Book Review: A Killer’s Cell by Angela Kay

A killer broadcasts his murders on every news station. Will they find him before more fall victim to the water torture chamber?

Special Agent Aidan O’Reilly can face the worst of criminals. But work and fear give him pause when it comes to marriage. Yet he summons the courage to break through the anxiety and pop the question. His flicker of euphoria is quickly snuffed when the dedicated FBI agent races against the timer set by a merciless killer.

With five lives terminated by the hooded madman, Agent O’Reilly leaves no stone unturned in his hunt for the killer. But the investigation soon leads him toward a path of someone more sinister and it’s a door he can’t keep open.

Will he put the pieces of the puzzle together and unmask the killer or go after someone else?

The third installment of The O’Reilly Files brings you a taut storyline, devious killer, and a heart-racing conclusion.

Previously published as I Can Escape. 


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

I’ve read several novels by Angela Kay. I really like her writing and the first book in this series, I Can Kill (renamed A Killer’s Mark), is my favorite. Aidan O’Reilly is an FBI agent who tracked a serial killer, The Carnations Killer, for 10 years before he put him away. Even though the killer is in prison, he’s often on Aidan’s mind. Many think he’s too obsessed, but they learn that’s not the case since he escaped several months ago.

The Carnations Killer is not part of the main plot of this book, though. There’s another serial killer on the loose who isn’t as elusive or experienced so the case is pretty much routine, if routine is a word that can be used in a serial killer case.

This wasn’t the on the edge of your seat page-turner that I usually associate with Aidan O’Reilly but it was still a good read. I enjoy Angela’s writing and will continue to read her books. I’m hoping that The Carnations Killer figures more prominently in the future! This book also needs editing.

About the Author

Equipped with a professional writing degree from Augusta State University, Angela Kay is a southern lady who spends her days and nights dreaming up new ways to solve dark murders of normal people.

Angela Kay is one of 23 across the United States to win a 2009 playwright contest for her one-act entitled “Digging Deeper.” Because of this, she was able to spend a week in Atlanta at the Horizon Theater Company.

She lives in Augusta, Georgia with her crazy calico, Maggie.

Angela Kay (