free download on 1 and 2 May. If you prefer, I can send you a PDF of the book, or even the paperback version, if you let me have your address.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Dorothea Shefer-Vanson


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