Book Review: The Lost Boy by Ian Campbell & Tim Constable

Title: The Adventures of Billy Bog Brush: The Lost Boy
Author: Ian Campbell & Tim Constable
Release Date: 15th August 2019
Genre: Picture Book
Page Count: 40
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
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While Billy is out for a walk, he comes across a lady who is looking rather worried. Offering to help, he discovers that her son hasn’t come home for his tea when he should have. Billy, who knows all the places where the local children go to play, suggests that he could look for him, which leads to an adventure involving various people and places in his home town, Flushington! In this intriguing story Billy once again demonstrates his willingness to help others and work out a way to do something which at first seems beyond him.

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy.

Billy Bog Brush is always willing to help others. In The Lost Boy, a neighbor’s son is missing, so he offers to look for him. Billy Bog Brush finds the boy stuck in a treehouse and unable to get down. With the motto “I Can Do This!” Billy tackles the problem and comes up with a solution to help the boy get down. Talk about a hero!

The Lost Boy is not only a cute story, but it teaches children the willingness to help others as well as working out solutions. It also has some fun drawing activities at the end of the book.

Although Billy Bog Brush is kind of odd (he has a toothbrush head), I recommend his stories. They’re cute and educational.

About the Authors

Ian Campbell is a senior storeman for the MOD. Born into a military family, he has lived in Germany, Northern Ireland, and the United Kingdom. His first book, A Walk with God, was published in 2011.

Tim Constable works as a data analyst. He is also a musician, in the Coventry Cathedral choir as a boy, then later composing and playing in his own rock band. As a graphic artist, he has designed logos and flyers for various organizations.